Youtube Censors Official Pennsylvania GOP Forum

On Monday, March 28th, Pennsylvania’s Family Institute hosted a GOP Gubernatorial Forum. Youtube decided that it wasn’t appropriate because it peddled “misinformation.”

The Pennsylvania Family Institute’s president, Michael Greer, said YouTube sent him a notice that the video had been pulled. The notice said, “Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches change the outcome of the US 2020 presidential election not allowed on YouTube.”

This section refers to part of the forum where panelists spoke on how they would restore election integrity.

You can still find the panel here, but this blatant censorship is unacceptable.

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4 thoughts on “Youtube Censors Official Pennsylvania GOP Forum”

  1. Once the REAL AMERICANS take back our nation, place the execs at Twitter, You Tube and FaceBook in prison for the remainder of their natural lives for their attack on our First Amendment Rights – specifically Freedom of Speech. Let’s see how they like it!!

  2. the ad blocking the cooments by amazon so I. An thpe and see what I am typing. Talk about negative. Ensorship gou in on it too

  3. if the Republicans take over the House and Senate in November, the first thing they need to do is break up big tech. I am sick and tired of these companies violating the first amendment. repealing section 230 is not enough. They need to be broken up.

  4. Good example will be:
    Let them pull on God and try to remove that one because the “ misinformation”
    There will always be a kickback due to stupidity
    The High TECH is not the real truth in any form or nature
    They are PEOPLE who like to pick and chose AND CONTROL
    Little did they learn anything about humanity
    Humanity fell more than once due to their errors and erratic philosophies
    They are doing it again
    Maybe the ET and UFO’s are watching us do it again!!??

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