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The War for Definitions Is the War for Western Civilization

We live in an age of confusion. Words are losing meaning, hatred is more common than solidarity, and a Supreme Court nominee can’t define the word “woman.” What does this mean for us as a country? And what does it have to do with George Orwell and the future of western civilization? Let’s take a look.

Ketanji Brown Jackson

The highest court in the land demands outstanding and exemplary members. Before exploring a case in depth, it’s vital to define your terms to ensure that all parties are on the same page. So, what does it mean when the likely candidate to the highest court in the land can’t define one of the most basic terms in the English language?

Mrs. Jackson said that she can’t define the word “woman” (an adult human being with two x chromosomes) because she’s not a biologist. It may be absurd, but this isn’t the first time a public figure has refused to define the word this year.

When political pundit Matt Walsh appeared on Dr. Phil, he pointed out a very important fact. Modern gender ideology forbids individuals from defining sex and gender conclusively. In fact, they try as hard as they can to avoid defining any terms precisely. Ultimately, the left’s primary weapon in today’s culture war is language.

George Orwell and Controlling Language

To borrow from George Orwell, “there is no swifter route to the corruption of thought than through the corruption of language.” If you control language, you not only control how people communicate, but how they perceive everything. Orwell said that political language is designed to “make lies sound truthful, and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

Our culture today is smattered with stains of precisely the sort of which Orwell forewarns. The word “racism” has gone from the concrete definition of racial discrimination, to a more malleable form of targeted structural inequality. One prominent example is Vicky Osterweil. Her book, In Defense of Looting is Orwell’s maxim come to life. She argues that “looting” is an intrinsically radicalized word and attempts to justify the violation of private property. Do you remember in 2017, when the Guardian was far from alone in justifying violence against Republicans simply by labeling them “NAZI”?

A punch may be uncivil, but racism is worse. Indeed, we tolerate punches in some circumstances, such as defence or when the fists are in gloves in front of an audience. But there is no dressing up racism.

When this reasoning meets that of the book “White Fragility” there is cause for concern.

Every Pillar Must Fall

Historians of the future will undoubtedly be scratching their heads at us. One of the most dominant ideologies in America today is the theory of “institutional racism.” This is the idea that prejudice and discrimination are embedded in the pillars of society. Ending discrimination in law, behavior, and human hearts is not enough. This view requires “antiracist” action, or a turning of the tide of discrimination. Ibram X Khendi, the leading mind of modern Critical Race Theory says:

“The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”

Ending this discrimination demands revolution in government, culture, and even language. Antiracist trainings like this one, contend that the English language is intrinsically racist. Simply defining terms can be oppressive. Apply this same reasoning to gender and suddenly Mrs. Jackson’s answer makes perfect sense.


When J.R.R Tolkien translated the epic poem Beowulf, he shed new light on the Norse culture of the day. Tolkien explained how the monster Grendel and the Dragon lifted the veil on many Saxon fears. The terror the dragon strikes in Beowulf is a distinctly heathen fear in an increasingly Christian age. He supposed that fear of the dragon was similar, in some degree, to their fear of the unfolding downfall of their once great civilization.

Neville Chamberlain’s famous “Peace in Our Time” speech sheds light on how everyday Europeans feared another great war. Videos like “duck and cover” show how Americans of the 50’s feared nuclear annihilation.

It makes you wonder. What are our Dragons? What would modern documents reveal about the fears of our day? What would a Tolkien of the future say about our present? We might not like the answer.

The heirs of the west have infected their people with a wicked fear, a fear unlike all others, a fear… of truth.

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6 thoughts on “The War for Definitions Is the War for Western Civilization”

  1. The purpose of language is to communicate; otherwise, it has no purpose. While ambiguity in poetry maybe a fine thing, employed in common parlance, it serves social dysfunction because it delays or bars mutual understanding. Further, if words become a moving target or have such a multiplicity of meanings so as to impede understanding, society erodes. An example of ambiguity can be found in this couplet:

    Caught up in lies yet not caught up enough,
    These lines I write make new lies but old stuff.

    It works here but may not in ordinary discourse.

    The example employed in the article is the word racism. Initially employed years ago, it meant harboring an attitude that one race is either inherently superior or inferior to another. Now, however, it is uttered so often and liberally that it has virtually lost all meaning except to connote disparagement. As an example, I read where a person described a pro-life position vis a vis abortion as being racist. Indeed, I thought, the desire to preserve the lives of hundreds of thousands of black children in the womb is racist? But, then I self-countered, wasn’t Planned Parenthood established by Margaret Sanger, a notorious racist?

    And thus, we see we have gone beyond ambiguity which is most often a shading of language to a new point Orwell so aptly demonstrated where words develop the opposite of meaning they originally had. This characteristic or rather tactic in language can also be found in political positions and actions of the Democrats where they accuse Republicans, quite often wrongly, of doing that which they exactly do. A present example is the confirmation hearing where Democrats accuse the Republicans of being impliedly racist by sedulously asking scrutinizing questions of the nominee but are totally oblivious to their own scandalous and defamatory treatment of Justice Kavanaugh.

    Those who control the language, control the debate was so noted by Orwell and was noted by the Irish in their six centuries of struggle with England. They may have ridden themselves of the English a century ago, but not of English. We must therefore re-assert our control of the language. If we lose the language, we lose the war.

  2. We cannot change the definition of words just apace a race, all that race is trying to do is get what they want, and we are dome enough to give them what they want. If we continue to give in to one race what they want just because they use the word racism, then they will destroy this country, and no one will have a place that they can call home. This country has gotten to the point that one can walk into a candy shop and when she places an order and gets her candy, she can say you did not give me the same amount of candy as the other person got, you are raciest, and the owner will give him or her more candy and soon he or she will own the store. If we continue on this path this country will be destroyed within and Putin will have had nothing to do with it. He will just walk in and take it over. There will be no racism, you will work from sunup to sundown. Let’s see how you like it. Women. God made man and women, nothing in between. For anyone that cannot define a women should not only be on the highest court in the land but not even have a law degree. This is what happen when you try to change the definition of a word.

  3. • Having had an opportunity to travel outside my native Finland early on, I learned long time ago that my way of thinking is not necessarily the only right one
    • There are three sides to each story – yours, mine, and the truth somewhere in the middle, since none of us are totally objective, nor do we have all the relevant facts on hand at the time
    • Everyone has the right to their own opinions (not facts), and ADULT & informed life style choices, but nobody has the right to impose their values upon others.

    Unfortunately, and perhaps even by design, we have an enemy from within – We have sunken into a society of Envy, Hate, and constant Resistance at any cost – even the deliberate destruction of the economy fueled by the Mainstream Media.

    Social Media Mob is the new tool of Extortion by the Cancel Culture
    • Companies are afraid for their reputation, so they give hundreds of millions of dollars to the Marxist BLM cause without knowing where the money goes – ‘peaceful’ demonstrations, riots and lootings are well organized and funded operations
    • No major law firm can no longer represent any individual or corporation the Cancel Culture does not agree with, because they and their clients will be targeted in the Social Medial – major intimidation (extortion)
    • Individuals are afraid for their safety and jobs
    • Feel-Good Limousine Liberals (Hollywood and Media) want to demonstrate that they ‘understand’ and ‘care’, until the Mob shows up in their neighborhood

    If it is not too late – It is a high time for adult and fact-based news reporting, as well as civil conversation on Social Medial, if we want to preserve the foundation of this country (USA – the best in the world) was built on.

    Let’s remember that any time we judge the past based on today’s (real or manufactured) standards, all of us will fail every time.

    1. If we start hanging those who’ve committed treason against our nation after taking a solemn oath to defend and protect our Constitution, the treason and tyranny will end!

      If we imprison those who have deliberately lied OR avoided giving us the facts through their media outlets, the lying and false propaganda will end!

      If we expatriate those in academia to North Korea who insist on teaching Communism and Marxism because they believe these are far better social systems, the indoctrination will end!

      If we, the American people, take back our nation and significantly punish those who have hurt our nation in any way, we will once again be feared by our enemies and respected among all others as the shining light on the hill.

  4. It is a fear of absolutes, which binds in bounds Truth; because to be truthful is to acknowledge the lawlessness of lies.

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