Youngkin Suspends Virginia’s Gas Tax

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin announced that he will temporarily suspend the country’s gas tax. Youngkin’s move is pending approval by the Virginia legislature.

With gas prices soaring in the United States, it’s about time that we found some relief. The Virginia Governor’s plan would put a 3 moth halt on the existing gas taxes in the state. It will save drivers 26 cents per gallon on gasoline and 27 cents per gallon on diesel.

Here’s some of what Glenn Youngkin told CBS:

“This is a break that people need right now, and the whole purpose of suspending the gas tax was to recognize Virginians have real needs to save money and we need to do it now,” Youngkin said.

The governor’s proposal would suspend the gas tax in May, June and July and phase it back in throughout August and September.

“We actually have an expectation we’re going to have $1.1 billion more in the Commonwealth Transportation fund than we thought. And so this will cost a little over $400 million. We’ll still have $700 million more than we thought to fund road projects and fill potholes,” Youngkin said.

A news release also indicated that the legislation would cap changes to the annual gas tax. Even following the three month suspension, gas taxes wouldn’t be able to change more than 2% annually.

This doesn’t solve the issue of high gas prices alone. It does, however, soften the blow on average Americans who only want to provide for their families.

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9 thoughts on “Youngkin Suspends Virginia’s Gas Tax”

  1. Nice gesture and needed. The culprit in high costs for fuel is Biden’s ridiculous energy policies. Biden’s motives are only political. Democrats will suffer in this years election.

    1. Suffer??? Biden’s entire administration should be HANGED for their concerted effort to destroy our nation. Let us NOT forget:
      – Afghanistan Withdrawal Debacle
      – Southern Border Disaster
      – War on Energy Independence
      – Skyrocketing Inflation
      – COVID Mandates
      – Pay-To-Play Schemes via Hunter Biden
      – Attack on Free & Fair Elections

  2. Bravo to Governor Youngkin for serving the People of Virginia and doing something to help citizens during this ridiculous manufactured craziness from the Bolsheviks and swamp creatures who hijacked our country. Kudos to him and De Santis and others for standing in the gap.

  3. I wish Ohio had a Governor like Younkin. Our Governor kept our 10 cents per gallon because the state needs the money to rebuild our bridges. He got $50M for them. So the people get screwed again.

    1. Ohio is going to get screwed even worse if the Wicked Witch to Ohio’s north, Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, shuts down the Embridge’s Line 5 which delivers crude oil to some of Ohio’s refineries. Loss of jobs, as well as, even higher fuel prices.

  4. He sure is a rare breed, most politicians would be looking for ways to blow the extra money.

  5. Gkenn Youngkin is a proud Virginian and as such seeks the best for Virginia. I am proud I voted for him and proud of him as a fellow Virginian. He is following through on his campaign promises.

  6. In the meantime, Gretchen Whitmer . . . . DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR of MICHIGAN , , , wants to shut down Embridge’s Line 5 pipeline which runs crude oil from Canada all the way into Ohio. It also provides propane. She said it would have minimal impact on the fuel prices. TYPICAL LYING DEMOCRAT!

    Thanks to everyone in Michigan who voted “DEMOCRAT” in the last election! Way to screw your state and country over!!

  7. Looks like Virginia will be a good place for a road trip this year. When Republicans get control. ordinary folks get a break.

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