Rand Paul May Finally Rid Us of Fauci

Senator Rand Paul introduced an amendment to Congress that would eliminate Dr. Anthony Fauci’s position entirely. Fauci has utilized and commanded an unmitigated and unacceptable bevy of powers never seen by a United States politician. Paul calls on his expertise as a physician to explain why Fauci and his role, simply have to go.

Paul’s amendment would remove Fauci’s position and divide his powers between three institutes. There will be one for each of the following: immunologic, infectious, and allergic diseases. Separation of powers has a long tradition as an American solution to dictatorship rooted in The Spirit of the Laws by Montesquieu. Fauci seems to be rather unconcerned about details like freedom and philosophy.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been wrong about nearly everything he proclaimed as gospel truth at the start of the Pandemic. The first was that 15 days would be enough to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. He also claimed that vaccines would stop individuals from getting and spreading the disease. He went back on that claim here. Perhaps the worst lie of all, was that children need to hide their faces and cloister their growth.

The CDC’s data demonstrates how badly Fauci hurt our country’s youth. Mental health visits to hospitals and emergency rooms for kids age 12-17 rose by almost a third (31%) between March and April 2020. Even tikes as young as 5-11 paid mental health visits to hospitals and emergency units 24% more frequently.

2021 only upped the ante.

And it only got worse in 2021, in emergency rooms in 38 children’s hospitals across the United States, the number of suicide and self-injury cases in the first nine months of 2021 was 47% higher among children ages 5 to 8, and 182% higher among kids ages 9 to 12, all compared to 2016 data.

And he still tries to muzzle your kids well into 2022.

Never before in American history has one man been able to say the word and lock down the entire country. Rand Paul’s amendment is supported by many and it’s not the first of its kind.

COVID-19 may not be dominating the news cycle or American lives nearly as much as it was a year and two ago; but passing this amendment is a necessary step if the American people want this chaos to end.

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7 thoughts on “Rand Paul May Finally Rid Us of Fauci”

  1. I regret mildly that I agree with Rand Paul, I have been vaccinated and received the booster, and I have Parkinson’s so I have been extremely careful and have followed the suggestions of Fauci. I had some old painter masks and Fauci said they don’t work so I got some cloth masks. I felt secure since Fauci said they were good if they had 3 layers. I was a little irritated when recently it was Fauci’s new mask suggestion, if you wear a cloth mask, you need to have a paper mask under it. Now, with the exception of medical services, I see very few people still wearing masks and keeping a safe distance, due to my immune system being compromised by my Parkinson’s, I still wear my mask. While it looks like USA has the virus under control, I see China, especially Hong Kong, getting it’s 5th wave and I expect we will have another, or several, new strains. I do have 1 question though, where has Fauci been lately?

    1. Dee – sorry to hear you’re dealing with Parkinsons. I’m no doctor, but enough smart people in the medical world who are not named “ANTHONY FAUCI” have proven that cloth and paper masks do not work against the COVID virus particles. If you can smell things through your mask(s), then the COVID virus particles can also get through it as well.

      Personally, I believe you’d be better off with a regimen of vitamins and keep some Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine nearby in case you do get COVID. I wish you well and stay healthy.

  2. The Senator may have another hook for the CDC. I was informed the CDC order the VA to reduce their workload. So the VA stop all new single wide manufacture home. This price low income Veterans out of new homes.

  3. Forget firing Fauci – instead try him for murder via the COVID vaccine, as well as, the mental destruction of his mask and virtual school mandate recommendations on children.

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