Why Left Wing Policies Actually Stop You From ‘Forming a Union’

One of Joe Biden’s key claims in last night’s State of the Union was that workers should have the freedom to form a union. It’s actually left wing policies, however, not Right to Work or others on the right that are stopping them.

What is Right to Work?

Right to Work laws are quite simple. They make it illegal for an organization to compel union membership. That’s it. What this means is that unions can function as they were intended rather than becoming massive bureaucratic webs entangled in political interests.

Union Membership Compulsion

The largest problem with unions in today’s world is how they can compel membership. Let’s say you’re a steelworker. In some states, you wouldn’t be able to get a job anywhere without joining a union. While it’s true they can’t force union membership, without Right to Work laws, they can require it as a condition of employment. This means that when a massive union like that of steelworkers controls every plant in your state, you’ll have to move or be out of a job.

Political Interests

Unions make no secret of having political interests. The AFL-CIO takes political stances on immigration. They also support Black Lives Matter, which is responsible for political violence and heavily partisan politics. They even promote left-wing gender ideology that conflicts with modern science as well as many other partisan issues. If someone just wanted to be a steelworker in a state without Right to Work laws, they would be essentially required to throw their money behind these movements in the form of union dues.

Out of Touch

Unions don’t even represent their workers in America today. Take a look a look at this example where Joe Manchin stood up for Coal Miners against their own union. The original purpose of unions was to allow workers a chance to organize against oppressive labor practices in the industrial revolution. Now countless union bosses haven’t even worked in their industry for years, or in some cases, ever.

Workers should be treated fairly. But when a union is simply another government machine that is more concerned with political interests than helping employees, it no longer fulfills even its most basic purposes. Workers have no power to form their own that could ever compete.