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Biden’s Policy From Only a Year Ago Might Have Killed This Kid Now He Claims to be Saving His Life

The President pulled at the heartstrings of America last night by bringing 13-year-old Joshua Davis into his State of the Union speech. Biden claimed he was going to save this child and his father’s lives and “dignity.” But HE (Joe Biden) is the reason why their insulin is so expensive in the first place. Let’s take a look at why.

The Problem

Davis, his father, and 1.6 million Americans have type 1 diabetes and need to take insulin daily just to survive. Pharmaceutical companies often overcharge patents by asking prices as high as $250 dollars for a vial. Some patient assistance programs do help many patients get their insulin for free. Despite this, victims of Type 1 shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to afford a life-saving serum that only costs between $2.28 and $6.16 to produce. Seriously, you read that right:

A study in 2018 estimated that one vial of human insulin costs only $2.28- $3.42 to produce and that one vial of analog insulin costs only $3.69- $6.16 to produce. The same study also revealed that a one-year supply of human insulin could cost $48- $71 per patient and that the same supply of analog insulin could cost only $78- $133 per year. This study only looked at manufacturing costs— not administrative fees, sales, or research and development, regardless, pharmaceutical companies have not explained the discrepancy between the production and retail costs of insulin.

Joe Biden Takes Credit for Trump’s Achievements

Virtuous Joe Biden said that he was going to cap the cost at “$35 a month.” Sounds great, right? It may actually be, great, but sleepy Joe wants you to conveniently forget that he directly halted a Trump policy that did the same.

One of Trump’s final acts in office was to enact a requirement for insulin producers to keep prices as low as possible and provide them to significantly more people in need. The Biden Administration determined that it would cost too much and put too heavy a burden on healthcare providers.

I suppose they changed their minds.

This isn’t the only case where Biden took credit for Trump’s work. It is particularly disgusting, however, that he would bring a child into the Capital to try and move the American people’s hearts on a policy that he murdered with black ink not even a year prior. Joe Biden’s actions could have killed that child, and now the hollow man is trying to take credit for saving his life.

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6 thoughts on “Biden’s Policy From Only a Year Ago Might Have Killed This Kid Now He Claims to be Saving His Life”

  1. One of the groups that disliked Trump was big pharma!! The USA was big pharma’s money-making machine. Trump was planning to drive down the costs of medications to the same prices paid in other countries for the identical drugs. This is one of the reasons why big pharma waited until after the elections to announce they had a COVID “vaccine” developed.

  2. One of the big problems drugs we purchased in the United States was taxes. When my dad was sick the medicant, he took cost a $100 pre month the doctor told my showed my mother a way to buy it through Canada. Canada would sell the same drug to you for $55 per month. I looked into it and there was a !00% tax on drugs charged by our government. On drugs only. sad. A $50 bottle of medicant my dad needed Canada only charged $5 dollars If the Federal Government wants to really help reduce the cost of medical products look at the taxes on it.

  3. Joe Biden is the most devious, criminal that ever sat in that chair. For 45 years he was a buffoon and sucked off the American people. for Gods sake he graduated at the bottom of his class ,is this the best we can get for presidential candidates?
    It is his fault that Ukaraine people are being eliminated and the country destroyed. He alone could have started the sanctions earlier ,stopped buying oil from our enemy but he and his criminal son have taken money from the Russians. He is beholden to them.
    Yes this issue with the insulin is disgusting but he has a lot more blood on his hands.
    Try him for treason.

  4. My father-in-law took one cancer drug that cost $5,000 per month (five thousand dollars)!!

    I take a drug that is over $3,000 per month!!

  5. Biden quit playing God. You aren’t even good at playing c President! You are not a doctor and people all over the world are laughing at you! Leave your filthy hands off of children!

  6. hey FJB why don’t you tell the people that you reversed Trump’s decision to lower costs for diabetics…you are a f’ing slime ball, you need to be impeached RIGHT F’ING NOW..and you are taking credit for this, are you kidding me? F O

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