Biden Realizes Trump Was Right About Everything

The State of the Union address was an interesting display of obfuscation, confusion, and outright lies.  He supported the police, ending COVID lockdowns, more production at home, and hoped Americans wouldn’t believe their lying eyes.

Biden Claims a Strong Economy

Consumer prices broke 40 year records in January. Everyday Americans are spending more on everyday goods and wages aren’t keeping up. Still, Biden claimed record job growth. He claimed that he created 6.6 million jobs which is blatantly false. In an attempt to defend Biden, Politifact actually explains why he didn’t create those jobs. Take a look as how they try to pull the wool over your eyes:

Comparison to the pre-pandemic level. The U.S. economy is still about 2.88 million jobs below the pre-pandemic peak — 149.6 million jobs in September 2021, compared with 152.5 million jobs in February 2020.

The question of timing. Biden entered office during a recession (and a global pandemic), but while the economy was on the upswing. Since different presidents have been sworn in at different points in the economic cycle, Biden’s comparison to his predecessors is not really apples-to-apples.

Who gets the credit? Experts always caution that a president is not all-powerful in economic matters, since many factors beyond their control, from international oil supplies to changes in technology and demographics, can shape the health of the U.S. economy.

Trump’s economy was far stronger than Biden’s and Biden’s economic impact was nothing but negative. The Former Vice President halted at home drilling, making us once again dependent on foreign powers for energy. He even cancelled the Keystone pipeline which would have significantly reduced fuel prices. It would have carried 830,000 barrels a day between the United States and Canada. He drove up inflation by raising the minimum wage of federal employment. This leaves every American with less in the long term. He even severely damaged the supply chain by elongating COVID relief programs and pushing vaccine mandates.

So while you struggle to buy basic goods and fill your car, he claims that he made you rich.

Producing at Home

We’ve already covered how Biden made it necessary for Americans to outsource our energy, but it doesn’t end there.

Biden’s blunders are crushing rural Americans. Prices in Biden’s inflation nightmare are rising for everyone, but more for rural communities than urban. A Pew study showed that rural prices are 130% that of urban prices and real wage growth is 25%. Small farms continue to disappear across America. Crunches at ports have made things even worse for local farmers, choking their resources. We have always been the “bread basket of the world” but our farming infrastructure is bleeding and farms are far from the only ones suffering

Production is dropping across the board. The US is producing far fewer cars than ever before. American manufacturing continues to decline with an 11-month low in December 2021. We used to be the dominant manufacturer of the global market, but now we only represent 20% of global manufacturing compared to China’s 32%. The US production of oil continues to plummet. You get the point.

Donald Trump’s policies focused directly on at-home manufacturing and production. Biden reversed Trump’s policies to allow drilling in Alaska immediately after entering office. Alaska is home to massive reserves of natural fuel that would boost the US economy and global status but Biden preferred to prioritize environmental policy. You can’t have it both ways.

Trump’s campaign focused on the working class from the beginning:

These negative trends are confirmed by trade figures. In 2015, the US ran a trade deficit of $832bn in manufactured goods, while in 2017 the total included a $110bn deficit in advanced technology products – a figure that has grown since 2002. This is a shocking state of affairs, considering how many advanced technologies originate in the US.

Beyond such eye-watering figures, the US’s manufacturing shifts precipitated social change that altered US and global politics. “Most of the jobs that were lost were in the lower end of production, as opposed to higher skilled jobs,” says Bonvillian. “In other words, one of the main routes into the American middle class just got cut off.

“This affected not just the white working class. If anything, African Americans and Hispanics got hit worse. And Donald Trump’s politics came right out of that. He was the first US politician to understand that drama, to speak directly to the anxieties of what the American working class had gone through,” he adds.

Biden now recognizes that he can’t leave this entire swath of the population behind or lie to them forever.

He’s claimed during his State of the Union speech that his focus on production at home, but we know that has been anything but the truth so far.

Scrapping COVID Policy

In November of 2021, Democrat incumbent of 20 years, Steeve Sweeney lost his seat to a nobody trucker who spend $135 on his campaign. One of the key points Ed Durr won this legendary campaign on was COVID-19 policy. He was fed up with masks and opposed vaccine mandates, comparing them to the holocaust.

Ed Durr was far from the only one as well. Republican Jack Ciattarelli almost beat the immensely popular Phil Murphy in New Jersey’s governor race, surprising everyone. Republican Glenn Youngkin won the governor seat in overwhelmingly blue Virginia. Both states voted for Joe Biden by a significant margin in 2020. These two are far from the only ones as well.

Joe Biden recognizes that his policies are destroying our nation and that the American people are beginning to see through the haze of lies and corruption. He’s completely changed his tune on the key issues he ran on, and began to parrot statements he once heavily criticized Trump for touting.

It’s time to get out the vote and take away his power to destroy anymore of what made America great. Let’s get out the vote in November and take back Congress!

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  1. And the Obama shadow continues to poison our leadership from his dark corrupt lying underground throne.
    Biden’s an Idiot Obama Puppet impossible of creating all this mess. Why do you think he won? Can you spell election fraud? COVID induced national corruption and fraud by Dr Lying Mother Fucker Fauci. …..
    When you think about a 35% approval rating for drooling Joe, makes you realize that 1/3 of the population is clueless. One Fucking Third ….. God help Us.
    I laughed when the “Everybody gets a trophy” policy crept into society in raising our kids. Sometimes you have to lose and get knocked on your ass to grow. I should have known then that the 1/3 was being created.
    So, the best we can do is be led by Obama morons. Think about it ….. Drooling Joe, Heals Up Cackles, Mayor No Balls Pete, Old Hag Barf Bag Nancy, and many more. Oh My God, Fucking Gross.
    Trump was a gas bag egotistical business genius. The United States is a huge Business run by unqualified politicians that can only at best Fuck Up a Free Lunch
    I feel better …. lol

  2. AMEN!!! we have GOT to take back the house and the senate….VOTE RED, you dumb dem voters, otherwise the shit will be the same and WILL NOT change except for the worse

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