Soft-On-Crime Policy Kills Hundreds in the Nation’s Capital

Washington, DC watched as violent crime rose for 4 years and did nothing. A new study by the left wing National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (NICJR) shows that they knew exactly how to prevent it, and chose to let innocent people die instead.

2021 set DC’s homicide record since 2003. More than 200 homicide victims were gunned down in the streets. The city tried to blame the killings on “ghost guns” but the actual cause has been staring them in the face for decades.

Defund The Police

The United States has seen nightmarish rises in violent crime since 2020. 12 of the nation’s largest cities broke all-time homicide records in 2021. All of these waves followed the famous “Defund the Police” movement and prompted liberal cities to refund their police as quickly as they could. But it’s more than just policing that they’ve butchered.

The NICJR released a report in December of 2021 with damning information. Around 500 known individuals are responsible for more than 70% of all homicides in DC. At one point, that number was as low as 200. These include absurd and needless murders such as a man killed over a flag football game and a few insults. Two teen girls carjacked and murdered Mohammad Anwar, a 66 year old Uber Eats driver. The list goes on and what has DC been doing about it? Let’s take a look.

Letting Them Roam Free

In December of 2018, the Senate passed a bill that would free countless violent criminals. Cory Booker championed the bill and contended that “training” would prevent repeat offenders from continuing to sow discord. In 2019, DC became even softer on crime. The Second Look Act of 2019 dramatically shortened sentences and lowered the bar for parol. DC democrats passed the bill despite Bureau of Prisons data suggesting that the a third of the 583 criminals it would release would reoffend within three years.

That aforementioned NICJR report found the following:

More than 90% of homicide victims and homicide suspects in 2019 and 2020 were male, and about 96% were Black. Nearly half were formerly incarcerated, and about 86% of them were known to the criminal justice system in some way. And, the study found, victims in homicides and suspects in these cases were “remarkably similar” when it came to prior arrests. Most had been arrested for property crimes, drug crimes, and unarmed violent offenses prior to the shooting or homicide, and had on average been arrested approximately 11 times.

“In Washington, D.C., most gun violence is very tightly concentrated on a small number of very high risk young Black male adults that have a shared set of common risk factors,” says David Muhammad, the executive director of the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform. “This very small number of high risk individuals are identifiable. Their violence is predictable and therefore it is preventable.”

What Does This Mean For Us?

But how do we prevent these kinds of crimes? Whether or not community programs do anything to help, it’s clear that soft-on-crime policies are exacerbating the problem. It’s possible that rehabilitation is a reasonable avenue. It’s a beautiful thing to believe that no man or woman is ever beyond salvation. But it has to be done where these violent criminals are barred from innocent citizens who can, have, and will fall victim to them again.

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  1. Law abiding Americans can no longer put up with feckless Democrats who pander to criminals under the guise of social Justice. Black on black crime predominates …. But the media blames cops….what a joke and a big lie!
    Kick these politicians out before it’s too late…. Are you black Americans listening??

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