Poland Opens its Arms to Welcome Throngs of Ukrainian Refugees

Boots are on the ground, tanks are in the streets, and civilians quake to the shrill shrieks of guns and bombs all across the country. The Russian invasion has begun, but respite is not far away.

In the wake of this chaos, Ukrainian families leave behind heirlooms, livelihoods, and even pets to escape the raging storm. Poland scrambles to prepare itself to welcome as many as possible with open arms.

“We have to be ready, the next 24 hours will be key,” said the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Paweł Szefernaker. The Polish government is preparing 8 reception centers at key locations along the 300 mile border. These centers need to be ready to treat the wounded, rush some to hospitals, and provide warm blankets, meals, and shelter to the innocent victims of Russian imperialism. They expect all eight to be ready by the afternoon.

These compassionate Polish volunteers are doing everything in their power to look out for their neighbors. Polish families are preparing to welcome Ukrainians with open arms and help them get back on their feet and start a new life.

If you feel moved to help the people of Ukraine, here are 8 ways you can right now. If you have the means, the day may come soon to host a refugee family fleeing Russian avarice. And if you believe, pray for them.

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