Even Los Angeles is Lifting Mask Mandates

All across the country, states and counties are lifting mask mandates. Only one state has no plans of lifting mandates.

California, Nevada and New Mexico ended their mask mandates this February. Illinois, Oregon, Washington, and Washington, DC all plan to let their mask mandates expire and disappear like a bad dream. Even Los Angeles just announced the end of their mask mandates for indoor spaces.

Before you get too excited, it’s not all sunshine and roses. The county is still requiring proof of vaccination. People are free to move around indoors without hiding their faces as long as they show the government their papers.

The only state that has no plans of lifting their mandates is Hawaii. The state will end its vaccine mandates on Monday, but Governor David Ige is digging in his heels on mask mandates. Last week, he unreeled this line of reasoning:

“Hawaii ranks second in the nation when it comes to COVID deaths, in part because of the indoor mask requirement and other measures that have proven successful in protecting our community from this potentially deadly virus. Our decisions are based on science, with the health and safety of our community as our top priority.”

We are seeing a recession of COVID-19 restrictions, but it’s not enough. Much like the Canadian truckers, it’s our civic duty to protect the freedom of American citizens to show their faces in public and make their own private medical decisions freely.