Biden’s Misery Index Spells Doom

Joe Biden’s presidency has not been a source of joy for the American people. The travesty of his “leadership” has caused Americans to dust off the old “misery index.”

The index adds together unemployment and inflation to measure the economic burden felt by everyday Americans.

Biden’s presidency just hit the highest consumer price index increase in 40 years. January’s 7.5% was the highest the nation saw since 1982. The United States continues to push for higher minimum wages, but inflation obliterates any potential benefit. Measures of real hourly earnings show Americans are 1.7% poorer across the board than last year.

Most Americans expect for things to only get worse. Market Watch inflation estimates predict a 5% rise in consumer prices over the next year. Meanwhile, the latest NBC poll shows that more than 70% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. 60% said their family income is falling behind the cost of living. Only 7% said the opposite.

Americans are ready for a change, and it’s certainly not the Pentagon’s crusade for socialism. What we need is the same solution that saved the economy under Ronald Reagan. The last time we saw this same level of inflation was 1982. Privatization and tax cuts worked then and they would certainly work now.

The answer is simple: we need stop the rampant growth of government spending. To get there, we need to win big this year and in 2024. Find your congressman  and be sure they are part of the solution rather than the problem.


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17 thoughts on “Biden’s Misery Index Spells Doom”

  1. Brandon has always been the dumbest reprobate in Congress. He’s always been one of the most corrupt in Congress. He’s also a pedophile, a plagiarist and senile old jackass. He also appears now to be at the least a communist sympathizer, as he sympathizes with the democommunist party.

    1. You left out TRAITOR Protector. He is not going after those in his party who have committed TREASON. Obozo has 7 counts of TREASON and 4 of MURDER on his massive rap sheet.Hitlery has 1 TREASON and 4 MURDER on her rap sheet along with multiple other charges attached to her package of LIES about President Trump working with Russia. Feinstein a TREASON charge using a Chinese Spy as a driver for 20 years . Salwell currently using a Chinese Spy as a sex toy. Nutsy, MAD MORON Maxine for inciting RIOTS and RACISM. The list goes on and on. Pedo Joe and the Ho will try to our do Obozo who had 8 years and they will only have 4 between the both of them.

  2. While I agree that the Misery index is back the numbers used by Pedo Joe’s people are way too low. Not only are prices of everything going through the roof(An $.82 bag of chips is now $1.48) but unemployment keeps jumping as the deadlines on Pedo Joe’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL vaccine mandates come in effect. Then there are all those who won’t work unless the IGNORANCE of a $15.00 minimum wage for burger flippers at McDonald’s goes into effect every where. Big problem is that such IGNORANCE will drive prices up so that once again people are SCREAMING for a minimum wage hike because last raise no longer works. There are those who Pedo Joe and the Democraps want to keep out of work so they can buy their vote with the LIES of Government money and free money. That borrowing is also driving inflation way up. But because Democraps need votes they refuse to stop the WASTEFUL SPENDING that had gone on since Reagan was fighting with Tip O’Neil over his spending $1.98 for every $1.00 brought in by the Treasury even after Tax cuts caused another Trillion to come in. Then there is the Obozo WASTE that added as much as all previous admins combined which has not had a single penny paid on it despite the LIES that it would be paid off in Ten Years. Trump added some but not like Democraps want to and have all these years. Look at what they wanted to pass a 3 plus TRILLION in FAKE infrastructure spending. By Fake I mean it had NOTHING to do with infrastructure only vote buying for Democraps. So America won’t be getting v out as easily and early as when Reagan was in office. It will take at least another full President Trump term and another Republican hopefully DeSantis for probably two terms to get things back where they were before Democraps, FAKE Republicans m, and RINOS CHEATED Pedo Joe and the Ho into power. Well them and a few Democraps as well that is.

    1. You would have to multiply Bidens IQ x 4 = before it would break 2 digits {*j*} Our country hasn`t been in such sad shape since the 186o`s. Our government instigated and did all of this to us. Oh, watch the price of your insurance policies. It seems you’re going to be paying for all those burned buildings and destruction.

  3. Something has got to break soon or the citizens who care about this country are going to take it to the streets. You haven`t seen anything yet. Socialism will never happen here in the USA.

  4. I’m insulted that my comment is on hold for approval. I must get approval for any article printed by you before I allow myself to read it. It might offend me, or the facts may be incorrect, or I might disagree with your opinion. Tyrion I also views as approval before commenting and reading are not appreciated in America. Insulting.

  5. I must apologize. This particular article did not put my response on hold. I’m still seething my opinion was put on hold. We are experiencing enough censorship . .I will read this article. We must have freedom to read, and freedom to respond.

  6. A pathological liar, an embarassment, to the United States, a total joke to Putin, the laughing stock to the world, and the patriarch of a horrible family That’s Joe Biden. If you don’t believe me, then you don’t believe th a bear shits in the woods

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