No Snopes, Biden is Definitely Enabling Drug Use

Jen Psaki and every liberal media outlet is rushing to defend Biden’s “crack pipe policy,” but what is it really? Is it a life-saving solution? Or is it enabling  self-destruction on a massive scale?

The Opioid Epidemic is a nightmare. It’s true that life destroying drug use in the United States has been soaring to new horrifying heights in the United States in recent years. Over 100,000 people took the opioid road to a wooded box in the ground last year. Medical experts only expect things to get worse.

So we need a solution. That much is clear. But how do we solve this issue?

Biden’s answer is to pave that grim road with taxpayer dollars. His new policy will distribute materials including clean needles, syringes, and smoking kits to millions of drug addicts across low income areas of the United States.

The mainstream media jumped to his defense. Jen Psaki jumped to his defense, calling it a “political game.” Most hilariously of all, Snopes fact checked the proven claim that Biden’s policy would hand out crack pipes as “false.” They even undermined their entire argument within their own article:

It’s true that the grant description required the provision of smoking kits — an established component of harm reduction strategy — but in reality, those kits constituted just one of several sub-components of an even longer list of requirements for grant recipients. In other words, while outraged media coverage focused almost exclusively on “crack pipes,” this was actually only a very small part of the program.

That’s correct. The plan is also handing out free syringes and needles, much better.

Not only that but clean needles become dirty needles when addicts use and share them repeatedly. There is no world where this policy does anything but make matters worse.

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say this will reduce deaths from dirty needles and smoking implements. The Federal Government is still using tax dollars to feed addictions to crack, heroine, methamphetamine, you name it. This not only enables drug use, it encourages it.

There’s only one way to kill an addiction: starve it.


Update: Biden has since decided not to include crack pipes in these kits due to blowback.

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3 thoughts on “No Snopes, Biden is Definitely Enabling Drug Use”

  1. This tells a lot about the Democrat Party leadership, they must believe this will be wildly popular and they must believe the hard drug using public is like 100 million strong and they all vote, otherwise they must think they are all Republicans and they want them to die. What kind of a person would support policies like these? Certainly not anyone familiar with problem solving or the steps involved in problem solving because the first step is identifying the problem. In this case the first step is hard drug usage is killing people, how do we solve it is the second step. Let’s see, we could manage the pathways the enormous amounts of drugs are getting into our country or we could leave the border wide open??? Next we could attack the demand problem too and offer to help people get clean, and those that don’t want to be saved, let them OD and die. I would not expect a dementia-addled grandpa whose own son is a crack head to understand any of this, but if the voters of this country don’t see how wrong these approaches are then we are in for way worse times before these folks finally figure out! Buckle up and watch out for yourselves until at least 60% of the American public start figuring this stuff out, that is what it will take to overthrow the DC cabal that is seeking to retain control at any price to the American public.

  2. If idiots like Joe Biden believe that handing out free clean needles, syringes, and smoking kits to millions of drug addicts will solve the drug problems in America, why don’t he also hand out free guns and ammunition to known thieves and murders to solve the crime problems in America. What a shame to have such an idiot as president of the United States of America. Where will we go next?

  3. Will the Drug Paraphernalia be stamped with Made In America or Made In China? When you are caught by Police with Drug Paraphernalia will you be let go because it is USA Issued? Is the US Government actively trying to kill off minorities by providing means to death?

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