Russia Undeniably Prepares for War While Gaslighting The West

Russia continues to claim that a Ukraine invasion is “western nonsense,” but evidence says otherwise. Not only are they establishing massive forward bases with at least 100,000 troops on Ukraine’s border (be sure to view the satellite images here), but a new Reuters report revealed that Russia is sending shipments of blood used for treating casualties. Blood supplies only last around 42 days. It seems that Russia expects carnage and soon.

Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Pskov insists that Russia has no plans of invading Ukraine but that they would respond if “provoked.” Recent cyber attacks indicate that Russian operatives are working to falsify a Ukrainian provocation to justify an invasion. Could they get away with it? They did last time.

In 2008, Russia invaded Georgia. They led a brutal onslaught killing more than 228 civilians and leaving a total of 2159 Georgians. Even though it was clearly unprovoked, in an effort to appease Russia, the EU placed the blame on Georgia under the pretext of a blatant lie that Georgia fired the first shot.

This imperialist victory opened the door to 2014’s Crimea invasion. It was the largest land grab since World War II but Russia saw no real consequences.

US President Joe Biden has indicated he wouldn’t do much, calling a Russian invasion a “minor incursion” and essentially giving them the green light. Biden threatened Russia with vague “consequences” for an invasion that he later clarified as economic sanctions. Plus, everyone saw how our president responded the last time one of our allies was invaded. Biden did nothing as the brutal Taliban ravaged all of Afghanistan in only 10 days. China immediately recognized what this meant and taunted, “Taipei will face Kabul’s fate.”

So will Russia invade Ukraine? I think the better question is: why wouldn’t they? And what meager justification will they use?

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3 thoughts on “Russia Undeniably Prepares for War While Gaslighting The West”

  1. Russia is fairly consistent with its desire to invade nations in order to promote its economy and add land to its assets, this is nothing new. The Biden administration, Joe Biden in particular, is being controlled by outside interests that do not have the interest of the U.S. or American citizens much in mind. Whatever Russia does, and however the Biden administration reacts to it, it will not be beneficial to the U.S. or to American citizens. Just how did we go from having reluctant but lucrative relations with Russia just over a year ago to being on the brink of war with Russia? It’s a matter of being able to make deals that benefit all parties involved or only wanting to reduce the population while creating jobs that increase the size of government. I miss the deal making abilities of a recently ousted administration.

  2. President Biden

    The Ukraine is rapidly coming to a crisis that nobody really wants to happen. The world can avoid a disaster by recognizing one simple thing – that placing a U.S. or NATO presence in Ukraine would be identical to having had Mexico join the Warsaw Pact. Imagine what the U.S. would have done if Mexico had tried to. What was our reaction in 1962 when Cuba attempted a similar action? What did we do in 1898 when Spain controlled Cuba? Whatever else Putin’s motivations might be, let’s credit him with wanting to protect his borders just as the U.S. often has. Finding a way towards a neutral Ukraine, perhaps such as a post-world war two Austria in the early cold war days. A truly independent and neutral Ukraine might be welcomed by all parties. Let’s recognize geo-politics for what they are and stem this rapid rush towards a Ukrainian crisis that will be bad for everybody.
    Respectfully submitted.

    Whitney Galbraith
    Colorado Springs

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