Corrupt Unions Steal 36 Million Taxpayer Dollars

The Paycheck Protection Program was designed to help small businesses recover from the pandemic. Only 501(c)(3) organizations qualify for these forgivable loans under the Small Business Administration’s rules. Somehow, labor unions found a way to get their hands in the cookie jar. A Washington Free Beacon report demonstrated that $36.7 million of these loans feel into the pockets to labor unions with non-501(c)(3) tax statuses.

The legal penalty for falsifying information to receive one of these loans is steep. Guilty persons could spend 5 years in prison or face a $250,000 fine. That penalty jumps to 30 years or a $1 million fine if it was through a federally funded institution. Overall, the Small Business Administration has handed out $790 billion in aid since the pandemic with the largest loan of $6,420,500 to the National Education Association.

It should surprise no one that unions employ underhanded tactics like this. They operate as cartels, creating barriers to entry for workers, demanding tribute for personal political goals, and detracting from product quality by enforcing draconian restrictions, overpaying union bosses, and stifling creativity. The purpose of the labor union is to protect the worker from abusive or self-serving employers. Union leaders often get a taste for political power and expand into monopolies that hold a vice grip monopoly on entire states. Perhaps the most egregious crime is forcing every worker in union controlled states to swear fealty and pay dues to an organization they may be fundamentally morally opposed to.

One of the “Boogie Men” of our age is the evil greedy corporation. It’s somewhat ironic that every trope associated with that character fits much more neatly on the shoulders of labor union empires. How can organizations founded to protect the rights of workers end up infringing on them and robbing everyone else blind? Power corrupts. It’s about time to shine some light on these cabals pulling strings in the shadows.

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2 thoughts on “Corrupt Unions Steal 36 Million Taxpayer Dollars”

  1. Labor unions keep doing things that prove they are run by groups of criminals whose only interest is lining the pockets of the union bosses and they care nothing about the employees they are supposed to represent. They use most of the dues that employees pay to donate to the Democratic Party in order to gain support for the union’s criminal activities. Why anyone would ever want to be in a union is beyond my understanding. If people do a good job at work, there is no need for a union rep to get in between the employees and the people they work for.

  2. This is incorrect. small business owners are not 501c3. That designation is for non-profits.

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