Is Mark Zuckerberg Enabling Sex Slavery?

Mark Zuckerberg’s “Meta” published a statement on Monday that raised eyebrows. The company stated that they would allow solicitations of human trafficking on its social media platform (formerly known as Facebook). To make matters even weirder, the statement included a promise to “send resources” to individuals who solicit these atrocious horrors. No word yet on what these “resources” are and whether they would help or hinder human traffickers.

Facebook has had a history of enabling human trafficking. In 2019, it was bad enough that Apple threatened to take the social media app off of their app store if they didn’t take major actions to limit these actions. A BBC investigation revealed that Instagram and Facebook were not only used for massive slave markets, but that the company knew about it and did nothing.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg is preoccupied with rebranding his company and censoring anyone he disagrees with. Let’s think about that for a second, shall we? Facebook constantly censors “misinformation” and “misleading information,” a very large degree of which they recognize and admit is actually true. How can a social media giant spend so many resources on political propaganda and so little on stopping their platform from being a tool for sexual predators?

Regardless of why, it’s high time to hold him accountable.

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One thought on “Is Mark Zuckerberg Enabling Sex Slavery?”

  1. He’s rich, he’s famous, and who can and will hold him and his company accountable? Not any Democrat, that’s for sure — he gives them too much money. There needs to be a law that limits how much can be given to any political candidate. Too much money allows to much graft to buy influence just about anywhere. And if the candidate is extremely rich, more than 10 million dollars, there should be a limit on their spending as well. And it needs to be open to the public how much is being spent.

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