Biden Ukraine Corruption – The Plot Thickens

In 2016, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Victor Shokin investigated Burisma Holdings and faced an unexpected hurtle. This is the same Burisma Holdings that our illustrious president’s son Hunter Biden sat on the board for, making $83,000. Joe Biden demanded that Shokin stop the investigation and threatened to withhold $1 Billion in aid as a cudgel. Shokin was supposedly fired for not conducting a satisfying investigation. If that were the truth, another should have been commissioned but it wasn’t.

As if the story didn’t sound corrupt enough, Just The News just released documents with damning evidence for Biden. The United States State Department reviewed Shokin’s plan and said in these new documents that they were “impressed” with Shokin’s thoroughness.

Just in case the weight of that wasn’t already apparent, Joe Biden used intimidation to block a corruption investigation potentially involving his son. Not only that but the State Department directly conflicts the left’s narrative. Will Joe or Hunter Biden be brought to justice? Only time will tell, but unlike when Trump posts a mean tweet, the media has gone silent in the midst of a massive scandal from Joe Biden.