Anti-Science Gender Ideology Forced on Massachusetts Kids

Massachusetts’ Needham High School has declared war on both Science and the English language. Biology classes demand that students remove “gendered words” from their vocabularies. They are teaching children that “gender” is decided entirely by the individual and has nothing to do with biological sex.

The Washington Free Beacon asked the school’s principle, Aaron Sicotte, to comment. He said the school is “proud” of its curriculum and hopes that lessons “appropriately reflect the needs of a diverse student body and the standards, values, and high academic expectations of the Needham community.”

This is the latest in a long line of absurd woke curricula changes. Some schools have decided to teach “antiracist math.” Others opt for teaching a discredited, false history of the American founding. It seems Massachusetts is taking a page from the book of encouraging sexual assault in schools.

That’s no hyperbole. In May of 2021, a boy put on a dress, went into a girls’ bathroom, and sexually assaulted a girl. This is no “slippery slope,” teaching this kind of gender ideology in schools puts our girls in direct danger of the worst kinds of violence and abuse.

We must fight to protect America’s daughters.