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Oklahoma Democrat Trips and Drafts Pro-Life Legislation

Oklahoma rep Forrest Bennett tried to “stick it to the man” last week. He wrote a bill to make a man’s financial responsibility for his child begin at conception. His idea was to show all those woman-hating conservatives how it feels. The results, however, were not what he expected.

Bennett tweeted this in an attempt to be snarky: “If Oklahoma is going to restrict a woman’s right to choose, we sure better make sure the man involved can’t just walk away from his responsibility.”

As you would expect, conservatives came out is droves in support of the legislation. Pro-lifer’s flooded social media with memes saying “I accept your terms,” “that’s called marriage,” and “welcome to our side.” Bennett essentially argued for the traditional family structure and to hold fathers accountable for their children. You’d be hard-pressed to find a pro-lifer who wouldn’t be ecstatic to support a bill holding fathers accountable to their children.

The pro-life argument is quite simple: “a child is a human being at conception and to kill him or her is murder.” The argument relies on an objective moral principle that murder is always wrong. The left rejects objective morality and has to in order to justify abortion. While science overwhelmingly supports the idea that a fetus is a human being, abortionists don’t care. They would turn your empathy toward the murderer and not the victim.

Many among them even admit that they are destined to lose the debate. An article in the Atlantic pulls at the heartstrings and explains the utilitarian argument for justifying child murder. I urge you to read the article and look for one single point that actually justifies killing a human baby before he or she even has the chance to live. They recognize that just a picture is enough to lose would-be supporters. In order to combat this, abortionists rely on tired straw-men such as “men are trying to control women’s bodies.”

Forrest Bennett believed the straw-man enough to self-destruct in a blaze of glory. Arm yourself with answers, and let’s fight for life.