The COVID-19 Vaccine Has Nothing To Do With The ‘Greater Good’

Don Lemon railed against the unvaccinated, calling them “idiots who think they can do their own research or who think that they are above the law.” He said that vaccination is for the “greater good of society.” He’s in a similar camp to Joe Biden who urges mandates and calls COVID a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” So, what’s the truth?

Let’s address the largest issue first: the vaccine doesn’t stop or slow the spread. Evidence indicates that COVID-19 vaccines may actually be hastening and helping the spread of the virus. European data indicates that vaccine enhancement of the COVID-19 virus is likely widespread. Doctors put vaccines through long term trials to avoid this. New studies from Denmark indicate that vaccinated people are 800% more likely to contract the disease. German government data confirms said research.

Dr. Fauci knows this himself. He even admitted that vaccines do not hinder the spread of COVID-19. Moreover, CDC data shows that this vaccine has produced more side effects and hospitalizations than every other vaccine combined over the last 30 years. While it’s not very likely to harm or kill just anyone, it’s more likely than any other vaccine and it should be up to the individual whether or not to take the risk.

The only argument for mandating the vaccine was that it would stop individuals from infecting others. We now objectively know this is not true. Vaccines only protect you and have nothing at all to do with “the greater good.” Mandating vaccines is like requiring Americans to ride 2 miles a day on a bicycle. It would reduce obesity but dramatically limit freedoms. Furthermore, it would force Americans to take on risks that they may not be comfortable with.

By all means, take the vaccine, but your medical decisions are your business. They’re not your employer’s, not mine, and certainly not the government’s.

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