Will Ghislaine Maxwell Get Off Scott Free?

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell follows one of the most vital and delicate issues in politics. Many want to see her brought to justice for her role in assisting Jeffrey Epstein in running a massive pedophile ring. However, many of the world’s most powerful people have been heavily incriminated and are scrambling to cover their tracks. 

The latest in a long line of dubious events including Epstein’s mysterious death, is the new argument for a mistrial in Maxwell’s case. Alison J. Nathan, the judge in Maxwell’s trial is investigating one of the jurors for withholding information on a questionnaire. This new development could result in a mistrial leaving us at square one.

The juror filled out a questionnaire at the beginning of the trial, and he/she claimed not to have been the victim of sexual harassment in the past. Information surfaced that he/she was and this new development presented grounds for a mistrial.

So who is this juror? While he/she wishes to remain anonymous, we do is that he/she is an executive assistant at the Carlyle Group, whose founder, David Rubenstien, just so happens to be very good friends with Anthony Fauci and whose ex-wife just so happens to be extremely close friends with Ghislaine Maxwell herself. 

It really begs the question: is it a coincidence that the one juror that causes an issue happens to be so connected? Or is this a well placed out? In a case of this nature, that is a burning question indeed.