What Was the FBI’s Involvement in January 6th?

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked some very probing questions of the FBI at today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Jill Sanborn, Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, implicitly indicated that a man named Ray Epps was an FBI plant that directly inspired the more dramatic actions on January 6th.

Typing his name into Google would turn up an extensive list of articles “fact checking” or “disproving” a “conspiracy theory” that Ray Epps was employed by the FBI despite a few damning pieces of evidence that he was.
So who is Ray Epps? Epps, a member of the militia group, the “Oath-Keepers,” caused quite a stir on January 5th when he bizarrely insisted that everyone needs to breach and enter the capital on the 6th. On the 6th, Epps was seen whispering into a man’s ear seconds before he starts to tear down the barricades. Where things became particularly incriminating is when the FBI publicly asked for information leading to Epps’ arrest and only a few days later, any information about him suddenly disappeared from their website. Watch how effectively Ted Cruz held Sanborn’s feet to the fire on this issue Here.

When Cruz asked Sanborn how many FBI agents riled up crowds and attacked people and property on January 6th, she replied by saying that she can’t answer questions about their methods. All of Cruz’ questions would be very easy to answer if the FBI was not involved.

So now you might wonder, what is the left saying about all of this?

To save you the time of reading all the meatless Trump-bashing articles gaslighting you about Epps, the arguments used to disprove the theory are mainly threefold: the FBI denies it, the January 6th Committee interviewed him (as opposed to doing any kind of investigation), and the fact that he has was a member of the Oath-Keepers. Let’s go down the list shall we?

The FBI would deny it no matter what.

Representative Adam Kinzinger is often quoted dismissing the theory. Kinzinger’s reputation and popularity are now based on his unholy alliance with the left on January 6th and his opposition to Donald Trump. He gave no argument whatsoever as to why Epps is not an FBI informant other than Epps’ word himself before waving it all away as a “conspiracy theory” and “false flag.” In other words, he, the FBI, and the entire committee are trusting the word of a January 6th rioter as the gospel truth, clearly something doesn’t add up here.

Finally, he was a member of the Oath-Keepers. Is it impossible for the FBI to have associates, plants, or agents in far-right groups? Far from it.

Once again the mainstream media has attempted to bury a story that contradicts their narrative by labeling anyone who sees what’s happening as “conspiracy theorists.” As long as informed Americans refuse to stay silent, the truth will eventually prevail.