A Pandemic of Child Abuse

While celebrities and politicians celebrate maskless, they demand children muzzle their faces and walk at arms length on the way back to homeroom from the cafeteria. The greatest tragedy of pandemic panic is what it’s doing to our kids.

54% of Children aged 11 or younger are fully vaccinated, despite the fact that this group essentially gains nothing at all from vaccination. The Associated Press labeled these “low” vaccination numbers among 11 year olds and under (who make up 8 hundredths of one percent of COVID’s casualties) as a “gut punch” to American society. This comes despite the fact that CDC data indicates this vaccine is more dangerous than every other vaccine in the past 30 years.

Are those little kids at any risk of being hurt by COVID? Statistically, the answer to that question is no. In fact, the common cold is more likely to kill someone in that age range than COVID-19. Still, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the medical establishment not only advocate that they be jabbed, but that we cloister them for the foreseeable future. What Dr. Fauci won’t tell you is how physical child abuse more than tripled in the pandemic according to US News. There’s no question this will impact a child’s future.

Recent Studies indicate that vaccination status has practically no impact on contracting on spreading COVID-19. According to Statista, 54% COVID-19 deaths are over the age of 75 and 72% are over the age of 65. While United States life expectancy is 78 years old, the median COVID death is past age 80. Yes, the median COVID death is older than life expectancy. Joe Biden calls COVID-19 a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” when in reality it’s a pandemic of the elderly, and we’re sacrificing our kids to it.

So why are we muzzling, isolating, and pumping research chemicals into the next generation when they’re in next to no danger at all? Aristotle said that children are the legacy we will leave for the time we will not live to see. All those demanding that our kids trade smiles, hugs, rough-housing, community, and freedom, for fear, abuse, compliance, and isolation should earnestly ask themselves one question: what is honestly important to me?

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