Doctor Testifies in Maine Lawsuit Claiming Data Indicate Higher Vaccine Death Toll

In a court hearing last Friday, Dr. Peter McCullough testified that 661 people died in the state of Maine within 28 days of taking the COVID vaccine. The deaths were only among Medicare beneficiaries – as the data comes from a CMS database. Another thing to keep in mind, Maine is a small state with only 1.3 million people. In short, an alarmingly high number of deaths were reported in a very small population sample after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. What’s more, is that that many causes of death listed in this group are known as potential vaccine side effects.

The logical question to ask is if these deaths could be attributed to pre-existing medical conditions. After all, older people are prone to have such issues and die from them. However, Dr. McCullough already went through the trouble of removing any deaths which had a serious ailment before January 2020. While this data set does not definitively prove vaccine deaths, it should raise red flags about the safety of this vaccine program.

Dr. McCullough spoke about the causes of death and how they relate to the COVID vaccine. For instance, 216 suffered an embolism, 201 developed a low platelet count, and 99 had seizures. “These are well-known syndromes that can occur after the vaccine” noted McCullough. “In fact, there is a disease now called vaccine-induced thrombocytopenic purpura, which is serious – it’s related to thrombosis, related to severe anemia, related to organ dysfunction like kidney failure, and this has occurred in 201 individuals in Maine within the vaccine. This is not something that has any spontaneous occurrence at this level.”

The director of the Maine CDC, Dr. Nirav Shah, testified that his office only investigated 31 of the 661 deaths. This is emblematic of the national vaccine campaign as well. Nobody is doing any kind of safety review despite very troubling data signals. The vaccines are potentially harming those it was meant to protect the most, our seniors. Instead of reviewing the safety of the shots, our health bureaucracy is pushing to get toddlers and infants vaccinated. Forcing these potentially dangerous and ineffective shots into the arms of children is pure evil. This must stop.

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9 thoughts on “Doctor Testifies in Maine Lawsuit Claiming Data Indicate Higher Vaccine Death Toll”

  1. There are too many red flags with this “vaccine”. It is now clear that it is not meant to protect us but to cull the population. Since the spike proteins are found in concentrated numbers in the ovaries and testes, the drug has apparently been created to also cull the population by sterilizing everyone who gets it. Time will tell.

  2. You better understand that MANY groups in medicine get their paychecks from government GRANTS. When the government took over medicine all honesty disappeared. The result of a study will depend upon what the government wants it to be. NEVER trust the CDC or any institution with government ties.

  3. Every vaccine shot given is more money pouring into pharmaceutical companies and those who have investments in them. A lot of money is being transferred from taxpayers dollars in government to a certain number of entities that not only have control of the vaccine, but are also in control of forcing citizens to get the vaccines. If more people die, the better it is for Progressives who desperately want to decrease the population. The Wuhan virus vaccine is becoming just another way for hateful Progressive’s to support their desire for eugenics.

  4. Mandatory vaccines now in California for young school children. The cabal is pure evil. Vaccines caused millions of spike proteins to form around the outer cell walls which causes a restriction of blood flow in constricted areas. A large number of the mass population will perish in the next 2 to 3 years as planned. They don’t want you here and I don’t want your children to inhabit their earth.
    Welcome to the end game of the New World Order.

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