Southwest Airlines Cancels Thousands of Flights

Over the weekend Southwest Airlines canceled over 1800 flights, and their troubles seemed to continue Monday when another 363 flights were canceled. The weekend flight cancellations represented nearly 30% of the airline’s weekend flights, and Monday’s cancellations were about 10%. By comparison, the other 3 major airlines (American, United, and Delta) had cancelled only 92 flights in the same time period.

Southwest had blamed the trouble on weather and unexplained issues at Air Traffic Control. If that were true, it seems odd that the weather and Air Traffic Control issues affected Southwest Airlines exclusively. A much more likely cause is that the employees of the airline are fighting back against the vaccine mandate. The company mandate, which was released on October 4th, threatens any employee not vaccinated by December 8, 2021, with termination.

In response to the mandate, the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association has filed a lawsuit in a federal court in Dallas. The union did distance itself from any theories about striking pilots. “We can say with confidence that our pilots are not participating in any official or unofficial job actions.”

So, while there is no definitive evidence that Southwest’s troubles were driven by employees staying home, there really is no reasonable alternate explanation. The nation owes these Southwest employees a huge debt of gratitude. Many people were stuck at airports over the weekend, which is a temporary and admittedly irritating situation. However, the loss of freedom and bodily autonomy is much more permanent and tragic. The trains and planes likely run on time in communist China, but everyone there is a slave to the all-powerful state. In order to remain free, America needs heroes to answer the call to action. Southwest Airlines employees are doing just that.

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5 thoughts on “Southwest Airlines Cancels Thousands of Flights”

  1. First Problem – Biden who claimed Trump was a Dictator, is behaving as a Dictator.

    Second Problem – Biden’s “mandate” is anything BUT. Nowhere is this mandate a law, except maybe among the military since Biden is the FAKE Commander in Chief.

    Third Problem – Companies (for or against Biden) can’t find workers. Force a vax on employees and watch this “lack of qualified employees” problem become even worse – right Mr. Kelly (Southwest CEO)?

    Fourth Problem – more and more data has come out proving this COVID vax is dangerous nor very long lasting. One of the most common AND dangerous health issues associated with this vax is blood clotting.

    For some, this vax is causing fibers to be created in the blood stream. What happens when too much hair builds up in a sink drain? It clogs up. Veins are no different. Get enough fibers to build up and you will have blood clots. Blood clots cause heart attacks, strokes, subdermal hematomas, aneurisms and can also build up in your organs like your liver. Worse yet, I am hearing stories from people I know who’ve had relatives get the vaccine, go to bed that night and never wake up because they passed away in their sleep.

    IMPORTANT INFO FOR ANTI-VAXXED WORKERS! A dear friend of mine whom works at a hospital has many coworkers who did NOT get vaxxed yet are still gainfully employed. With the help of an attorney, they submitted a letter explaining their religious views against this vaccine. Between people dying and/ or having adverse reactions, the LAST THING employers want is a lawsuit, so they are readily accepting these letters.

    1. It is annoying when your flight and the trip or activity the flight supported is interrupted, but I support Southwest employees in taking a stand against mandatory vaccines. The vaccines are available for those who want them. The data shows 99+% people recover from Covid and are fine. The data also shows that the vaccines neither prevent Covid nor protect others from getting Covid. If taking the vaccine makes you feel better then by all means take it. We are a free people under Constitutional rule – the greatest experiment on earth! The country that people are literally risking their lives and those of their children to get into. Let’s live as if we understand how precious that is. No mandatory vaccines, no judgment by or on those who take it or not.

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