New Report Details How Early China Knew Wuhan Coronavirus Was Spreading

A report titled, “Procuring for a Pandemic: An Assessment of Hubei Province PCR Procurement Contracts” provides evidence that China knew about the spreading Coronavirus as early as May of 2019. This date is much earlier than any previous estimate, which was typically October or November. The report details that China was buying up PCR testing capacity at an alarming rate.

The report said, “An initial view of the data depicts the dramatic increase of PCR procurement contracts in 2019,” the report said. “The increase was present in both the contract total value and the number of contracts.” The report went on to clarify that spending on the PCR, or Polymerase Chain Reaction, contracts was greater in 2019 than in the two previous years combined. There really is no other plausible explanation for this increase in COVID testing capacity this far back in the pandemic timeline. The authors of the report agree. Report author, Robert Potter wrote, “The full inventory of this catastrophe is still being compiled. What is clear is that investigating the coverup of the virus still has some distance to go before it is fully understood. The data presented here gives us a strong indication that the outbreak started prior to December 2019, meaning the information gap and window for the emergence of the virus is larger than when we started this project.”

This new evidence also corroborates the lab leak theory over a natural source for the virus. The Chinese government has always claimed that the virus evolved naturally, but as more information comes to light their actions are much more consistent with a virus that came from a lab. Even WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has claimed that China obstructed their original investigation into the virus origins and that the organization dismissed the lab leak theory prematurely.

On a final note, it is becoming clear that China has visited this scourge upon the earth, and yet where are the calls to hold them accountable? Politicians in western nations across the globe are coming up with new ways to punish their citizens with lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates. Not to mention the evilest part of all – the blocking and criminalizing of effective early treatments. Ordinary citizens have been victimized twice, first by this Chinese bioweapon, and then by their own government’s power grabs. It is well past time for good men to stand up and put an end to this tyranny. History is clear on what happens when evildoers go unchecked.

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8 thoughts on “New Report Details How Early China Knew Wuhan Coronavirus Was Spreading”

  1. Like Xi Xi Biden, the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is another one who is bought and owned by China.

  2. The civilized countries of the world need to wake up to what appears to be either a deliberate attack on the people’s of the world or the result of incompetent people , scientists and political leaders playing with things they should not . Things that are far beyond their level of intelligence . And then allowing these experiments to be carried out in a less than secure lab setting . Incompetence or deliberate . The nation’s of the world need to sever ties ecconomicly with China or at least reduce drastically the amount of business they give . China should be treated by all as a pariah to all mankind .

  3. Every country on earth should be outraged at China and should impose trade sanctions, lawsuits and any other means necessary to recover the monetary losses caused by the China virus. There is is no outrage even as the evidence piles up showing China as the source of the virus.

  4. I think the Chinese government did know about the virus, they helped create it. Along with the CIA and the DNC, the Chinese lab created this virus and knew it would spread.

  5. There is little doubt that China KNEW and CONTINUED to export this illness to the Unites States — witness the “air service” from Wuhan to the U.S. while access in China was CUT OFF !! The whole world has China to thank for this mess — too bad the rest of the world is AFRAID to offend China !! Even some LILY WHITE-ER’S tried to blame the pandemic on President Trump and threatened revolt when he CORRECTLY called out the SOURCE — CHINA!!!

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