Florida Rids Itself of Unnecessary School Quarantines

The COVID pandemic has brought along with it a large number of tyrannical and unscientific public policies. Unfortunately, America’s children have been forced to endure many of these punitive edicts. The state of Florida has been a rare beacon of common sense and liberty through it all. That trend continued this week as the newly appointed surgeon general issued a new rulemaking quarantine for students exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual optional. As long as the student is not experiencing any symptoms, they can attend school.

The previous rule required that students stay at home after exposure for four days and get a negative test result before returning to school. If not tested, the quarantine would last at least seven days. The rule change is small, but when viewed in light of Florida’s policies overall, it is yet another example of the state leading the charge to return normal life to children in the state. By comparison, a school in Washington is now requiring students to wear masks while they chew and swallow at lunch.

The new rule was signed by Dr. Joseph Ladapo, who Ron Desantis appointed to his new position on Tuesday. Ladapo received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School as well as having a Ph.D. in Health Policy from the Harvard Graduate school of Arts and Sciences. He is also a former professor at UCLA. Despite his impressive academic and professional credentials, Dr. Ladapo is being criticized as an “anti-masker and vaccine skeptic.” In other words, the brilliant and accomplished scientist is being criticized for being a scientist instead of a cultist.

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5 thoughts on “Florida Rids Itself of Unnecessary School Quarantines”

  1. About time someone added common sense to the equation. Masking and quarantining of school children is a waste of life.

  2. I am a healthcare worker. And we need masks in schools and other places where crowds gather. The anti vaccine and anti. Maskers Are selfish. Don’t they realize. They can carry the highly contagious deadly virus for 10 to fourteen days before having symptoms. They don’t think about others That they could infect. Gop politicians say we don’t want anyone telling us what to do with our bodies. That’s our rights rights But they want to two women. You can’t have an abortions And that stupid governor in Texas. Passed a law. That makes America citizens bounty hunters.

    1. You don’t sound much like a health care worker, but do sound naïve and political.

      Apparently you aren’t concerned that Biden and his admin sounds the alarm’s and push the Vax for us peon’s and turn around and exempt people in congress and their staff from the mandate of getting the vax, as well as Postal worker’s, some Judge’s, teacher’s etc. plus let the invasion continue through the border to quickly be bussed all over the Country with out being vaccinated or tested….. pay attention, the Biden administration is picking and choosing and they are being reckless .
      They are good at mandating and not so good at presenting the science behind their reasons for the mandate’s.
      the load that was sent to Gov Abbot nearly half of them tested positive , I know Gov Abbot appreciated that from Biden…

    2. As for mask’s in public gatherings,,, Obama’s birthday party…mask less.

      people in congress, dinning out in big group’s , mask less.

      DiBlasi and the Cuomo’s party’s and gathering’s at will , mask less .

      We see it all the time, they grab their mask’s and put them on just before getting on camera….

      The speaker, out during ban on salon’s service’s getting service mask less, yet the great people of America is exempt from that freedom… and wear the mask and expected to eat , chew and swallow while wearing the mask…
      Rules for thee but not for me.

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