Las Vegas Teacher Taping Masks on 4th Graders

For some reason, there seems to be a debate in the US on whether “following the science” requires the masking of toddlers, or if it is just a satanic cult ritual. Last week, a Las Vegas mother found evidence for the latter when her son was sent to the principal’s office with a mask forcibly taped to his face. 

Her son, who had taken down his mask to drink water had forgotten to put the mask back on. The teacher then proceeded to drag the child in front of the class and tape his mask onto his face. After that, she sent him to the principal’s office where a school administrator noticed the abuse that had happened and started looking into what was going on in this classroom. The principal went to the offending classroom and found another student with a mask taped on their face. The student who was sent to the office told his mother that the taping has gone on from the beginning of the semester, and 5 other students have been victims.

The mother (who chose not to be identified) has filed a police report and is calling for the teacher’s resignation. She was rightfully outraged and made the following comments to the KVVU-TV station over the weekend.

“The teacher did not tell him to put it back on or send him to the office, she instead pulled him up in front of the classroom in front of all of the students and she then taped the mask across the top of his face,” the mother also noted that the teacher applied a second layer of tape from his nose to his forehead.

The school district, CCSD, has a mask mandate in place for the 2021-2022 school year and requires all students over the age of 2 to wear masks indoors and on buses. This evil practice of forcibly covering children’s faces must end. It is not based on any science and is clearly leading to further child abuse. These stories should fill parents across the country with righteous anger and stir them to act in defense of their children.

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18 thoughts on “Las Vegas Teacher Taping Masks on 4th Graders”

  1. Progressives are fascist minded elites who believe they have some right to force others to live under a strict Socialist control. This far left ideology is every bit as fascist as any far right ideology, such as Islam and religious cults are. We must vote out Progressive representatives in government and rid government agencies of Progressive minded appointees who are in any position of control over American citizens.

    1. Now if all of you who voted for a democrat in the 2020 election, would have done their homework before voting, we would not be in this mess! Biden Administration, has screwed everything up since he came into office. He is not the only one to blame, Soros, Obama, Killary, Pelosi and her swamp dwellers, Aoc with her misfits, the squad.
      All this because you hated Donald Trump! You a sure are a bunch of sick people! He had the best policies, he knew what he was doing and what this country needed, what our citizens needed, and you put us in this communist run administration,! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  2. TAPE teacher to a freeway overpass . . . . without clothing.

    I guarantee NO OTHER TEACHERS will think their progressive ideas will be readily embraced by the parents!!

    1. I agree with DetroitDom, tape a teacher to a freeway overpass, without clothing is a great idea, but why should we be subjected to this ugly scene. What we need is a teachers mouth taped for a day, and if it happens again, tape it again for 2 days. I beleive that after 2 days, they will learn not to mess with parents. The same goes for many of our DC politicians. We are getting to the point that we are very angry. This could lead to a very bad situation……

  3. This “teacher” has no place on school property!!!! Her own failure to manage a classroom is the real failure here on many levels. If a caregiver or parent did this they would be investigated, rightfully so, she needs to FIRED ASAP! The unproven mask wearing is so wrong, her actions are abusive and dangerously hurtful!!!! It’s been going on for HOW LONG to HOW MANY KIDS ?….

    1. Unproven masks, to be sure. This is a control issue and nothing more. Health management comes with good food, proper sleep and anxiety control. The discovery and use of OTC supplements to reduce free radical cells in the body are an aid in improving health. The stronger a person’s immune system is, the better for them. UV-C light destroys the ability of the virus to attack living cells which the virus needs to replicate itself and cause an infection. A Virus is NOT a living cell. It needs a living cell to attach to and then replicate it’s self. The light source given is real science and current application. Doctors and hotels use such light to sterilize their rooms. So can anyone else in everyday life.

  4. Teachers who are sick and demented should not be allowed to teach our kids. This is a satanic cult, lead by the Soros, Obama, Pelosi and her swamp dwellers, and the Squad.

  5. Well … did the majority of voters choose this demonic dem party to rule us and bring about communistic rule of law… if so, then I hope they realize the graveness of that decision… but actually probably the majority of voters did not vote for this but that is how the votes tallied after the manipulation of the system. We are indeed in a horrendous situation, and obviously there are many who, like this dispicable teacher, want to be under this demonic system. How stupid can so many people be? They actually have a reprobate mind, as the scripture says will happen and they simply cannot reason … they are satanic – ly controlled now. They think what’s happening is well and good!

    1. I will raise a dispute with you on voters choosing what we have now, running the country. Evidence is out that voting machines changed votes. Missing voting cards, on the order of a few million in one area, have been found. America has been, in my opinion, lied to. The crew and leadership for the alleged attack on the Capitol was perpetrated by the FBI. Law enforcement agencies must stay out of politics-period. If they can not do so, they should be fired. Upholding the law is one thing, deciding how the people should live, or voice their opinion is something else entirely different. ALL the people need to deluge their Federal legislators, Senators and Congressmen to have them stand behind their voters and protect them from such evil as any LEO organization doing anything like what was done January 6.That was tyranny, not protecting anyone from anything. It was done to cause fear in the people and then to use that fear as a means to control the people. If still alive, Hitler and Stalin would be over joyed by what our government allowed to happen that day.

  6. I’ll say this, if any teacher taped ANYTHING to my childs face, I would call my wife and tell her to come and bail me out of jail because I was going to that school and whipping some ass.

    1. Tape her to a post, then fully tape a mask to her face. The kind of tape that has threads in it can not be torn apart by fingernail. Multiple layers of Duct Tape can not be torn apart either. Take any available scissors with you, give them to the school principal. Super glue the mask on is an idea.

  7. Isn’t that assault and battery – a criminal offense. This “teacher” should go to jail. She will be very, very popular with the other inmates. Walking for her will be a perennial problem.

    1. Yes, other inmates might use her as a testing object for whatever they might contrive. I have heard that inmates take a very dim view of anyone attacking women or children. Such a perpetrator would be better dealt with through fear, than actual assault. If the rumors are indeed true.

  8. Teacher should be very happy that I do not live there, much less have a child in her class. I would have sought to have that teacher in jail facing serious assault charges. She can believe what she wants to believe but her right to do anything about it ends at no less than 12 inches from my child. Screaming at my child, demeaning my child in any way is also off limits. Not having a child is no cause to not get involved either.

  9. This teacher needs to be arrested and prosecuted for numerous charges, all involving child abuse, assault, and battery. She should have already had her employment terminated. Now we’ll see if the CCSD and local law enforcement, including the prosecutor’s office will do the right thing.

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