Biden Renews Focus on Covering 4-Year-Old Faces While Afghanistan Burns

The situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate. As reports come in that up to 15,000 Americans may now be stuck behind Taliban checkpoints, the Biden administration has responded that they “cannot ensure safe passage” to the airport. The realities in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan appear to become more dire daily. The Biden administration seems unable or unwilling to attempt to rectify the situation. In contrast, what they are willing and able to do, is make sure that America’s 4-year-olds don’t expose their faces.

On Wednesday Biden addressed the nation about Coronavirus and took specific aim at making sure children were wearing masks.

“For those who aren’t eligible for the vaccine yet – Children under the age of 12 – masks are the best available protection for them and the adults around them. That’s why we need to make sure children are wearing masks in school. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen throughout this pandemic, some politicians are trying to turn public safety measures – that is, children wearing masks in school – into political disputes for their own political gain. Some are even trying to take power away from their local educators by banning masks in school. They’re setting a dangerous tone.” He later indicated that his Secretary of Education should pursue legal actions against the governors banning masks. 

Ron Desantis appeared on Fox News to rebut Biden and his obsession with masking kids, even during the serious turmoil he has caused on other issues:

“And you got to wonder, where are your priorities that you’re so obsessed with this issue and so obsessed with taking away parent’s rights and you’re letting Afghanistan burn, our border burn, and so many other things in the country fall to pieces?”

The battle over masking kids in schools is ramping up again. It will take significant political will from parents at the local level to beat back the demonic mask cult. All parents on the side of science and reason should vehemently oppose the forced masking of children. This is a fight that must be won if there is to be any hope in a post-Coronavirus America. When a 4-year-old is not permitted to show his or her face, what rights are left?

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