Biden Investigating If He Can Muzzle Children

According to a report in the New York Post, President Biden is looking into whether he has the power to implement a federal mask mandate for school-age children. The answer to his inquiry is definitely no, but that has not stopped him from pursuing other unconstitutional federal edicts. It did not stop him from instituting a federal mask mandate as soon as he got into office. It didn’t stop him recently from reinstating a federal eviction moratorium. 

What gives Biden pause on masking children at the federal level is not the constitutionality of it. Rather it is the unpopularity of such a measure. Democrats and wannabe tyrants have learned a lot about the American people in the last year and a half. They will comply with almost anything, but even the most dedicated sheeple have their limits. Those limits turn out to be their children. 

Of course, there are the rabid COVID cultists that want every child age 2 and up to wear 3 masks, but they don’t constitute a majority. Hence why Biden is, “checking that.” In this way, he can try to appease the COVID cult following without stirring up backlash from the majority of parents around the country. 

These parents have had their spines strengthened by learning from Governors Desantis and Abbot. There are precious few “Republicans” willing to push back against the CDC tyranny. Most of them, even in deep-red southern states, have gone along with the wishes of the cult members. They are simply bowing to a very invigorated minority with powerful allies in media and government. However, there seems to be some new energy being injected into the sane crowd recently. There has been massive attendance and pushback at school board meetings across the country on issues like masks and critical race theory. President Biden sees this, and it gives him pause. This is not about laws and constitutionality. This is all a game of political will.

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6 thoughts on “Biden Investigating If He Can Muzzle Children”

  1. Right now at this time, there are 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 doctors suing the CDC, the WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. The vaccine pushing monsters running these orgs are lying about the true numbers of covid deaths. The amount of covid deaths have been greatly exaggerated They also knew that their PCR test was not accurate and even more. Their forced vaccine mandates are in Violation of all 10 of the Nuremberg Code. What our leftist fascist government is doing to us is the same thing that the Nazi’s did to the German people…..


  3. Dumercrats are not to blame here . They are only doing what they have done from all time. The blame for all happenings are the voters that put the dumercrats in office. You voted for this now enjoy it.

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