Biden $6T Spending Plan to Fund Abortion

Biden’s recent spending proposal, to the tune of $6 trillion, has lawmakers saying too “extreme and too expensive.” The plan would add $1.8 trillion to the federal deficit. And while it is unlikely to make it through the legislature without significant change, it signals just how extreme and fiscally irresponsible the current administration is.

But the pile of new debt isn’t the only insidious thing in Biden’s plan, reports the Federalist.

Biden’s plan also makes no mention of the Hyde Amendment, which has banned federally-funded abortions since the 1970s. Normally, a spending bill would include the Hyde Amendment under an unwritten agreement between the parties, but this time it was left out.

Without this amendment, taxpayer funds could go directly to pay for so-called “abortion procedures” through Medicaid, Medicare, federal employee health insurance and the Indian Health Service.

Majorie Dannenfelser, president of anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List, came down hard on the budget proposal’s silence on the Hyde Amendment: “For more than four decades, the Hyde family of pro-life policies has kept American taxpayers out of the abortion business, with the Hyde Amendment itself saving nearly 2.5 million lives.

The Biden budget throws that longstanding, bipartisan consensus out the window to fulfill a campaign promise to the radical abortion lobby.”

In 2019 during his campaign, Biden initially declared support for the Hyde Amendment but flip-flopped after extreme pressure from pro-abortion groups.

Normally, the $6 trillion budget would undergo severe scrutiny and the Hyde Amendment could potentially be put back in during the legislative process, but after the 2020 elections, Democrats have much more control in both houses of Congress.

The Biden administration has signaled that it is serious about expanded access to baby-killing after it reversed a Trump administration rule that Title X funds for family planning services could not go clinics that also had abortion services available onsite.

And if the proposed spending plan makes it through Congress without some form of the Hyde Amendment in place, we could see taxpayer funding paying for the murder of children across the country.

A recent study shows that taxpayer-funded abortion is strongly opposed by a majority of Americans. This of course will not stop the radical Biden agenda, but it may have some sway on legislators as the spending plan works its way through Congress.

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13 thoughts on “Biden $6T Spending Plan to Fund Abortion”

  1. I can’t stand to look at those beady eyes that look like a crazy man.
    What about thou shall not kill? Just because it is a small person does not make it any less a person. I understand that under some circumstances a woman may not want a baby but she could do so much good by having the baby and putting him/her up for adoption. There are people who cannot conceive who would love to get a new born. I know because my brother and wife did this and guess what after they adopted they had two more of their own. The doctor said it was because they relaxed.

    1. My daughter couldn’t stay pregnant after 9 weeks. They
      never tried adopting and she regrets it to this day. I agree with you 100%. There is no reason for a woman to get pregnant with all the birth control out there. These women, doctors and our so call president and demos will have to answer to God.

  2. The democrats are antiChrist pagans. They will spend eternity in hell and that’s to good for some of them. I am talking about politicians and voters alike!!!

  3. The Biden Administration has gone rock solid crazy.
    Not a dime of my taxes do I want to go to killing innocent children. How anyone can even want this is beyond my thinking.
    With all the free clinics that give out the birth control pills and devices there is no reason to have to kill a child. Where is the responsibility for what you do gone?? The people wanting abortions need to think and have responsibility for what they do before they get pregnant.

  4. I am strongly opposed to abortions. I do not want my tax dollars used to fund abortions. Abortion is murder and as a Christian, do not believe in it and don’t want my tax dollars used to fund it. Biden claims to be a catholic, in name only, shame on him. When a pregnant woman is murdered. Why then do they charge the murderer with 2 counts of murder. Enough said.

  5. no federal money should ever be spent on abortion. church and state are seporate abotion is nothing but pure murder, and biden is no catholic

  6. It is disgusting the kind of people we have running this country , rather destroying this country . and murdering innocent babies

  7. On abortion unreal or predictable? After the attacks on our infrastructure you think he’d pay every dime on making sure we’re not attacked as a country, instead of killing babies.
    What about our electric power grid, transportation, our financial systems, chemical and Water are at risk. They could paralyze our country and he wants to give money to abortion! IMPEACH this Clown. This is a national security issue!

  8. Biden should not change the Hyde Amendment, we the citizens of America shouldn’t have to pay for these procedures!!!! Without this amendment, taxpayer funds could go directly to pay for so-called “abortion procedures” through Medicaid, Medicare, federal employee health insurance and the Indian Health Service.

  9. Abortion is legalized murder. There’s no difference between killing a baby in the womb than an infant being killed in a drive-by shooting. Both are senseless murders but Planned Parenthood profits from the death.

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