The Muddled Thinking of ‘Antiracism’


This week, a clip of America’s most prominent racial grifter, Ibram X. Kendi, began making the rounds on Twitter. Kendi, the author of “How to Be an Antiracist,” has undoubtedly made a fortune by indicting those who disagree with him as complicit in American racism — and by providing partial absolution to those who repeat his cultish ideas.

In one particular clip from a recent interview, however, Kendi was asked to do one very simple thing: to define racism itself. Kendi failed signally in that task. “I would define it as a collection of racist policies that lead to racial inequity that are substantiated by racist ideas,” Kendi stated.

The audience laughed out loud.

Kendi then reiterated his definition and added: “And antiracism is pretty simple using the same terms. Antiracism is a collection of antiracist policies leading to racial … equity that are substantiated by antiracist ideas.”

This, of course, is utterly nonsensical. No term can be defined by simple reference to the term itself. If someone asked you to define an elephant and you quickly explained that an elephant is, in fact, an animal known as an elephant, you would be adding no new information.

If someone asked you to describe anger and you then defined anger as the feeling of being angry, you would leave the listener in serious doubt as to your sanity.

Yet the left not only nods along to this; it champions it. For deep thoughts like Kendi's, CEOs pay millions: Jack Dorsey of Twitter gave Kendi's Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University $10 million last year; The Vertex Foundation of Vertex Pharmaceuticals is giving Kendi's center $1.5 million over three years; Bank of America has brought in Kendi to deliver his insipid message; The Boston Globe has teamed with Kendi's center to create a new media platform.

To date, the Center for Antiracist Research has generated precisely zero research; its website reads, "We are now accepting proposals for our research and policy teams." The center is also accepting applications for its "Antibigotry Convening." And, of course, the center has merchandise, including Antiracist Book Festival face masks (for just $25!).

The goal of many on the left these days is not clarification but obfuscation, particularly on racial issues. Data is not only unnecessary; it's reviled. If the left wishes to promote the argument that racial inequalities are the result of historic injustices, one would hope that someone would bother quantifying to what extent those inequalities are the result of individual decisions versus the result of other factors.

If, for example, differential poverty rates by community are highly related to single motherhood -- and if single motherhood can only be avoided through personal decision-making -- then focusing on historic racism to the exclusion of personal decision-making not only does little good; it does active harm. Yet that is precisely what Kendi proposes -- and he calls you racist if you suggest otherwise.

Kendi's solutions are the sorts of solutions the left likes. He has proposed a federal Department of Antiracism with the power to pre-clear "all local, state and federal public policies to ensure they won't yield racial inequity, monitor those policies, investigate private racist policies when racial inequity surfaces, and monitor public officials for expressions of racist ideas."

In other words, it's authoritarian dictatorship to establish Kendi's vaguely defined antiracism.

The left embraces this loose thinking because it promotes a broader agenda: blaming institutions broadly for all problems and then remolding those institutions.

In this task, obfuscation becomes profoundly important, lest Americans recognize that in a free America, the best path toward alleviating inequity is individual rights rather than a top-down rewriting of American society.

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12 thoughts on “The Muddled Thinking of ‘Antiracism’”

  1. Well all i see out if this Small minded IGNORANT FOOL. Ignorance breeds ignorance.

    1. ??? Who are the “KKK” types? I agree that Antifa is racist. They are actually an anarchist group, and pro socialism/communism. And actions do speak louder than words. Not sure what you mean by “apply since 1866” though. Why not apply since “1776?” Our Constitution has been the same since 1776. Or 1787 to be exact. Based solely on individual rights, not group rights.

  2. He is NOT stupid! He knows better. It’s all about $$ and he’s rolling in it. His supporters on the street might be stupid but… you CAN’T fix stupid. CRT needs to stop! It’s killing America. We, as a nation, made amends at every turn when allowed to do so but when someone like this activist has an agenda, reasoning and truth are deliberately buried. Sure wish he and his financial benefactors understood and cared about how much damage they’re doing.

  3. If you analyze purely factual historical data, the only conclusion you can come to as far as human behavior is concerned, is that there is really only ONE race. The HUMAN RACE.

    Because according to factual, historical data, no one “race” has been purely the “victim” or purely the “victimizer.” No matter what your racial or ethnic background, there is plenty of “guilt” to go around.

    For example, there was a thriving slave trade in Africa for over 700 years BEFORE the first white person set foot on the continent. Also, Africa has traditionally been the forerunner in the slave trade since Biblical times.

    Over the centuries, more white people have been sold into slavery by blacks than blacks sold into slavery in America.

    The black slaves that were sold to America were already slaves in Africa, and sold by BLACK SLAVE TRADERS. Often by tribal leaders or kings of African countries who controlled the slave trade in their area.

    The first slaves in America were not black, either. They were Irish. And the Irish slaves were NOT all “indentured” slaves. Britain often scoured the streets of Ireland and scooped up orphans as young as 6-7 years old to adulthood, and shipped them to America as slaves. They did not gain their freedom after 7 years, many died before they attained freedom, and many more worked alongside black slaves on plantations.

    And since Irish slaves were worth less than black slaves, Irish slave women were forced to have sex with black slaves to produce “Mulatto” or light skinned slaves, which were worth more money. Most of the light skinned blacks in the Carribean as well as the U.S. are of Irish descent.

    Now bear in mind THIS FACT: By the time of the civil war, HALF OF ALL SLAVE *OWNERS* were BLACK. Think about that. Still believe in “reparations?” riiiiight.

    It was never illegal to be black and free in America. Not ever. And many blacks bought land and became slave owners themselves. IN AMERICA.

    The very first woman billionairess in this country in the 1800s was black as well. Blacks came to this country as free people or won their freedom from slavery in some way, and became business owners.



    So, since all races are equally guilty of slavery, who pays reparations? Even in this country? Mmmmm?

    Anything that seeks to paint blacks or whites with a broad brush (ie; all whites were evil slave owners and all blacks were the victims) is not only equally insulting to both races, factually and historically untrue, but also RACIST as hell! I want no part of it.

    Whites and blacks both enslaved people and were involved in slave trading. Equally. We all did the same things because we are all human.

    So my statement stands. There is only ONE race. And that is the HUMAN RACE.

    There are no black Americans or white Americans or Asian Americans or whatever. There are ONLY AMERICANS. We are one. Where one goes, we all go.

    There are no white or black or whatever humans either. There are just HUMANS. And where we go, we ALL go.

    So just forget about the past. It doesn’t exonerate anyone or justify anyone. It just is.

    Don’t let politicians lie to you and use “systemic racism” to divide us. “systemic” racism has no meaning, and is not enshrined in our system of laws. Remember, all rights are INDIVIDUAL. Not group. Based on the Biblical infinite worth of each and every individual.
    This was done on purpose to ensure equality.

    The REAL enemy, especially today, is the illegitimate government, foreign control, and the incredible depth and breadth of the SWAMP, both in D.C. and globally.

    We, all Americans, need to unite to get our country back from the REAL enemy. The SWAMP, not each other.


    1. Good answer. Unfortunately facts don’t seem to matter to MSM and the CRT people but I appreciate seeing them.

    2. Well put. I wish this could be broadcast over all the networks and radio cugannelstonreach as many Americans as possible. I have the hardest time understanding why so many people buy into the kendi x ibram lies and indoctrination attempts so we can move back to being the free country we were meant to be. Thanks

  4. It looks to me all this BS is to keep people stirred up while making tons of money while doing it. What improvements for ANYTHING is coming out of it? NOTHING I CAN SEE. Raising hate levels on all sides, destroying cities and peoples lives for the Commies to take over. It’s ALL a smoke and mirrors while they take everything.

    1. Yep. You summed it up nicely. Also, the government swamp wants to divide and conquer us, and take our attention off the REAL enemy. Namely, the government swamp and those promoting this BS.

  5. What can be more racist than anti-racism–obsessing about race and painting everything with a race brush? We need far LESS thought about race, not more. Real anti-racism is ignoring race and focusing on actions and character instead.

  6. Blacks are still rioting and looting, even killing. HOW LONG WILL THE MEDIA KEEP PAYING AND PROMOTING THEM. They are above the law, anyone that does not promote black violence is a racist and the media will crucify. Look at Maxine Waters, inciting, again the media promotes her, WHY? easy divide and conquer the Democrats have been doing it for years.

  7. For what its worth, Ayn Rand has the right definition of racism. ” Its the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage. Its the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism.”

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