The Truth Behind the Cheney Story


Republican Rep. Liz Cheney is out as Republican conference chair in the House of Representatives. The story has dominated American news outlets over the past week. Most Americans are probably hard-pressed to care about the story, but to the political press in the United States, the story has mattered deeply.

This past Tuesday night, as rockets rained down on Tel Aviv from Gaza, the press was focused on Cheney’s pending ouster, which happened Wednesday morning. On Wednesday afternoon, while President Joe Biden was holding a press conference about the Colonial Pipeline shutdown, MSNBC was holding a panel discussion about Cheney and the future of the Republican Party.

Chris Cillizza, CNN’s regurgitator of convention hot takes, wrote, “The maneuvering to get Cheney out on Wednesday bodes very poorly for House Republicans.” One would think the House GOP conference chair was an important position. It is not. One would assume Americans care. They do not.

To understand the salacious, constant coverage of Cheney by the press, we must venture across the Atlantic to Great Britain and consider an essay by former Prime Minister Tony Blair on the collapse of the global progressive movement generally and his Labour Party in particular. Writing in the New Statesman, Blair notes that Biden won not because of some sweeping progressive agenda but because former President Donald Trump was “considered by centre-ground voters to be uniquely strange and unacceptable in his behaviour. … Without Biden, and his self-evident reasonableness and moderation, there might have been no victory.”

Blair noted the Republican Party could make a comeback while many American pundits are yet again predicting the end of the Republican Party — a prediction made biennially by the press. In doing so, Blair wrote, “It could be that the domination of the Republican Party by the continuing division over Donald Trump eclipses any opportunity for a revival, at least for the presidency; but should the Republicans resolve their leadership crisis and identify a viable leader, they could give the Democrats a run for their money.”

Therein lies the reason for the press's obsession with Liz Cheney. In the absence of the press's obsessive coverage, they might have to focus on the calamitous effects of the first five months of the Biden presidency. The border is overrun with illegal aliens. Inflation is on the rise above initial Federal Reserve estimates. The number of available jobs in the private sector grows as unemployment increases.

The free market, it turns out, cannot compete against the government using taxpayer dollars to subsidize unemployment. There are gas lines and energy price increases. As the humor site The Babylon Bee headlines, "Biden Continues Rollback of Trump Policies Like Peace In The Middle East." There is also a crime wave in major urban and suburban areas around the country.

Beyond those, the left's cancel culture and woke politics continue with reckless abandon. Journalist Christopher Rufo uncovered the Walt Disney Corporation sending employees into left-wing diversity training that claimed the United States had a "long history of systemic racism and transphobia." The Biden administration is advancing abortion rules that would yet again force Christian organizations to pay for abortions.

The Department of Education is advancing rules that embrace the revisionist and historically counterfactual "1619 Project" from the New York Times. Some Democrats continue to demand police departments be defunded. The federal government continues to undermine its message on vaccines, engages in lectures on mask mandates contrary to what the science suggests, and has let left-wing teachers unions hold school reopenings hostage, even as parents demand their kids return to school.

As Blair notes in his essay, "Today progressive politics has an old-fashioned economic message of Big State, tax and spend which, other than the spending part (which the right can do anyway), is not particularly attractive. This is combined with a new-fashioned social/cultural message around extreme identity and anti-police politics which, for large swathes of people, is voter-repellent."

Given the current state of affairs, the press has concluded it is better to amplify supposed divisions in the GOP as a way to turn off voters than cover what filled the American power vacuum in the absence of Donald Trump.

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29 thoughts on “The Truth Behind the Cheney Story”

  1. The leftists; and especially the democrat media, would like to think that the Republican party is imploding and many of the RINO and neo-con ilk are readily accepting that narrative, but what is actually happening; and on a growing scale, is that WE THE PEOPLE are taking back our government as established in our founding documents,
    If anything, the current movement is a “house cleaning”; a removal and replacement of representatives who have failed to represent those who put them in office, many times compromising our liberties in the process.
    In those counties across the U.S. where this ‘grassroots’ movement is taking place THE PEOPLE are studying and learning that government (a representative Republic); as established in those founding documents, will only work from the bottom up; that is, starting at the township level.
    Hopefully; this movement will continue to gather momentum as more and more PEOPLE become aware of the type of government we are supposed to have here in America and GET INVOLVED AT THE LOCAL LEVEL.
    That means; running for local offices, becoming a township delegate to the Republican party, BE ACTIVE!!!

    1. excellent Comment James and right on target. We Conservatives don’t need the R.I.N.O class Cheney’s or the Media to determine or tell us who and where are party is going. The Republican Party is going up up up now that we are putting the elitist problem children out of the house. Next is the Pelosi Democrats once and for all. Mark my words main stream media

    2. Exactly. And they continue to ignore that despite their contempt and efforts to destroy Trump, he received more votes than any Republican in history. This includes an unprecedented increase in votes as an incumbent, which is just one of the many anomalies that makes Biden’s totals, questionable.

      In either case, the increase in support for Trump from the Democrats core constituencies is an indication that the Republican Party is the real “big tent,” continuing to grow. This is far different from the Democrat Party that has become increasingly intolerant, even attacking and alienating their liberal wing, who are leaving in droves.

  2. Tony Blair
    I agree with what he says. Thanks to the GOP Liz is gone. Her father must be proud of her! She has ruined the name of her father. Go to HELL LIZ!!!

    1. Hard to ruin the name of an already corrupt politician..her father was a crook while in office and a leopard does not change its spots…he was no damn good and his daughter is just as bad…

  3. Why would any republican take advise from Tony Blair, CNN or any democrat for that matter? Plus is Tony Blair truly ignorant of the “irregularities” or let’s just say the coordinated and unabashed voter fraud that took place on 2020?
    I doubt he is that ignorant, but one never knows, since all the American news they get in Europe is from CNN.
    The Liz Cheney’s of the republican party, of which there are quite a few, do not represent the aspirations of the republican voters, they are certainly entitle to their own opinions, but not as a representative of an organization whose goals they do not share and in fact wish to altered. Their loyalty is more in tune with their donors as oppose to we the people.

  4. As usual, the sick Dems count on the American people being ignorant ….but the American people voted President Trump into office twice ….so they are well aware of the corruption and policies of the democrat party…They think they have won but the battle is not over yet !!!!

  5. Liz Cheney was popular in Washington. She woodpecker her lip’s just right. She had mouths pairs of knee dad’s for under the table job’s, and her head was just big enough to get a hold of. She was also known for having the fastest 😝 younger in Washington.

  6. Cheney you liar and disgrace to the GOP, as is Mitt Romney, both twits, WE THE PEOPLE are sick and tired of all your BS and corrupt personal agendas that don’t align with the GOP voters ideals. As is Bush Jr. and McCain, and all the other Jerkoffs that have used the office for personal gains on tax payer dollars while saying your Oath to office, but you turn your backs on WHO THE PEOPLE SELECTED and OUR AGENDA, shame on all you RHINOs. we have sky rocketing gas prices, Biden roll back all of the Accomplishments that we the Voters selected when we voted for Trump you need to ask your brain if you have one, why do all the other GOP reps, get along with WE THE PEOPLE THAT VOTED TRUMP TO TAKE ON OUR AGENDA,, get a GRIP CHENEY, THE USA IS CAPITALISM NATION, our fathers, sons, daughters, mothers have all been in wars and lost lives while supporting the CONSTITUTION OF OUR GREAT COUNTRY, WHILE you disgrace, dishonor their lives and the USA, LETS FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL AND SEE WHERE ALL THE MONEY YOU RAKE IN FROM LOBBYISTS, and this includes BIDEN AND ALL HIS FAMILY FOR USING THE OFFICE TO CORRUPT THEMSELVES ALL While being paid by the TAX PAYERS AND VOTERS.

  7. Tony Blair is a moron. Trump is the ONLY chance this country has of remaining the United States of America and not becoming the ccpameriKa !!!!! Blair seems to think we need more corrupt,lying,all talk-no action career hacks running this country which is exactly how we got into this situation to begin with. President Trump– sometimes gruff,rough,to the point– put America first instead of last. He is a negotiator far above any that have led this country or any other country which led to us getting out of terrible agreements his predessors got us into. He showed the rest of the world how to lead not follow much to the dismay of our career corrupt politicians who made a career of bilking the American citizens and lining their own pockets. We desparately need to take back the House and Senate in 2022 and put Trump back in the Oval office in 2024 with a real running mate not a traitor if we are to survive. Blair is a has-been career hack politician who needs to worry about England not the U.S..

  8. I believe these comments are very sound…well thought out…and yet, are not malicious. This is something we ALL have to learn…political view notwithstanding. There is a higher ethic here that much of our culture has forgotten, ignored, or not learned….that we have ALL fallen short…that we have ALL set aside the Word and the ways of God …and have taken upon ourselves a sense of pride…self worth…egotism.., etc. that cannot or will not understand this truth. This may especially be seen in politics. Both sides…President Trump’s attempt to change Barak Obama’s policies…and Joe Biden’s attempt to dismantle what Trump set in motion…Why is GOD important to us? So many reasons. One is His ‘immutability’…He doesn’t change nor show partiality. I’m sure you were not expecting a sermon here, but think of the implications this WOULD have in regard to a better relationship and understanding within the political process we claim to be the ‘ best in the world? What if ‘we the people’ could get a hold of what our political leaders (and others) were willing to do to honestly work together? …..Divine intervention mixed with human responsibility…what a great combo!…Wasn’t that part of the thought pattern of the founding fathers in regard to the establishment of the U.S. Constitution? Checks and balances? Food for thought? Desert maybe?….BTW ….As a Christian, I am grateful for all that Donald Trump has done to keep the ways of the Lord and His people visible within the political process, both here and abroad…and it is a bit painful
    to see this being dismantled! Cant give up hope God, though, God is (STILL) in control! Thank you.

    1. Excellent post, Thomas. Until the USA returns yo our God fearing roots, this country ill be in upheaval. We know that evil always swoops in when faith is removed, and we see it daily on the news as more cities are torn up, more people are killed, more children are neglected and the hungry are on the streets. America needs yo clean up it’s act and return to God.

  9. This cheney stench does not belong in congress or the U.S.A. ! Her stupidity about U.S. Freedom & Rights that biden’s dems are destroying is proof cheney is not deserving of U.S. Freedom & Rights or being a U.S. citizen !

  10. I believe there is a simple explanation for this action: Liz Cheney (as was her father) is simply a ‘dues paying member’ of the Washington ‘swamp’ — deep state. This organization has “run” the United States for years and deeply RESENTED Donald Trump who “made the mistake” of trying to RETURN the Country to the PEOPLE. The democrat’s are now trying to insure the THIS will never happen again!!!

  11. Liz Cheney is the Hillary Clinton of the Republican Party. She grew up privileged. Her father is an arrogant ah from whom she learned to be an arrogant, “I know more and better than anybody else”. If her name weren’t Cheney, she couldn’t get elected – period! What makes her qualified to pass judgement on anybody – especially Donald Trump?

    I hope the voters of Wyoming wise up and tell her goodbye in 2022!

  12. The Republican Party is not finished. It will revive. It will survive all the efforts made to dismantle it.
    It will be reshaped, and should be, to the party platform on which it was first formed. So be it!

  13. Cheney is a FAKE Republican she does as her Masters the Democraps tell her to McConnell is the same way. The only TRUE REPUBLICANS were those who CHALLENGED that FARCE the Democraps call an Election. Cheney was tossed because she did not follow the Constitution and tried to Impeach President Trump for NOTHING. Yet she and those like her have said or done NOTHING about the Democraps who actually did as they FALSELY ACCUSED President Trump of doing.

  14. Pushing Cheney out was disgusting! I want to know the name of every republican who voted to expel her. She simply said what was right. I am so disappointed that McCarthy and others were so cowardly.

    I do not want to Democrats to succeed in their socialist ideals. But I am almost as upset with Republicans who don’t want to admit that Trump is a loser, and will not help the Republicans win again. I am beside myself. And this “story” about how Americans don’t care that Cheney was pushed out is simply a story. It is wrong, so wrong. You have lost the most important part of the Republican party, and also many independents who would normally be moving our way.

    1. Yeah! Trump was such a loser that this country was in the best shape it had ever been. Explain that! I don’t understand your logic, and it’s probably because there isn’t any.

  15. WOW, Did Tony Blair miss the SADDLE on a HORSE GOING NO WHERE!
    This 2020 ELECTION was NOT LOST because of a DIVIDED PARTY, I WAS STOLEN and PROOF is coming out slowly but by the end of this year there are going to be a LOT OF MAD PEOPLE whose VOTE was switched to BIDEN allowing for a Venezuelan Type Election!
    THE AMERICAN CITIZEN IS AN EXTREMELY SMART INDIVIDUAL and they VOTED with an unconventional President who start a NEW WORLD OF PEACE and that would have continued if the 2020 ELECTION had not been STOLEN!
    ALL THE RINOs need to step back and take a HARD LOOK at what could have been accomplished IF THEY WERE NOT IDIOTS being led around by a nose ring by ELITE GROUPS who DO NOT CARE FOR AMERICA, American Citizens, them as Elected Representatives, etc! Ashamed, because some of these folks are destroying family legacies in the Republican Party.
    I will STOP HERE! I could write a book on the foolishness of the RINOs and why they should STOP their lunacy and join the legitimate TRUMP MOVEMENT to advance the United States and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Instead they are egotist!

  16. What makes Blair’s analysis even close to correct? Bless his heart, he doesn’t even seem to notice that Biden sits in the Oval Office only because the election was stolen. That fact should shift his calculations substantially!

  17. Poor Liz happened to be the subject that would turn everyone’s minds away from what was happening in the world under the Biden watch. Now that she’s gone maybe pundits can get back to realilty.

  18. Cheney is spot on about Trump. For all the good he did on policy and on exposing the hypocrisy and dishonesty of the left, Trump did more damage than good.
    Why did Trump have to lead off his presidency with petty lies about the size of the inauguration crowd?
    Why did he have to engage in elementary school level personal insults?
    Why did he have to call Gov Whitmer “witless” when he could have instead enumerated her ineptitude and hypocrisy?
    Why did he diminish the fantastic accomplishments of Warp Speed with mask-less rallies the chlorine question?
    Why did he have to whine about a rigged election before the votes were cast?
    Why did he have to come to Georgia, trash the Governor and Sec of State and lose the runoff for both Republican Senators. Now we have Senator Ossoff and Senator Warnock; a clueless lightweight and a communist.
    Embrace the Trump accomplishments, but find someone who will build on them and do so with class and eloquence, not school yard name calling.

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