Has the Backlash Arrived for Police-Bashing?



Within hours of Saturday’s shooting in Times Square where three bystanders, including a 4-year-old girl, were wounded, the two leading candidates to replace Mayor Bill de Blasio were on-site.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a retired captain of the NYPD, and Andrew Yang, who declared:

“My fellow New Yorkers … Nothing works in our city without public safety, and for public safety, we need the police. … My message to the NYPD is this: New York needs you. Your city needs you.

“New York cannot afford to defund the police.”

The rush of Adams and Yang to the scene of the shooting, and the messages they delivered, tells us something about the state of play in politics — and not only in the city of New York.

Liberal mayors and urban politicians who enlisted in the Black Lives Matter “defund the police” movement after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last May, appear to have caught a wave that is now receding.

In the streets of America’s cities, violent crimes are spiking to heights unseen since the 1990s. And, instead of “Defund the Police!” the insistent cry is, “Where are the cops?”

Atlanta is a case in point.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms just announced she will not run for a second term. While she listed issues and events that exhausted her energy, The New York Times suggests that Atlanta’s soaring crime rate made her vulnerable and Bottoms was looking at possible defeat.

Writes Richard Fausset of the Times:

“The most serious political threat that emerged for Ms. Bottoms in recent months was a phenomenon she had previously described as the ‘Covid crime wave.’ … Atlanta is struggling with a spike in violent crime, including a 58 percent increase in homicides last year…

“The mayor’s inability to get a handle on crime has become the central theme for two challengers,” one of whom is city council president Felicia Moore.

“‘Atlanta has a mayor that is more interested in things that happen outside Atlanta,’ Ms. Moore said in a recent statement, referring to Ms. Bottoms’s emerging national stature, including talk that she was rumored to be a possible vice-presidential candidate. ‘We need a mayor who knows the No. 1 job of any mayor is to keep our city safe.'”

So visceral is the public reaction to the crime wave in Atlanta that in Buckhead, a wealthy enclave in the northern section of the city, there is talk of secession and taking its tax base with it.

Why is crime rising and not only in Atlanta?

Among the reasons: the demonization and demoralization of police departments under constant fire for harboring "rotten apples" and rogue cops. Seen by cops as anti-cop, this campaign is generating police resignations, retirements and reductions in force.

The NYPD has lost 7% of its force and is in a recruitment crisis.

Large reductions in the number of cops have also been recorded in Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Atlanta. Then there is the "Ferguson Effect" where cops avoid aggressive policing for fear a mistake could cost them their reputation and career, or worse.

In a nation as violent as ours, with daily confrontations between cops and often aggressive and armed suspects, police errors are going to be made. There are going to be unwarranted and unnecessary shootings, woundings and even killings.

In any war, there are casualties and collateral damage, and that is true of America's "war on crime" -- another of our forever wars.

But the daily reports of escalating violent crime, resulting in growing numbers of innocent wounded and dead, are inducing a fear for safety that is outstripping any fear of cops. And politicians are beginning to see the numbers shift and reacting accordingly.

Consider a few of the crime numbers compiled by The Hill:

2020 witnessed more than 20,000 criminal homicides with a huge share of that spike occurring in urban America.

New York saw 150 additional homicides and 750 additional shootings in 2020 than in 2019. Chicago saw 274 more homicides and 1,435 additional shootings in 2020 than in 2019.

Los Angeles saw homicides rise 38% as shootings spiked 40%. Washington, D.C., ended 2020 with homicides up for the third straight year.

Killings in Philadelphia, where homicides have risen every year since 2016, almost reached 500, a 40% increase. In Louisville, homicides jumped 70%.
In Detroit, shootings and homicides rose for the second year in a row, increasing by 53%.

Homicides spiked for the second straight year in Minneapolis, to 84 deaths -- the highest tally since 1995. Cleveland had its highest murder tally since 1982, after a nearly 40% jump in killings last year.

Houston hit 413 murders in 2020 -- a 42% increase over 2019. Indianapolis saw a 40% jump in murders. For Denver, the murder increase was 50 percent.
Cops aren't doing these killings. They're doing their jobs trying to prevent these killings and apprehend the killers

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30 thoughts on “Has the Backlash Arrived for Police-Bashing?”

  1. More serious evidence of how EVERYTHING the Left touches turns to destruction, impoverishment, and death for the great mass of the population.

      1. Trixie, Socialism is another word for “Dictatorship”! One “Man” or one “Party Control” !!

  2. And you know what most of the areas with high crime have in common? Yup, they are and have been run by Democrats.

    1. What the US needs is to rid itself of the negroes terrorists CREATING this situation! My son was shocked a few years ago when he returned and saw how far downhill the US had gone during the Obama kingship!

      His statement was that negroes don’t act as they do in the uS anywhere else in the WORLD! I believe this is true except maybe in Sub Sahara Africa where the majority of negroes living in the US originated! I have a theory about this which is there are/were two very different types of tribes living there. There are the hunter/gatherers and the warrior types who live off what the hunter/gatherers do! Some how most of the warriors ended up being sent to north america because they were so disruptive and non productive to their own areas.

      We are seeing the result of the tribes who had/have this culture now! Send them back to their african area of origin. It wasn’t the fault of true immigrants to the US are here! The SURGE in negro violence being seen in the US now is the result of negroes DEMANDING they be allowed to practice and honor their tribal culture which got they sold into slavery by fellow negroes many decades ago!

      We need a TRUE and accurate study of the origins of slaves sent to the US. Tribal affiliations, where they originated, what tribe sold and so on! Not some drivel like 1619 trying to revise/rewrite history!

  3. I get a kick out of all these ‘nice’ comments. Like this” Yup – run by democrats – they are not democrats. They are traitors and people who despise America. We are on the brink! Along with the police this is shaping up where ‘We the People’ are going to arm ourselves as is already the case. We’re fighting for our children and their children. We must continue to oppose these so called ‘leftists. And now we have these anifa assholes constantly harassing people – armed.

    We need and have every right to protect ourselves. I did not honorably serve my Country to see it fall to tatters because of these leftists. Or a population addicted to the government teat.

    God blessed America. We need to keep it that way.

    1. Kevin, they are Democrats. They are the National Socialist Democrat Party, or DNAZI. They protected the institution of slavery, created Jim Crow laws and the KKK, and worked against equal rights since its inception. Now they use race as a political tool with the goal of enslaving all Americans under their socialist flag.

  4. This is all the work of the criminal racist Democrat Party. Don’t let them fool you, they hate black people, and couldn’t care less when black people are murdered or aborted. The Democrat Party has a vested interest in keep racism alive in America, without it, they lose and they become irrelevant, so they keep the race card close at hand. They want to legalize black on black crime, and make it impossible for cops to stop it.

  5. Defund the Police is not the sole issue here.
    Defunct and Incompetent Mayors and city councils .. is also .. not the sole source or increased crime either.

    We must examine the alarming trend of how many major (and minor) cities .. and larger municipalities, have elected poor Attorney Generals and prosecutors. We the people are witnessing AG’s who will not prosecute crime against (to be polite) people of color .. a.k.a. B L M or A n t i f a. (Now permit me to qualify this assertion. Not all participants in the B L M and A n t i f a movements are Black or People of Color)

    The SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) has been to reinstate the Catch and Release mode of prosecuting serious crime in our urban centers. So, aside from demoralizing and demonizing our police forces, the AG’s who are charged with prosecuting crime and sending the perpetrators on for appropriate sentencing are an abject failure.

    Sentencing by the courts is another issue for another discussion. Suffice it to say, the current condition of our court systems is in a shambles. At all levels.

  6. This is what you get when you vote in the Dumocrats! Since the local Dumocrats can’t “make hay” over the homicides, they have no clue how to stop the crime waves! I would bet even money that the poulace will vote in another weak-ass Dumocrat, who will be vowing to turn things around. Sure! This is what happens when idiots are in charge and they espouse “DEFUND THE POLICE”. Is there any more stupid ‘saying’ than that?? When you demonize the police, the criminals go to work to do their “thing”.And if Black LIVES Matter, then why don’t those LIVES matter in the “hood”.

  7. Now we are witnessing what happens she criminals are being defended with the excuse that they are victims of racists. The only slaves I see are not only minorities, but also white idiots who are so ignorant committing crimes. They are taking over cities. The idiot politicians only care about protecting criminals. Police officers are human beings who are at war and make mistakes. 100% of criminals plan their crimes. People who voted against President Trump are seeing what happens now that the criminals are running the cities. By the way blacks are some of the worst racists along with Latinos!

  8. All Live’s Matter! need’s to be the slogan ALL is the important part! Also the lame people agents the United States, Yes the one’s in the Government that just do the doomist things that it is clear that it is wrong. Why do the people allow to vote or even go along with this malarkey?

  9. Communist BLM’s agenda to defund and denigrate police is communist destructive propaganda at its best. Eliminate communist BLLM/Antifa

  10. Democrats are Democrats, Über Alles.
    Hate, Controlling, Inappropriate sexual relationship, Deceiving, Taxing the voters, Obfuscating, attacking women, Jews, Muslims, Asian-Americans and African Americans, voting fraud, Prevaricators, Racism, Lying, Homophobia, Ignorance, Bribery, Hypocrisy, Antisemitism, misleading, Plagiarism, Perjurers, Communists agents, all Democrat résumé enhancements.

  11. We need to get rid of Leftist media and change whats being taught in schools terminate with extreme prejudice sorry I see no other way

  12. Gee, who would have guessed. But keep electing any warm body that has the required (D) after their name.

  13. I do not accept as fact that the U.S. is a violent nation. Some mega-cities with lax enforcement of violent career criminals are the source of the vast majority of the violence.

  14. Welcome to new age socialism.. Now tells us the difference between new age socialism and old fashioned communism.. yep that’s what I thought.. And since we are on the subject, let’s explore the glowbullist agenda..

  15. Bottoms is afraid she is going to be arrested, and rightly so. Another failed demorat. Clean Atlanta up! She is no different than the former mayors, all on the take to get rich off of everyone else. No morals, no anything.

    They all want socialism but do not realize when the government has everything in place then they will not be needed anymore and will be eliminated.

    Thank the Lord for Trump and his Team.

  16. Wow. NOT brain surgery WAS it!!! I mean,,,,to anyone with a brain ,,,its not. To liberals,,,,it must be,,OR,,they are seriously STUPID!! Black butcher knife girl for instance,,,,what did all you bleeding heart idiot liberals THINK the police should do. LET her kill one of her ,,,’friends”,,,,or should the police order her to do something,,,and if she didnt,,,,SHOOT!!!
    Police are in a no win situation! ALL due to you idiot liberals who THINK,,,,,DEFUNDING the police is a GOOD IDEA??? Demoncrats are,,,,,simply Crazy at this point!!

  17. It’s time to put criminals and thugs in the right environment and keep them there. The majority of criminals WILL CERTAINLY offend again as most are given lighter sentences and let out of prison prematurely…what good is a lighter sentence? Honest Americans are the ones who pay the price and many die at the hands of these people. America needs our police…so let the police do their job. As for large cities, with drugs and violent crime, including murder, rape and worse…lifetime sentences for all of them, every time!

  18. HERE IS THE ISSUE! Until your LOCAL GOVERNMENTS (i.e. – Mayors, Council Members, Police Chiefs, etx.) get their HEADS out of their A _ _ you will continue to see a rise in MURDERS and other Major Crimes.

    Local Governments need to govern locally and not look at the nation issues. The Dumb A _ _ mayor of Houston does not need to worry about the Dumb A _ _ mayor of New York! The MAYOR IS TO HANDLE LOCAL ISSUES not National! PROTECT YOUR CITIZENS should be the moto of Mayors and Chief’s of Police and they should be interested in LOCAL ISSUES NOT NATIONAL! Example, IF BLM or ANTIF comes in to PROTEST and RIOT the POLICE SHOULD PROTECT THE COMMUNITY and if any BLM or ANTIFA tries to set FIRE TO A BUSINESS STOP HIM – PROTECT YOUR COMMUNITY!

  19. 12 May 2021

    2Timothy Chapter 3 Verse 1 (KJV Bible)

    In the latter days there shall be (Perilous Times) = Greek Translation 5467 = Violent, fierce. Used of Demoniacs, wild, difficult (Matthew Chapter 8 verse 28). Grievous, hard to bear, distressing, referring to the times (2Timothy Chapter 3 verse 1) Syn with 4190 evil, bad, calamitous.

    Taken from The Complete WordStudy DICTIONARY New Testament

    Compiled and edited by Spiros Zodhiates, TH.D AMG PUBLISHERS CHATTANOOGA, TN 377422.

  20. Agreed crime is rampant due to (multiple) failed progressive policies of the last 55 years. Funding the police, HOWEVER, needs to be clarified.

    More and more, police are spending much of their resources not combating crime, but enforcing arbitrary and capricious speed limits, needless outdoor mask mandates and other minutiae.

    Noise complaints, gang violence and general disorder are seemingly overlooked.

    If the former is the priority, and the latter overlooked, then save your money and I can live elsewhere thankyewverymuch.

  21. I hope the citizens of every city in the country where the mayors and city councils attacked law enforcement and other citizens by ordering the police to “stand down” as the BLM and Antifa terrorists rioted and destroyed property. These gutless liberal politicians need to be sent packing politically and then run out of the state. They should try to prosecute them for the damage they allowed to be inflicted by BLM and Antifa as well.

  22. Great article. The pendulum will swing back. Interesting how the high murder rates and shootings are in the liberal cities, run by liberal Mayors. It would be too easy to just say, reap what you sow. But they must learn their lesson.

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