Biden Bets the Farm — to ‘Change the World’


Joe Biden may not be a radical socialist, but he is doing the best imitation of one this writer has lately seen.

After enacting a COVID-19 relief package of $1.9 trillion in March without a single Republican vote in Congress, Biden proposed a jobs and infrastructure program of $2.2 trillion. He has now added an “American Families Plan” of another $1.8 trillion.

In his speech to the joint session of Congress, Biden laid out its contents. The Washington Times relates:

“Mr. Biden’s latest spending package includes $225 billion for child care, $225 billion for a national paid family and medical leave program, $200 billion to extend bolstered Obamacare subsidies in his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, $200 billion for universal pre-K, and $109 billion for two years of free community college for all Americans.”

While Biden’s $6 trillion in total spending is spread over several years, it represents a claim on the nation’s wealth equal to 30% of GDP — a figure comparable to FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society.

One hundred days into his term, our oldest president is seeking to become a transformative progressive president in the FDR mold, and he is betting his presidency he can bring it off.

Where does Biden propose to get the money to pay for this great leap forward for government?

Biden proposes to raise the U.S. corporate tax by one-third to 28%, raise the personal income tax rate to 40%, double the tax on capital gains to 40%, and raise death and inheritance taxes to effect a greater equality of wealth in America.

To accomplish this, without Republican support in either house of Congress, Biden would need a solidly united party in the House and a party in lockstep in the Senate where the Democrats’ margin is the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

During the runoff races for the two Senate seats in Georgia last year, Sen. Chuck Schumer blurted, “Now we take Georgia, then we change the world.”

That is an apt description of what is going on. Biden, Schumer and Nancy Pelosi mean to use the window of opportunity their slimmest of margins on Capitol Hill have provided them — to “change the world.”

To enact his infrastructure and families plan, Biden will have to move swiftly. Yet, his timing may be auspicious.

For there is a sense of optimism in the land.

U.S. GDP rose 6.4% in the first quarter of 2021. We are coming out of the economic free fall of 2020 and the pandemic that produced it.

COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths are fractions of what they were at the height of the pandemic. Vaccinations, while tapering off, continue in the millions daily.

And all those billions of federal dollars sloshing through the economy are going to make tens of millions of Americans feel better.

While the TV audience for Biden's address tilted Democratic, the 85% approval of his speech in one poll, along with the 75% who said it made them more optimistic about America, suggest that this is Biden's moment.

And the Republicans?

While there are elements of Biden's proposed infrastructure spending the GOP might support -- funding for roads, bridges, airports, broadband -- Democrats are not likely to agree to cuts in the social spending in Biden's plans to win Republican votes.

And, even given the popularity of some of Biden's proposals, it is difficult to see how a party that not so long ago preached the gospel of small government and balanced budgets could sign on to much of this.

Jimmy Carter said at Notre Dame in 1977 that we Americans had gotten over our "inordinate fear of Communism."

Have Republicans of the party of Coolidge and Reagan gotten over their inordinate fear of deficits, debt and inflation?

Democrats have the votes to prevent Republicans from amending, in ways Democrats do not like, the infrastructure and social spending bills.

Republicans, however, would appear to have no choice but to do battle to cut the bills back, and, failing that, kill them.

Events seem to be pointing to an up-or-down vote on Biden's plans in both houses, and, as of today, Democrats appear to be in the catbird seat.

Yet, one recalls: After LBJ ran up the largest electoral landslide since FDR and launched his Great Society in 1965, he lost 47 House seats in 1966. And, with Johnson's presidency broken by Vietnam, crime and riots, Republicans won five of the next six presidential elections.

Plus, there is a real risk to the nation in these massive Biden bills.

Deficits exceeding $1 trillion. A national debt larger than the national economy and growing inexorably. A Federal Reserve running the printing press night and day to produce the dollars to push the nation back to full employment.

This is Biden's hour. The question is how long does it last.

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26 thoughts on “Biden Bets the Farm — to ‘Change the World’”

  1. with a public so short sighted the cost of these spending sprees OUR economy will be ripe for China (Biden’s personal lobbyist) to overcome and be the WORLD’S new power

    1. Sadly; your comment is too close to the truth. The only exception I see though is that it is the NWO working with the Chinese to grab control of world politics.
      If there is any hope at all for America to come out of this, it is for those of us who see these things and understand their consequences to become very vocal in “waking up” the blinded. It will not be easy because I know of people who claim to be Republicans who have no idea what conservatism is really all about. They are right there standing in line; waiting for all that government handout. People; especially young people, need to see that all of this “free money” is going to have to come from somewhere, and the lesson learned from Donald Trumps’ Admin. was that if you want America to prosper, you have to allow businesses to prosper. If they are taxed to heavily they either fold or move overseas, and more jobs are lost, more taxes lost and no one is able to carry the National debt.

  2. What a bunch of b.s. Fake News at its worst. Funny how all of a sudden Biden’s lowest approval rate and least watched speech is instantly elevated to cult status and phony attendance and approval numbers. Bunch of baloney about an illegally installed “president” who can’t remember his name and seeks virtue signalling tactics to deceive the public who doesn’t care about him anyway.

  3. Democrats are going crazy tax and spend at all time high needs to stop. They’re paying people more money to stay home than they could get working. This is just wrong!!!

  4. Biden is just resurrecting Obama’s original communist agenda to “destroy Americas economy” and then
    “bankrupt America” and he is getting away with it because the democRAT communists stole the election.
    The “fix” is going to need a miracle or a civil war. There are no alternatives because our justice system is gone.

    1. God could fix it in amoment but I think he has lost patience with America.
      Instead of turning to him, this nation has become more immoral and corrupt.
      Most of those in power who should be opposing the Socialist Democrats are self-serving Globalist
      and not “Public Servants”.

  5. The sooner it ends the better.
    The rich are getting a lot richer while the rest of us poorer.
    The price of everything is going up while they open the flood gates to cheap labor, crime, and corruption.

    1. Your comment shows me that you have bought into the media, and socialists agenda of divide and conquer.
      There may be ‘rich’ who are prospering, but you can bet it is only those who have supported the socialist agenda who will not be taxed out of existence. At least not until the NWO has established itself; then only those who the “elitists” deem necessary will remain while the ret will suffer the same fate as the rest of humanity; which is tyranny!

  6. If our physical infrastructure is NOT funded we cant use roads, hays for Medical care since they’re broken down & NOT fixed
    Or we cant get Emergency aid since paramedics CANT get to US.

  7. To take care of this border crisis, the illegal aliens should be greeted with a whole line of men standing there with machine guns who give them one warning to turn around and go back to their country. They should be told they will be shot if they come across the border and then do it. Just once would take care of the problem when they see that we meant it. I refuse to have any of these people come into my house. They will be sorry and not be greeted warmly. Asshole Biden is not here to welcome them. We r all just scraping by and then we have to pay for everything they get here free. That is so unfair to the citizens of this state. Most of us taxpayers were born and raised and worked here till we retire. They r sinking OUR country. Have a line of buses there to load and take them and dump them back in Mexico. Or drive them to the White House, Pelosi’s, Schumers, Maxine Waters and Kamala Deville’s residences so they can invite them in to bathe, dress and feed till they support them financially instead of the American people. If they test them and they have covid, send them home immediately and start protecting the citizens here. People r not getting the vaccine because it is fun. Our efforts r worthless then.

  8. Biden has definitely developed a “god complex”. I am sure that the HOST OF HEAVEN, WILL SOON TEACH BIDEN A LESSON. Biden is such a jerk.

  9. That anti-American treasonist MUST be put to death along side of his whore, Harris

  10. If you want to see what the affects of socialism will be watch what China Joe does in the next year or so, if the people remain brain dead then so be it. Otherwise vote for people who support our constitution.

    1. There is nothing despicable nor horrifying with socialism in the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and many other democratic countries. Socialism is not communism – there is a whale of difference between the two. The Lord God said : ” Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, help the poor, heal the sick, clothe the naked, shelter for the homeless, visit the imprisoned. . .practice love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness. . . “. All of this is socialism in its baldest form. All embraced in the Torah/ Tanakh and by the Apostolic Bible : Social Justice.

  11. Never mind Shumer and Pelosi…what about their “King” Joe Soros? He is running the show and owns Harris….

  12. This exotic country has gone socialist in a mild way for over a century. Since Reconstruction, more free public education, free meals, free medical care, free transport, free mass incarceration, free libelous speech, free police brutality, free excessive, abusive prosecution, free whatever in the name of government authority. All of this is socialism in its baldest form. But that is how modern, contemporary government/ society is intended to operate. In fact that is all embraced in the Torah/ Tanakh and in the Apostolic Bible : Social Justice . The Lord God said : ” Feed the hungry, drink for the thirsty, help the poor, heal the sick, clothe the naked, shelter for the homeless, visit the imprisoned; . . . . practice love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness . . .” There is nothing despicable nor horrifying with socialism in the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and many other democratic countries .

  13. China Joe and Democrats have created the biggest Gamma Squeeze in history of world!
    over 10 million is flowing into the world equities market every second and China Joe has or is intending to inject 16 trillion into a market that has taken funds and borrower margin to take highly leveraged positions. the sell off will be just like the situation with Game Stop where these leveraged positions will be forced to sell into a correction thus speeding up the market correction. the market has already turned; grab you ass and hold on!



  16. I thought God did a pretty good job the first time. Why don’t we just clean up the mess the Socialist/Communists’ made and call it a day. Pun intended…

  17. The democrats keep spouting statistics taken where they know they will get a positive response. Biden is heading this country toward financial ruin, out of control inflation, possible war with other nations, revision of our history, violation of our CONSTITUTION and our rights, government caused racial conflict, and a CIVIL WAR. The democrats have allowed the mob(BLM and Antifa) to control government decisions and judicial outcomes through threats of violence and direct threats and fear, blaming it on the right, conservatives, Christians and calling us white supremacists and Nazi’s, when they are the ones that is doing and acting what they say we are. Continuing down the path the democrats have chosen leaves the people with no other choice but to start literally killing democrats to stop this socialist communist government from taking our countries freedoms. I am an old disabled veteran but I will be cheering them on.

  18. Biden is hoping the people see only the presents under the Christmas tree. The cost is very cleverly hidden in a scheme that has been going on for 100 years—NO, for centuries.

    The hidden part is the Treasury securities that go to the Federal Reserve system when Congress/Treasury obligate the USA to an increased National Debt. Those T-securities are part of the $12 trillion annually and disbursed by FRBNY. Ref. 31 USC #375.3. Those accounts, involving government money, have never been audited. [client accounts, not operational accounts]. If the deficit spending money went to the government, it would negate any deficit spending amount [inflation] and also negate any increase in the National Debt.

    Where does that deficit spending T-security money go ? One potential is proposed at Ref; I am sure you can do

    Biden has offered to increase the amount that goes to that destination by a factor of 7, [ THAT IS SEVEN ].

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