Tribalism Breaks Our Bond With Truth


Daunte Wright should still be alive. The 20-year-old, killed by a police officer in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, did not have to die. Officer Kim Potter confused her Taser and her gun, yelled, “Taser” at the young man and killed him. Watching the horrific and tragic body camera footage, she really thought she had her Taser.

But she had grabbed her gun.

The Taser and the gun were similarly shaped. It was a terrible tragedy. Those who call for defunding the police should be mindful that this officer made that mistake with training. We will not get rid of police. Reducing their funding will cause more training issues and lead to more problems.

Wright was pulled over driving a car with expired tags and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest related to aggravated armed robbery. Wright would still be alive had Potter not confused her gun and her Taser. Wright would also still be alive had he not struggled with police.

Those statements are all true, but tribalism and outrage have degraded our ability to distinguish and discern. Potter is free on bond. Many progressives are outraged a judge would release her from jail and grant her bond. These same progressives want to end cash bail but would deny Potter her rights. The city council in Brooklyn Center fired their city manager for daring to say Potter deserved due process. One council member said she voted to fire the city manager not because he deserved it but because of what the mob would do to the councilwoman had she not voted to fire the manager.

The mob has moved beyond the facts. The mob, in their rage and tribalism, has broken their bond with truth. But it is not just them.

The police officer on Capitol Hill who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt will not be prosecuted. Babbitt was an American Air Force veteran. She sank into QAnon conspiracies and decided to go to Washington for the election protest on Jan. 6, 2021. "They can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours ... dark to light!" she tweeted the day before her death.

Babbitt joined the crowd at the United States Capitol. Camera footage showed how her life ended. She was not with the crowd of people aimlessly roaming the rotunda. She was at the front of a mob smashing windows to get into the Speaker's Lobby. "F--- the blue," the men with her yelled. "We will make a path, deadass," yelled one of the men to the police officers blocking their access to the Speaker's Lobby. Behind the police and the doors, members of Congress were fleeing. Once the members of Congress were off the hallway, the police officers moved away from the front of the door. A plain-clothed officer behind the door pointed his gun at the door.

"Break it down," the crowd chanted. "Let's f---ing go," they yelled. "Go! Go!" Babbitt herself shouted as the protestors smashed windows. "There's a gun. There's a gun," some in the crowd yelled. Undeterred, two men lifted Babbitt up through the smashed window in the door. She stuck her head through the door. A police officer shot her. She fell back and later died. It was all filmed.

Babbitt believed the election had been stolen. A patriot and combat veteran, she intended to defend the American republic. But she was actually deluded and on the side of a lie she had become convinced was real. That lie led her to her death.
Some supporters of former President Donald Trump are outraged the officer who shot her will not be prosecuted. He should not be. He was defending members of Congress fleeing a mob that was smashing windows and trying to storm Congress to stop an official act of government. Unremarked upon is the restraint of the officer; he fired just one shot.

Kim Potter should be prosecuted for her negligence, but Wright would be alive but for his actions, too. Ashli Babbitt should be alive as well. In our tribal times, we have broken our bond with truth. We have an obligation to the truth that must outweigh our obligations to our tribes.

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18 thoughts on “Tribalism Breaks Our Bond With Truth”

  1. First, you are correct about what you say; both died because they took wrong actions, and the police were doing their jobs. One officer was identified, and will be charged; the other ws never identified, and should have been.You are wrong to conflate what you have said, with the truths behind those actors, actions, and acts; the fraud in the election is real. The threat to the Republic of the United States by those actors who perpetrated that election fraud is real. I have never subscribed to the counterintelligence operation being played by the so-called q-anon. I have been vocal about the depth and amount of election fraud for many years; I was always in favor of strong voter ID laws, against electronic voting machines, and in favor of paper ballots being used and kept. The two movements you encapsulate are not morally equivalent. There was a cover up on those involved behind the fake insurrection of the 6th; and those who created, staged, and used others to make that event happen seem to be getting away with their crime; the ones being held now in dc are being abused, and falsely held. The persons behind the whole charade are and were antifa/blm/ and some state foreign agents; further, there are political personages, within the democratic party establishment, as well as within some federal departments and agencies, that authorized, encouraged, and are actively covering all that up. There are those in the so-called rino/never-trumper portion of the republican party that took political advantage of the false flag operation. But you stand where you have chosen to stand. I agree to disagree, for I know better, and know the truth. Heaven is true and hell will be real.

    1. Well said Mr. Terry. I don’t know that antifa/blm can be totally blamed but it is likely that they had input. Much of the blame for the breaking into the Capitol building can be blamed on the Democrats/Pelosi and the Capitol police; to me, they were criminally unprepared.

    2. Exactly! Even if you don’t believe there was widespread voter-fraud at the polls, the duplicitous act of governors and election supervisors who changed the election process without legislative participation was clearly unconstitutional. Whether it’s CNN or Time Magazine, the media’s own admission of subverting the election, at least in the form of an illegal campaign contribution, makes the claims of fraud and corruption a reality.

    3. You, Terry, said it all. The whole Jan 6 tragedy was a set up and it will forever be an example of an evil and communist governmental strategy to destroy us.

  2. The truth is that Officer Potter had no choice but to stop Wright whatever the stop entailed.

    Proof the election was stolen grows daily.

  3. We are now a divided nation: Black against White. We were divided before, but not like today; yesterday we were healing past White travesties. Today, Blacks are guilty of unnecessary racism, a travesty. Whites have made concerted efforts since the 1964 Civil Rights Act to assimilate Blacks into the American society/culture, and have spent hundreds of billions to do so. It was all for naught. Blacks squandered the opportunity, and worse, they are making enemies of Whites with their physical attacks on persons and property; they are even targeting Asians who had nothing to do with past White discrimination. Why? Probably because they are successful and are therefore resentful. Asians who are physically, similarly, different from Whites as are Blacks, but there is a difference that laws and behavior cannot change – culture. Asians and Whites believe in family and education; a percentage of Blacks do as well, but too many do not and the result is single parent families (usually the woman heads the household, the male is absent) that are more likely to fail their children. Their children will not be successful in school and will then turn to drugs, alcohol, sex without responsibility, and crime. This is why Blacks commit 80+ percent of America’s crime and 70+ percent of their children have no responsible father to guide them. I do not know that money and laws can solve this problem because it is culture based. But I do know that our laws must be enforced; Blacks must obey the law; they must obey the police, otherwise they may be killed as was the young Mr. Wright. It was not the police woman’s fault that Mr. Wright was shot and killed; it was Mr. Wright’s fault.

  4. In the majority of instances where people are shot by police officers, had the person obeyed the law and or commands given to them by the police officers , they would not have been shot. There is ALWAYS a reaction for every action. This seems to be completely forgotten It also pretty clear there are 2 levels of justice in the USA today. Why wasn’t the police officer in DC identified. Why was he not charged? He murdered an unarmed 35 year old woman who was not a danger to him. If that had been a black woman all hell would be breaking loose. Everyone from the President down would be screaming for justice. Wisdom is knowing and doing the right thing. Wisdom in the USA has gone to hell in a hand basket. It is for the most part non existent.

  5. Wright would be alive if he hadn’t broken the law or resisted arrest. The blame always falls on the police and the law breaker becones a hero. When will this stop? Whrn people stop breaking the law and resisting arrest.

  6. Much to take issue with:
    “Babbitt believed the election had been stolen…..was actually deluded … had become convinced was real. ”
    All markers indicate organized domestic and foreign interference. The election was stolen. Only LIV’s, dolts, and democrat socialist’s believe in this fraudulent victory. Babbit is not alone as 75 million + people know the fix is in, and now we have codification of fraud by the MSM and Big Tech. Both Dems and Rino’s are participants along with several ( many) foreign actors plus ” DumbOinion” Voting machines with programable softwae and Internet connection cabability.
    You make the declaration that Babbet was deluded … bad call for a wannabe psychologist on a persons opposing beliefs based on factual irregularities now being corrected by some states as others strongly refuse to allow audits. That speaks volumes and is a Big Red Flag for much intentional wrongdoing. The Most egregious interference was Penna Supreme Court and How SCOTUS refused to consider that issue The list could go on and on but will stop here.
    Know this: All the lies including the covid plandemic will be revealed and corrected or our country will morph into a one party totalitarian form of government reflecting the Stalin and Maoist era. Open your eyes as that era is upon us now with masks, lockdowns, travel restrictions, Covid passports, Red Guard style cancel culture, restrictions on worship, Big tech censorship, freewheeling Bolshevik style BLM / Antifa agitators, corporate and banking dictates,
    on who they will serve, and now we see Corporate rewards for getting injected experimental biological agents, and lastly a mass media that is totally FRAUDULENT. BIG TECK and BIG CORPORATIONS now act in concert with congressional wishes imposing rules that violate the Constitution.
    Understand all this and just maybe you will see the continuation of Obama’s “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING AMERICA” 2.0
    PS: LASTLY Contrary to the MSM and democrat rhetoric … Babbet was the only person killed on Jan 6 … all other deaths were identified as natural, medically related or suicide. And yes that Capital Cop pulled the trigger to soon. Had babbet been black … you would be singing a different tune.

    A patriot and combat veteran, she intended to defend the American republic. That lie led

  7. They would all be alive if they cooperated,did not resist and didn’t break the law in the first place.

  8. Duante, just like psycho george floyd, was a violent criminal sociopath, a sinister MENACE to SOCIETY..!!!
    The Brave & Honourable Officers Potter & Chauvin should be Celebrated as the Selfless Heroes that they Truly are..!!!
    AGRAVATED ARMED ROBBERY and on the run…
    GOOD RIDDANCE to worthless scum.
    and in psycho floyd’s case, and maybe turning his worthless life around if he was in prison for the 20 years he should’ve been for the violent armed home invasion where he smashed the facial bones of a nearly killed an eight month pregnant woman and her baby mirror months earlier but with out on the street due to fiberal libtard HUG-a-THUG judicial negligence.
    Officer Chauvin should SUE the maggot floyd family for the $27 Million and he sheild also SUE the judge who enabled psycho “armed & hammered” psycho floyd to run free after a few months when he should have been in PRISON for DECADES..!!!!
    GOOD RIDDANCE to bad rubbish..!!!!
    The world is a SAFER BETTER Place sociopath parasites duante & floyd exterminated… FACT.
    Ashli Babbit was NOT “lied” to, the FRAUDULENT PHONEY “POTUS” senile corrupt creepy groper-joe buythemChildren & his haughty whore puppetmaster commie crapala hairyass are illegitimate parasites criminally invading the whitehouse through a combination of BLATANT ballot fraud & fakenews media/big-tech LIES MANIPULATION & MISINFORMATION…
    Ashli Babbit’s Family should be awarded $25 BILLIION from the fakenews cnn LIARS and thei immoral satanist delusional duplicitous DEMONCRAP deviants..!!!!
    The REAL PIG who shot the UNARMED Ashli should be executed for TREASON against America, he is a cowardly spineless enable of the parasites who have corrupted FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY.

  9. It is ridiculous to expect cops to be more than human. Humans make mistakes, especially in panic situations. And when we are playing with lethal weapons, mistakes can often be lethal. I am not attempting to excuse the cops that killed those innocent people, but it will happen again. How do we minimize it? WHEN A COP TELLS YOU TO DO SOMETHING, DO IT! They have the weapons, they have the numbers. You won’t win. Fight it out in court.

  10. She died because of the truth, not a lie. A Michigan court ruled that the Secretary of State VIOLATED THEIR LAW AND CONSTITUTION by arbitrarily changing how absentee votes were handled. Ashli saw how they were handled. A Pennsylvania court now, after it was too late, forced them to remove tens of thousands of dead voters off of the rolls.
    The admissions of a stolen election go on and on, and will continue, but those who benefitted from the stolen election will not give up power. They have not derived their power from the support of the people. They stole it. Ashli saw it, and stepped up. Erick Erickson would ignore that or belittle it, because he will not speak out about the truth that forced her to step up and protest in the strongest way she knew how to do. Her last messages showed that.

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