What Happens Next?

No amount of sanctimonious preaching from the right or the left is going to change the outcome of the election. No amount of demanded apologies is going to change the reality that a big chunk of the country has completely lost faith in our government and our country.

What transpired over the last four years won’t go away. It may fade in the minds of some, but it won’t disappear. We watched a media set out to destroy a duly elected POTUS at every turn. They parroted false accusations of treason at our President for years. They dismissed his successes or, in some cases, didn’t cover them at all.

They accused him of not taking the Chinese virus seriously, even though he banned travel from China almost immediately, while Democrats were focused on impeaching him.

Democrats eventually impeached him in the House, with the cover of the media, for something that Joe Biden was actually guilty of.

The media spent a good part of the year covering the violent and most destructive riots in history as 'activism'.

Republican House members were shot at and one Steve Scalise was literally gunned down by a leftist and some in the media suggested it was somewhat justified.

Trump supporters were shot in cold blood on the streets and the media shrugged their shoulders.

Yesterday, some Republican members of Congress and Senate decided that they could no longer object to a fraudulent election because people broke into the Capitol building.

Either fraud happened or it didn't. A protest that saw a few dozen people break windows and gain entry to the Capitol doesn't change whether there was fraud or not.

The Republican party has a big problem on their hands. A large chunk of conservatives no longer trust them to represent the people. The Democrat party has a big problem on their hands. A lot of their supporters don't want socialism but that's what they're going to get.

The United States of America has a big problem. A large part of Americans no longer trust the institutions of government, and perhaps they never should have.

The founders didn't.

What happens next is anyone's guess, but unity is a far cry at this point and Democrats and their media cronies don't seem interested in unity. They're still attacking Trump and Trump supporters at every turn.

Even if Trump goes away, the exposure of corruption at the highest levels of government and corporate America won't just disappear. It still rests in the minds of many Americans.

In order for America to heal there must be justice. Not only justice delivered to violent protesters over the last year, but justice delivered to those within our government and institutions who used their positions to attempt to overthrow a duly elected government.

Pray for justice. Pray for peace. Pray that America regains the freedom and individual liberty that it once had.

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114 thoughts on “What Happens Next?”

  1. Very well said. We have no objective media. Whole sections of American cities have been burned out by the left and the media didn’t even care to report until they could try to tie it to President Trump who is not responsible for Antifa or others who broke the law. Tens of millions of us have been disenfranchised by the states who violated their own election laws in multiple ways to steal an election. We have little to no representation in Congress willing to even discuss voter fraud. Will we ever again have a fair and free election? Based on the actions of most of Congress, likely not.

    1. Kathy, You are exactly right. The corrupt left and the media has made great strides towards destruction of this country and will attack the constitution going forward as Schumer has proclaimed. The hypocrisy of the left supported by the media (and social media outlets) has divided this country much more than Obummer did and probably more than he thought could happen. All this due to Hillary Clintons friendship at an early age with Saul Alinsky and her determination that to take down the US was best done from the inside. This is sick and needs to be repelled.

  2. So, are we looking at the Independents, Democrats and Republicans that voted for Trump, standing up and starting a new party, “The Party of Americans for the Constitution”? With Donald J. Trump as our leader, supported by Matt Gaetz, Vernon Jones, Ted Cruz and other constitutionalists, with those left over going to support the new “Democratic Socialist Party?
    Lord, I hope so!
    There are no Dems and Reps anymore. Either you are a Constitutionalist or a Rabid Socialist and heaven knows there are a whole lot more of us than them!
    We will need to regroup, let the Dems break up the Media Cartels (be careful what you wish for FB, Twitter and YT, you just got your worst nightmare Warren and the rest will break you up just like the phone companies!) and fracture their party from within.
    We have 2 years to plan and put everything into place. Those that are really unaware about socialism are about to find out what it is the hard way. Combine that with our team, “Objecting and filing suits against the likes of Stacy Abrams and their illegal shenanigan’s (that should of been done in the beginning, when they by past the State Legislatures!) Remember, Trump gave us more strict constructionist judges then we have had in history, we need to use them to our advantage!
    I for one will not give up my 1A or my 2A to these cheating miscreants who will give OUR TAX DOLLARS AWAY to foreign countries and illegal aliens!
    We are smarter, stronger and have the Good Lord on our side! We can not cave! He has given us this path for a reason.

    The Daughter of a Viet Nam Vet

    1. Very well said! I am not a religious nut but if you read Revelation’s in the Bible you will recognize what is happening now! Everyone has heard about the “End Times” even if you haven’t read the Bible and this is where we are now! So brace yourselves, prepare, pray and turn to God because he is the only answer!,

      1. Revelation’s 3:7 “To the angel of the Church in Philadelphia write. These are the words of him who is true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. I know his deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name. I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars. I will make them come and fall down at your feet, and acknowledge that I have loved you. Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will keep you from the hour of trial that will come upon the whole earth to test those who live on the earth. I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown. Him who overcomes I will make a pillar, in the Temple of my God. Never again will I leave it, I will write on him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God, and I will write on him my new name. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”
        Donald, in Aramaic; Ruler of the World, John in Aramaic: Graced by God, Trump; descendant of those who lead into battle.

      2. Jeanni,
        You should capitalize “He” when you refer to God. But it’s ok you don’t know that since you’re not a religious nut.
        Just a little advice from one of us real religious nuts. Can’t wait for the reckoning!

      3. Yes, our only Hope is in Almighty God, not the Socialists, republicans or any other party created by man. The secularists do not and can not understand that. Hence the ongoing dismantling of America. I do not know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future. And I look forward to the day when my time comes to have Jesus intercede for me. What will the godless have to say on their day?


    3. There has already been a Constitution Party for years, but conservatives clung to the Republican Party because of their effectiveness in pushing the false narrative that anyone voting third party was an idiot.

    4. Hi Michelle,

      What we should really do is all move to Florida to be nearer to our hero, sent by god to rid us of evil, who can become the president of the proud new Independent Republic of Florida. With Mar a Lago as the new “White House”.

      By the way, since you are so eloquent, maybe you can expound on those evils of “socialism” for me, and for everyone reading this.

      Thank you,
      The son of a Việt Nam vet.

      1. Cliff’s Notes on Socialism: The abolition of theism, the abolition of family, the abolition of morality, and the abolition of private property. That’s about it- -and that’s what LESS THAN HALF of America’s voters voted for last November. In today’s godless America, we will get what we deserve- – –

    5. Unfortunately, our best chance lies with pushing the Republican Party to the right, the reverse of what Leftists did to the Democratic Party over time.

    6. I believe that Donald J. Trump is not going to be able to run in 2024 for the Presidency. The People’s Socialist Democrat Party (PSDP) will never allow him to run again AND the RINOs and Never Trumpers will combine to kill any chance of him running, assuming he desires to do so. Someone else will have to take up the banner of Constitutionality and the real America. Just who that will be, I’m not sure. Mike Pence will not be the one, however.
      It may be time for a new, revitalized Republican Party or a new Constitution Party. Kinda lean toward the later as too many of the establishment republicans are simply “democrat-lite”; and not true believers in our Constitution!
      I fear for our nation during the next four years. BTW, I can’t believe the republicans stood by and watched the loss of the senate by an election which used Dominion machines again. It’s almost like watching Lucy pull the football away from Charlie Brown again, and again. GRRRRRRR!

  3. Yes we can! We can start by standing up for OUR rights and taking down all the evil Democrats and Rinos and never allow them to be free again even if it means prosecuting them for the death penalty, otherwise people, we are the walking dead. In just a matter of time they will kill you if we don’t get them first! If YOU do not do this-all of you together as one-then you deserve the horrible death Kamal will bestow upon you!

    1. TREASON is punishable by DEATH! AND Just the minute Mike Pence dropped that gavel and said China Joe was the new president ,the Treason was completed. Now the Swamp is surrounded by 6000 military personnel , and a seven ft fence . I see a LOT of arrests coming and OUR PRESIDENT TAKING THE OATH JAN. 20 2021

  4. There already is a new party waiting in the wings. It is legal and sanctioned and names already on the books in legal form. It is called the Republick. Yes, spelled with the “k”.

      1. That is exactly what i thought as soon as I read it. I think the ” Constitution Party” sounds like what we would be standing for, sounds much better.

  5. I do not think we will ever have a honest election again. The Democrat craved the power
    any way they could get it. They hate conservatives and think they are superior. They just
    want our money and want us the silent majority to be silent and obey them because they
    are so intelligent and are in power.
    They want socialism or communism and them be in charge. They have no idea what they are
    going to get. America will be destroyed. America will die. It is the most terrible that has ever
    happen in America. Worse death that has happened in my family.

  6. President Trump’s Executive Order of 9/12/18 that calls out the necessary actions to eliminate insurrection with foreign government influence. The next step is military action by our US forces to capture insurrections strong holds and make arrests of all the individuals involved. There are currently two aircraft carriers sitting off both the west and east coasts. Troops are amassed at Ellis AFB and other strategic locations. And, GITMO has been remodeled recently to house many new white collar criminals.

    1. If true, the new administration will get busy throwing business owners and church attendees in there.

  7. Freedom and individual liberty is going to go right out the window George Soros said his goal was to destroy America now thanks to the Demonrats he’s getting his wish and when it happens I don’t want to hear any whining from the fucking idiots who voted for the pedophile and the adultress!! 😠😠

    1. The lunatic you follow brags about grabbing women by their pussies you asshole! And cheated with a porn star. How’s the wall coming along? Obamacare?

  8. There will never be TRUE justice, as long as the leftists run the show. – which, now that they have been allowed to steal the election – is likely to be a very long time indeed. The only “justice” will be “social justice”, available only to whiny snowflakes who grovel before the socialists, as well as “oppressed” groups who think they’re owed a “freebie”.

  9. Sadly I have watched our country literally be stolen from us while for a moment we thought we had a Republican Party under President Trump that would finally stand up for the American people. We have been sold out for their own selfish benefit. Obviously most of them have never had their constituents interest as a priority. Forgetting we are their bosses. The almighty dollar has corrupted most of them. Now they want to stab the man in the back that resurrected their party and saved many of their jobs in the last election.

    My first effort, now that President Trump’s landslide victory has been stolen from us is to resign from the Republican Party and I am encouraging everyone I know to do the same. They will find the majority of the 75 million + voters who voted for the Trump Party will desert them as well, never to trust anyone in Washington as we know it now again. This will end any hope for them to regain any majority again as a party.
    If a new Constitutional Party can form maybe there will be hope again for the American people who have been sold out for the last time!
    Good riddance to bad garbage!!

    1. I left RNC years ago. There already is a Constitution Party. I joined years ago. Now maybe others will finally believe there is little difference between R and D.

    2. I agree with you. I tore up my Republican party card almost a decade ago. I now support candidates directly. I can never vote for a Democrat and there are too many Republicans I can not vote for due to the fact they too have no conscience

  10. That’s it? Just pray? Wow. That’s “deep”, “thoughtful”.

    Nah, the ONLY acceptable outcome of the last 4 years is trials for treason and swift executions. Now it appears that Trump must be added to this list of traitors.

    He KNOWINGLY allowed all of the treasonous crimes of the last 4 years to happen and continue. He appointed 3 traitors to the SCOTUS. He appointed 2 traitors as AGs. He did NOTHING to fix the FBI/DOJ. He did not uphold his oath to protect America and defend the Constitution, against enemies FOREIGN (China, 5 eyes, Soros, etc) and DOMESTIC (90% of Congress, state governments of NY, CA, MI, AL, PA, AZ, WI, GA and others). He allowed all of this to happen, and did nothing to stop it.

    He KNOWINGLY allowed our elections to be subverted (2018, 2019, 2020). He KNEW what was about to happen, and he watched real time as it happened. Did nothing.

    That makes him a traitor.

    Because America has been nearly 100% unfiltered by traitors, our only remaining recourse is the swift, very aggressive and harsh application of the Second Amendment.

    If we do not, we will all be slaughtered shortly after the Biden communist take over. Look at history, EVERYTIME the communist take over a country, they slaughter millions! They have plans to slaughter 80-90% of the American population. It will start before the end of Feb, 2021.

    1. Trump actually spent much of his term trying to save election integrity, knowing that was how they were attacking him. He also stopped the Obamacare penalty that cost me $7000. He also fought social media dictators because Trump understands that our ability to share truth and freely communicate is imperative to protecting our country. He fixed a badly damaged economy faster than I expected. Where I think he messed up is that he did not recognize that the Chinese flu was a weapon used to instill fear in the masses to make fearful, trusting people accept extreme attacks on their freedoms. I believe Trump did eventually understand this, but was never able to convey this to the public due to their blind worship of Fauci who is a very controversial figure most people embraced.

    2. Dean,
      You’re so right! I say start with that charlatan Trump. He was full of crap since the moment he could speak. String him up by the balls in public like Mussolini!

  11. Four More Years, Four More Years, Four More Years … GO TRUMP … Prove Your Case, it’s all out there, we know you can. Then send the criminals to Guantanimo to break rocks in the hot sun for 20 yrs..

  12. Your analysis sums it up well. I’m heart sick and discouraged over the level of corruption. Self serving Republicans failed to stop a corrupt election that will only serve the Dems to cover up more corruption. No one has been held accountable. And where is the DOJ? Much has been made of what a stand up attorney Barr is, but he has been a major disappointment. Let history record Mr “Play it Safe, Do Nothing” Barr was asleep at the wheel during a pivotal moment in history.

  13. Your analysis sums it up well. I’m heart sick and discouraged over the level of corruption. Self serving Republicans failed to stop a corrupt election that will only serve the Dems to cover up more corruption. No one has been held accountable. And where is the DOJ? Much has been made of what a stand up attorney Barr is, but he has been a major disappointment. Let history record Mr “Play it Safe, Do Nothing” Barr was asleep at the wheel during a pivotal moment in history.

  14. I am a WW2 veteran and never in my life would I have believed I would EVER see MY COUNTRY as decisive and violent as it is. It is actually insurrection. I have seen this building up for seven decades. First was right after WW2 we forgave enforcing trade agreements that were in place before the war. Primarily Europe and Asia, to allow them to rebuild their nations. Hence the China problem. Then came Dr. Spock (an avowed and dedicated communist) who said” Don’t spank your children, because it is cruelty”. GI’s home from the war married and there were a rash of babies born. Flash forward 20 years, the Vietnam period. These never spanked babies are 20 years old graduated from High School or going to college. Then came along Dr. Timothy Leary (another avowed and dedicated communist), he “hey kids, drugs are great”. That is when the “Hippie generation began. Free and open love, sex, and hippie communes. I know what happens there because out of curiosity I visited one. That whole situation was an eye opener in and of itself. Welfare fraud, abandoned children etc. In a very small nut shell that is partially why we are why we are at the place in time we are at. I pray deeply for my country. I want the depression back. At least we were together as a people, we were all in the same boat and helped one another. GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND GOD HELP US.

    1. I appreciate your comments and understand your sentiments for wanting to recapture the neighborly kindness displayed during the Great Depression. However, people back then had a decency and a respect for God and others that rarely exists today. This is why we have a chaotic society: God was removed from the public square and education was turned over to Communists. One cannot send children to be indoctrinated by Communists for hours per day with a hostility towards God and expect to have moral, educated patriots as a result. I have home educated 27 years. My children know and love our founding documents. I urge parents to get their kids out of government propaganda centers. People embrace socialism and hate truth because the media, schools, and legislators taught them to do so.

  15. The only thing left is a
    Because we now know that Washington doesn’t give a shit about our votes

    Fuck the spineless republicans they really fought for the republican voters

  16. lm an America liiving i eastern europe ,l returned to the USA this year for the frist time in 4 years,What i saw on tv there is NOT the America i grew up in.

  17. People in Congress are in it for money and fame! They do not represent the people of this Country.
    We may need to form a third party to properly represent the people.as our founders, wrote the Constitution and the Bill Rights intended. The current mealy mouth jerks we have represented the people only represent their personal needs. We surely do not want a socialist system! I can only pray that they wake up run this Country as it was intended! I’m afraid any other outcome will lead to a physical split and civil war.


  18. Battle Plans ahead:
    Make sure Biden is 1 term President
    Deny, delay, detour, dismiss actions he plans to take
    Purge GOP of Never Trumpers & RINOs
    Unite on Trump policies.
    Use our media to counter Biden plans
    Sue Biden Admin
    & Dont call Biden President.
    Or we lose Republic
    Have till 2022
    BUT need to Reform Election laws.
    Challenge Biden & allies anyplace like Romney nationwide.
    Make public
    Hold more Protests when needed./

  19. It is time for most of our politicians to be arrested indicted and found guilty of treason along with the media and big tech
    The only way to return faith in our government is their execution for treason

  20. For the first time in my life I’m afraid,! This is no longer America. It certainly isn’t the United States of America!
    My prayers are not answered. No one is safe now.

  21. I marched (but I certainly wanted to end the day at home rather than arrested!); I was angry, I was hoping it would make a difference in the outcome, since so many of us were hoping for a miracle, or at least Congress to do its job! Fraud absolutely did happen in the election (and again in Georgia on Tuesday night), and just because Courts won’t hear it, and state officials of both parties are “in on the take” doesn’t make it go away, and unless that changes, we can’t ever trust election results again. Is the answer to cheat more than they do? Sadly, it might be. That’s why after a whole year of “black is white and white is black” propaganda, and violence from the other side, the anger boiled over. And the worst offenders were Antifa plants. The truth must come out. An unarmed woman, trespassing, gets shot to death. But will you hear demands for justice in her name like Breonna Taylor, or the woman who was run over in Charlottesville? Of course not. But, when there is no justice in the Courts, when there is no accountability by our elected officials, and when there is not enough courage to stand up to fraud and get an invalid election thrown out (and a puppet is installed in the White House), what do you do? That is why there is talk of secession and another revolution. Thomas Jefferson knew that it might HAVE to happen if things got bad enough. We are headed down that road.

    1. Well said James. I have had enough. I removed myself from the voter registration database to prevent someone else from committing fraud by voting in my name, as happened in 2016. I will keep to myself, until they try to come on my property and violate my rights. Then I will treat them just like any other threat, and end that threat. I will defend myself and my GOD given rights. It may not end well for me in this life, but they will damned sure know that I was there! I swore an oath that is binding for the rest of this life. And I’ll be damned if I am just going to surrender my rights to those in power that are intending on being a threat to myself and this once Christian nation.

  22. I am worried about the future. Trump exposed the corruption and it was too big for even him to defeat, The left wants blood and is going to punish those who had a different opinion and there is no one to stop this from happening. It is time for business as usual to end. There are members of both parties mired in the swamp and America needs to pay attention. The future looks rocky for the Republic. Our youth have been indoctrinated and believe in socialism

  23. We should form our own party with Donald Trump as our leader. Make America great again. Please. I only one person but millions feel this way. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. Yes Judy! And it will be called The Independent Republic of Florida! With Mar a Lago as the White House! Let’s all move there!

  24. Unfortunately what happened in Washington DC. should be a “Wake Up Call” to every Congressman, Senator and every Government official, that the American citizen are just about ready to revolt against a corrupt election and a corrupt potential electee’s. Failure to conduct a national fair and thorough investigation into the corrupt election, WILL BE THE TRIGGER TO START A POTENTIAL CIVIL WAR. (And no one will be able to stop it from happening. Washington a Statehood?? Forget it! Instead it might turn out to be a battleground for REAL AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE AND PURGE THE GOVERNMENT OF ALL THE CORRUPT PEOPLE AND VOTE IN SAFEGUARDS FOR FUTURE GOVERNMENTS AND 100% TRANSPARENCY. This whole thing is so tragic. The Supreme Court needs to step in and demand a full and thorough investigation in order to be fair to the majority of all the American citizens.

  25. Amen! I got to thinking that we are not fully cognizant yet of what just happen…a group of people no doubt led by the multinationals just over ruled the wishes of the American People…now the whirlwind has been reaped…

  26. WE create our own media that we subscribe to TV, Facebook, and if need be a new party. you just might have a lots from both sides fed up with the government . With a TV network you buy only what you want give the people a choice to buy only networks they want to watch. Dump ABC and NBC And CBS I pay $20 over my cable network to get them. They will be gone. My dad said this would happen for 60 years because the American people were so complacent they would not stand up to trouble. I guess he was right on. He died in 2012. Some how we have to dump the election system as it is and fix it. And I love the prayer you say we need.

  27. At this point, the best thing Republicans and Patriots can do is “retreat”. Take your families, your skills, your businesses, and your wealth and move to predominantly “red” states. You can hurt the communists in their pockets by doing so. By moving to red states, you will bolster their economies, and increase their numbers giving them more rperesentatives in government. I live in NJ. Trump was a great president for America, but in NJ, we have our own personal Hitler who goes by “Heir Murphy”. Many of the good things that trump did for the US failed to benefit people in NJ and other corrupt Blue states because we have our own personal dictators who constantly infringe on our constitutional rights with immunity and tax us to death. States like NY, NJ, MA, CA, IL, etc. If the Patriots all leave these states and go to red states, the blue states will eventually implode economically. Any state that loses its working class will lose a huge tax base and that state will not be able to afford all its socialist welfare programs, and will then go bankrupt. Its time we band together and get ready to make our stand. We all know the Dems will destroy the US, and I personally dont want to be living in a Blue state when the decline comes. I’ll be leaving NJ in the next 2 years. My exit plan is already in place like so many others. Southern NJ is already starting to look like a ghost town. Its time to go. Let the rats fight over the last scraps of cheese and kill each other over it.

    1. Hey Garrett! Go run and hide with the other snowflakes down to Florida. Trump can be your president. Mar a Lago can be the “Red House”. Good luck! Can’t say we’ll miss you.
      I think we’ll be fine economically…

      By the way, what is Murphy “heir” to? 😉

    2. Southern Jersey is a ghost town? The only thing that’s empty is the space between your ears. Please go to Florida and then Russia when your bone spur general goes there with his friend Vladamir

  28. As long as the Dominion and Dumb Onion voting machines are used, the Republic is gone forever! The government is corrupt to the core and I means the vast majority of all three branches. We the Divided States of China!


  30. More and more good people who in this chaos of dysfunctional government believed Trump out of desperation for good governance are realizing that we/they were used and lied to as tools for Trump’s egotism. He talked the talk but never walked the walk; his goal was never more functional governance; his goal was more glitz at Mar A Lago and flying around on Air Force One. The perks go WITH the office; they should not be the goal of the office holder.
    ” Rules, norms, laws, even the Constitution itself are worth something only if people believe in them. Americans put on their seat belts, follow traffic laws, pay taxes and vote because of faith in a system — and that faith makes it work”
    Truer words were never written. More important words were never written. But the dysfunction of elected Congresspersons, Senators, and Presidents has been steadily worsening over my entire life of 85 years. The abuses of lobbyists, the power of the duopoly, the unreliability of the media, the abuse of freedom of press, speech and religion, have destroyed the person to person communication needed to resolve the stress on taxpayers versus the greed of tax spenders.
    We have a budget now paid for entirely with borrowed money that foreigners have loaned us only because of the stability of “the peaceful transfer of power”, now threatened and exposed as fragile, susceptible to an idiot swinging a sledgehammer. The 12 Republicans on the primary stage in 2015 wimped in the face of a TV “Apprentice”. I have been a Republican since I turned voting age, in the South, where there was barely a viable party in 1956. Now poor old “Tricky Dicky” looks good; at least he was near a Universal Basic Income. At least he opened a dialogue with China. At least he stood up against Communist aggression in Viet Nam.
    The handbook for the political future is “The Price Of Eggs Is Down”. If the Washington gaggle does not solve some problems and resolve some issues instead of using them for headlines and reelection, Americans, and people world wide, will no longer “believe in them”, and rightfully so. We will be broke, “full faith and credit” will disappear, and the opportunity to solve and resolve will by lost in chaos. “God Made Men Too”.

    1. Me John Dykers, l believe your comment is the first one I ever read that was thoughtful and made sense. You hit on a lot of things that are wrong in today’s world. Thank you! Maybe there is hope after all. You may be barred from this site if you keep it up, lol

    2. You must be looking into a mirror backwards. Bet you’ve never been to the southern border but you would fit right in.

  31. I am totally disgusted at this point. The behavior of Democrats and Republicans alike will cause a much larger rift in our country and their institutions. Voting is a privilege and right of every legal American citizen and that right is slowly being eroded. Shame on the party, secretary of state which have caused the election problem. Shame on the media, Tech giants who helped creating this scenario.
    At this point I will not trust anything about our government our senators and congress.
    I have lost faith

  32. Let’s all move to Florida, the land of Rick DeSantis so we can worship our bone spurred, crotch grabbing general. A “handful of people breaking windows “ and the democrats have a problem. Rudy the Warrior doing his Clairol promotion, space cadet Sidney Powell. What a cast of characters can live in Mar a Physco! Please do

  33. Years of unwarranted suffering for 73 million Americans and it just got worse. The Supremes are going to be sorry they ignored the country when it needed them most: soon they will be made irrelevant too.

  34. Time for all of us, both Democrats and Republicans to take back our Government from the very liberal Socialist movement that has captured the Democratic Party. As predicted years ago by the left, once you control our education, divide the country, minorities against each other and haves against have-nots, you will move us to Socialism. Since most of us will not willing go in that direction, the Democrats resorted to an election driven by fraud and the news media buried the facts.
    Apparently future elections will not be able to reverse the situation which leaves us with the only solution will be
    massive protests. Hopefully these will be non-violent but only time will tell.

    1. Our founding fathers foresaw the publics need for armed revolution, from time to time, to keep our government from going astray. This is why our Right to bear arms was considered so important. We don’t even have Freedom of speech anymore, as they do not want any speech that does not fit their narrative to be published, anywhere. Non-violent protests will not be able to remedy this socialist takeover of our country. I fear that it is too late for that. It will likely require an armed revolution to overthrow the socialist agenda, and bring this country back to what it was intended to be.

  35. We need to line out the Republican RINOS….and those who simply will not stand in troubled waters.

  36. I agree with this article, and would add that the Republican Party has made a serious mistake because all of the gains President Trump made with Blacks and Hispanics like me are going to disappear because we joined the Party because of Trump. I never trusted either party before Donald John Trump. After witnessing the cowardice and backstabbing of Republicans to fight for the landslide win we gave them and allow the mistreatment of our President, particularly their so called leadership, we will leave you in droves. I hope a new Party will be born that reflects the American people since neither the Republican or Democrat Party reflect hard working Americans nor do the corrupt talking heads bought and paid for by our enemies. The Republican Party is finished and the communists are in charge! God help us all.

  37. I dont understand how the Democrats can dominate the media. I don’t think the general public understands what socialism is, and how it is undermining government our country. Some how with all of our advanced technology we need to get the word out. We need far less bashing and more positives. No one responds well to negative.
    Give me a leader that can say something positive about what another party did. Say we need to continue that and improve on it.
    Somethings is very wrong and crooked about the new media. All of the commentators are married to extreme liberals. This shouldn’t be allowed. Tv new is entertainment, not news. The entertainment tears us down.
    I could go on and on. We are in pathetic shape.

    1. Mary, does this mean you won’t be collecting your SOCIAL SECURITY check and MEDICARE. Thank you for giving that up. God bless you!

      1. George, Usually when a person can’t or won’t answer a direct question it is because they don’t know the answer, so, they put out smart ass answers. Just like you are doing.

  38. I will remain a Republican. I do not want to join those who pull tricks for power. Their base are false statements
    Which the media feasts on, like hungry ravenous parasites.
    I believe in a Heavenly Father that will change this situation in America His way.
    Meanwhile, a defense strategy is prayer, discernment, and doing what I can to dispel erroneous ideas.
    We cannot give up- why choose this?

  39. May God Almighty look down on us and save our Country. We DO NOT WANT to be a Socialistic country, otherwise, we may as well call ourselves: THE UNITED STATES OF CHINA. We will loos ALL our rights, Our Constitution will be trashed:==thanks to the FAR LEFT. Our country will be under a dictatorship for many years to come. May God and our prayers be answered. Vote all Democrats OUT OF OFFICe at EACH ELECTION . MAY GOD BLESS THE AMERICA WE HAVE KNOWN.

  40. I feel like we have lost freedom as we know it. Joe Biden is a crook from way back and was not presidential material. Hilary Clinton watched as our embassy was attacked and the people serving brutally murdered. Among tons of email and servers destroyed. No justice was served by her! Nancy Palosi is a blubbering drunk and even made her way to the floor so drunk that she had to be escorted out! AOC does not even know or understand United States history and yet all of these clowns remain in power.

    I dont support violence as a way to solve anything and that includes burning down cities and brutally beating business owners to death while trying to protect their livelyhood.

    No, Trump serves a base that has had enough. i do believe that votes were cast from nursing homes accross the country that were solicited and may be incorrect. I believe other election fraud occured but with a surpreme court that refuses to do its duty for all the people, we are done!

    Im afraid of where we go from here and wondering if I need to seek another country as my home.

    The media is a source of agitation and stands in the way of finding peace. They should be sensored!

  41. We must realize that we will soon be living in a Socialist dictatorship, and we must act accordingly.

    Does anyone seriously believe that we will ever have another fair and honest election ever again – unless we take it back? Talk of 2024 is laughable.

    The Socialist Democrats have just, treasonably, stolen a United States Presidential election – and they are being allowed to get away with it! Does anyone honestly think they will not cheat in the next election the same way – and the one after that? We are soon to be a dictatorship.

    How I wish our military would now take control of the election and seize the ballots and machines of the contested states and do HONEST hand recounts of the “battleground” states – throwing out all of the hundreds of thousands of fraudulent mail-in ballots. I believe the result of the election would then be totally opposite of what we’re facing now. But that doesn’t seem to be a possibility.

    So, as the Democrats have done for the last four years, we must resist where we can.

    I pray once the Democrats achieve power and try to abolish the Second Amendment, or the First Amendment (any speech they don’t like will be branded “Hate Speech” and made illegal, subject to prison) – or any of our Constitutional freedoms – that our military will step in and save us – ordering a new election that they will oversee… but we can’t count on that.

    The other alternative will be for the American people – backed by over 400 million firearms – to say “NO” when the Socialists attempt to take their freedoms from them. That’s what the Founding Fathers intended for them to do when they created this country.

    I fear we are in for some very frightening and hard times, but we must be brave and not let the Socialists conquer America as they just did Venezuela – and all the Communist countries before it.

  42. If President Trump from a new party,myself my wife and my wo daughters and two son in laws will support him,we will donate to these new party,I hated Briden because him sons pick up $50 million from from China according to the new from the TV, I make a big mistakes to rote in the years of 90,and 20 to the other party

  43. Swamp rat traitors-all! I will never vote for any republican (lower case intended) again! Even if I did, my vote would be stolen by a “rigged machine,” or cancelled by a demonrat poll worker. I hope you spineless republican politicians enjoy your new permanent minority status. USA 1776-2020.

  44. We have just lost the America I grew up in,all have turn the blind eye to this election that was stolen, glad I am old most young families have a hard life ahead, no one in the leadership has the guts to be honest, Pray that our god will help but why should he look at what they did to him.

  45. I think president Trump is by far the best president we have had in the USA since I’ve been alive and I’m 67 years old.Obama in contrast is the worst president and I am expecting biden to be worse than obama was.For the first time in my life I am having to consider where to hide my guns.I believe that the democrats cheated in the election and that is the only reason biden got elected!I really don’t think the United Stares will ever be like it was nor do I think the democrats care what damage they do to this country as long as they get they want and take all the rights away from the American people that has always made me proud that I live here.As far as guns go in my 67 years I have never wanted shoot anyone because my Dad told me never to point a gun at anyone even if you thought it was unloaded and a gun can kill a person.

  46. God is our only answer. We are doomed with a Democrat gov. We are going to lose all our freedoms. Why can’t they be held accountable for their actions. They have caused trouble for 4 years and they never have to pay.
    What can we do???? Prayer is our only answer, Pray that they become believers of our Lord Jesus Christ, that’s our only hope, We are on the road to destruction. How many men gave their lives for our freedom. My husband was a vet and now he is in heaven, I miss him but he doesn’t have to see the destruction that will be happening with this new gov. People if you ever have prayed now is the time…. We are in for some very hard times.. Jesus has to come back soon to save us.

  47. In the winter of 1777, George Washington spirits were at the lowest point they had ever been. Enlistments were running out, supplies were scarce, and the army had been chased across the flats of New Jersey having lost battle after battle against the British.

    But Washington, dispirited as he was, was not about to give up. He believed in God, his country and the cause for freedom from a tyrannical government. It was that self determination at a very low point that made all the difference.

    I believe what America needs most right now is that same resolve displayed by George Washington. The resolve to believe in God, country and the cause for which we strive – freedom from a tyrannical government.

  48. We the people and our president have had our election process flagrantly taken from us by lies and thieves, company contracts by corporate socialist all with only one objective greed and the destruction of democracy.

  49. Please good Lord we need help! Bless us, that’s our country, bless our souls! May we see the truth, may the truth come out, and give us the backbone to stand up for it we know that there’s a reason for this, we don’t know why, but there is Lisa bless us and make us whole again in Jesus’s name we ask you this and then I may pray amen amen

  50. Very well said! Here! Here! This one thing is for certain: We 75+ million Trump supporters are NOT going away! Finally, we’ve had a President who has stood up for the people. He has accomplished more in four years than no other POTUS has ever accomplished in eight. For once, a man not a polished arrogant pompus politician, kept his campaign promises! Promises made! Promises kept! Just to mention a few, he got us ALL tax cuts. He cut numerous and ridiculous regulations. He built up our military. Even established THE SPACE FORCE. He moved our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, under budget. He brought 50 Americans, hostages all over the globe, back home. And, to those so many hateful ungrateful citizens, he got us Economic Impact Payments! Thanks to operation “WARP SPEED” he got us mutlitiple vaccines for COVID, against impossible odds and ridicule! His thanks? A huge slap in the FACE!!!! WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY! Here’s a Scripture quote for you evil RepubliCONS and DemocRATS out there: “HE THAT DWELLETH IN HEAVEN SHALL LAUGH THEM TO SCORN. THE LORD SHALL HAVE THEM IN DERISION. THOU SHALT BREAK THEM WITH A ROD OF IRON. THOU SHALT DASH THEM TO PIECES, LIKE A POTTER’S VESSEL”. Psalm 2:4 That’s not moir promoting violence. That’s what the Lord is going to do to YOU instruments of Satan! My comments here may not be approved. But there, I’ve said it! We are the majority! You are afraid of us and you are fearful of President Donald J. Trump. MEGA MAGA! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  51. Our whole justice system is totaly corrupt. If the Supreme Court, FBI and CIA were not corrupt, Biden would be out on Bail and awaiting trial. No one with a video admitting to bribery of a foreign government should be considered for a public office. This is a disgrace and makes the cover up of Lyndon Johnson killing President Kennedy look like kids game. As a vietnam veteran I am totaly ashamed to say we represent law, order and freedom.

  52. It won’t happen without action. The lies and false narratives by the media and Democrats in Congress can not be allowed any longer. If Fraud occured, and it surely did, it must be exposed and justly dealt with.

    Anyone responsible for any deaths at the Capital or at any so called protest must be held accountable. I am not a violent person, but it seems only violence gets results. We must stand up and insure that the next elections are held in person, with photo ID.

    God bless President Trump!

  53. For whatever reason God did not answer my prayers for all the fraud and lies to be exposed against President Trump. I am still praying that He will! But as a believer in Jesus Christ I have to keep my eyes on Him and trust in Him. He has a plan. Like Jan Markell (Olive Tree Ministries) says, “Things aren’t falling apart, they are falling into place.” This is only our temporary home. One day He is coming back to take us to our future Heavenly home where all this garbage doesn’t exist. There is only one way to get there and that is to put our faith and trust in Jesus who died to give us that right, but Praise the LORD for Easter morning. The Bible tells us there is only one way! Like many of you, I believe God blessed us with four years of Donald Trump and I am thankful for that! So many of you listed all the wonderful things Trump did, rightly so, and it scares the heck out of me what we are going to have to face now, but I have to keep my eyes on Christ and pray for His guidance and wisdom. Michael Youssef’s (Leading the Way) Daily Devotion for today encouraged me and maybe it will you: Read Exodus 14:19-22. “These days it seems everyone is looking for someone to follow. All you have to do is turn on the television, and you’ll see channel after channel filled with talking heads—experts with their opinions—telling viewers what to do. But there is only one guide for those who are new creations in Christ: the Holy Spirit of God, who speaks to us through the book that He authored. Every other guide will lead you astray. When Moses led the Israelites across the Red Sea onto dry ground and then out into the wilderness, Scripture says there was a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night to show them the way. This cloud was symbolic of the Holy Spirit. And what does the Holy Spirit do? The New Testament says He is our Comforter, but He’s more than someone who offers a Kleenex and a pat on the back. The Greek word translated ‘Comforter’ is also used to describe a warrior. You see, Jesus did not leave us to fight life’s battles alone. Instead, He has given us a battle partner to cover our blind side. This is why no believer can say, ‘I am alone,’ or, ‘I am comfortless,’ or, ‘I am vulnerable.’ For Jesus said, ‘When I go to the Father, I will send you the Holy Spirit. He will dwell in you and will be with you in each day’s battles. He’s your warrior, and He’s got your blind side.'”

  54. Socialism is here. Thank you Democrats for spending the last 4 years with head up your rectum. IT! IS! TRUMPS FAULT! You have taken our country to the bottom!

  55. People are asleep while their freedom is being stolen from them. There was a LOT of diversion tactics used and still is being used to divert the people’s attention off of the fact that minimally there is potential voter fraud.

    Communist Russia, the Nazi Germany, etc are examples of nations without the right to vote. If someone is secretly controlling our elections then we are the same. We just want to think that we are having an “election”.

    This is not about Trump versus Biden. This is about whether we are having an honest election.

  56. Truer words were never written and/or spoken; the far left liberal’rats is A cabal of cretins; they believe, and act upon, the theory that the end justifies the end; in the past five years said ends were the destroyin’ of Donald J. Trump and His supporters. On the other hand, A lot of Officials elected as Republicans were in fact RINOS at best; some were very liberal and ran as Republicans because they couldn’t win as Democrats, and there was also A large number of weak kneed wusses.

  57. Our Republic has been demolished by lowlifes, spinless republicans (RINOS), democrates (commies) and bad media (liars). I took an oath to protect and defend our nation, THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, for 20 years only to see what I would not believe what I hear and see. Our crumbling society and traditions are all but gone. Never would I believe that this would happen. I read this nation’s Constitution and the Bill of Rights and just shake my head. Our more recent generations have not being taught the history of this great country or for that matter the world. Now the Republic is at the door step of disaster and there is nothing we can do about it. We the people believe in truth and the rule of law. Where do we go from here?

  58. If the political right doesn’t learn how to fight fire with fire, they will be the only ones to ever get burned. Instead, like Lindsey Graham, they turn out to be mostly swamp lackeys. We know who fought the good fight: all others need to go, even if you have to write-in your vote for Mr. Magoo. As it is, the left is going to take things too far, because that is their nature, and there WILL BE repercussions. To tolerate what they are up to, like dismembering the Constitution, is to be complicit with their socialist ideas.

    America, you put yourself right square and into the middle of it, and now, it might require blood to clean things up. Time will tell, but just sure as the left keeps cleaving off chunks of our flesh with their political knives, like now wanting to take all Republican voters and evicting them from this country, it’s coming. I for one will die fighting on my own two feet before I surrender anything to them, or allow them to kick me out of my own country. I have held no respect for those who flee theirs in fear, looking for another one to run to in order that it can take care of them, instead of banning together and fighting for what they believe in. This is what love of country is, and is sadly, what’s missing in all these other countries. And now, we are just like them: equal in all respects because we too, are now a banana republic. Get used to it, and what’s worse to come, or fight.


  60. Dear Republican Task Force. First, give a list of politicians that attach themselves to RTF. Next, I want to see the leaders of RTF to call out any and all elected officials who did not support President Trump during his 2 elections and the past 4 years. This would include the complete delegation from South Dakota: Sen. Thune, Sen. Rounds, and Congressman Johnson. If everyone is calling for unity start with your own party. People are passed with their elected officials. Last, a Convention of States needs to begin to fix the broken voting system. All machine voting must be done away with. Mail in ballots must be banned except for the military. And finally answer this question. Why do Democrats stick together and vote together bonding to the most illogical policies while Republicans can’t agree on anything?

  61. Justice? Did Maduro, Stalin, Che, Mao, Hitler, Xi, Lenin – etc etc etc – give “Justice” after try took power? What comes next is slavery. You know it. Everyone who knows Marxist history knows it.

  62. A Republican Congressman says that the proper response to the stolen election, from voting fraud, is to vote in
    a Republican majority in 2022 . I don’t believe that he is naive. He is afraid to say what really must be done.
    The political option has been taken away.

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