Today is the Day – What Will Pence Do?

As a massive crowd of Americans flood the streets of our nation’s capital, the government sits atop a steep hill, teetering.

Congress meets today to decide whether to accept the Electoral College’s decision that is under dispute in many key states. Which way will it fall?

To say that the 2020 election was different than any other election would be an understatement.

We’ve never watched as one candidate was leading in a commanding way and on his way to the 270 electoral votes when, all of a sudden, the key swing states he was leading in all announced they would stop counting on the night of the election.

Americans went to bed knowing that President Trump had a strong lead and would likely wake up with a decision that President Trump would be the country’s leader for another four years.

But that’s not what happened.

Chaos happened. The way that Trump had said it would happen if we let a massive mail in voting scheme take hold.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

We learned that Republican observers were blocked from observing, and even kicked out of polling locations.

We learned that ballot drops, some 100% for Joe Biden, were dumped into the count sometime overnight while the counting had stopped. We learned that a water main break in Georgia never happened. We learned that even some Republican leaders did not want an audit and would, in fact, refuse to perform an audit.

We learned that dead people voted in these key states and in states like Nevada, tens of thousands of people voted twice.

We learned that the voting machines that were used were actually connected to the internet, despite what election officials in these key states testified to.

We learned that our ballots were sent overseas.

We learned that the voting system we used was also used to fix elections in communist countries around the world like Venezuela.

The United States citizens are now coming to and starting to study the Constitution.

How could this happen?

We are the beacon of freedom, aren't we?

Today, Congress comes together to decide whether to accept these irregularities (at least) or to just push them off and move on. Today, against some establishment pressure, many Republican Congressman and women will object to the Electoral College's count. Some Senators will do the same.

What will Vice President Mike Pence do?

As President Trump and his legal team has said, Pence has the authority to reject fraudulently chosen electors.

Pence has been darkly quiet since this has all happened. It seems nobody has a beat on how he will act, today.

Will Mike Pence take the road less travelled and demand transparency, and a return to the rule of law? Or will Mike Pence take the smooth ride home knowing his future in Washington politics is safe, for now?

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12 thoughts on “Today is the Day – What Will Pence Do?”

    1. Here here, VP Pence will not have our vote if he runs in 2024. We pray that there will be another voice for the people in 2024 that will trump VP Pence. America needs a strong willed American with conviction who will defend our U.S. Constitution. VP Pence failed every citizen when he refuse to send back those states illegal cast of electoral college. Each State must comply with our U.S. Constitution in our elections or lose their electoral college votes. By sending back those legal challenges to those states who violated their elections would of given those states an understanding to correct their mistakes & get into compliance with our U.S. Constitution or lose their electoral college votes for 2020 general election. Now, VP Pence, opened the doors to the states & allows them to violate the election process! Setting this precedence weakens our U.S. Constitution & emboldens states to become thugs, dictators, fascist controlling governments within each state as they chose how they will rule!

  1. you people are f^%ked in your heads. get over it. you’re killing us. we need to regroup. years ago jindal cajoled us to not be the party stupid. instead of smartening up we doubled down and just got more stupid thinking that following the orange turd would be our salvation–typical of those who yearn for a cult leader to follow. stop being fools.

    1. You appear to not realize we follow Jesus Christ not any other. We vote on those who have repented & accepted Jesus Christ as their savior & King of Kings. We vote for those who have faith in Jesus Christ that leads us & that gives us His salvation. Those whom you describe in your comment reflect those who are in the democrat party who worship Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Hillary, Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Biden, Dr. Fauci, Muslims, CCP, Iranian leadership, Bill Gates, these are the typical cult leaders who continue to spread their deceit through social media & main-stream outlets. They bring in socialism, communism that destroys liberty & our American Constitution.

  2. If Pence is the man he represents himself as, he will do the right thing and reject the fraudulent votes! This remains to be seen, but my money is on another four years of our great Trump- Pence team. I pray I am right for the sake of American people.

    1. Yes!!!
      If Pence follows the 12th Amendment of the Constitution
      Trump will remain as President . Hope it happens .What a SHOCK to all the Democrats and the MEDIA , OMG

  3. I am fusterated by the corruption in Americas politics. America has lost lost God and now our country is in shambles, honesty and integrity are out the window. Most democrates sold out our nation and most republicans are traitors. They sleep together in the same bed and stink to high hell like shit.

  4. Pence by letter has said he is going to do nothing! So much for whatever expectations were of him. Prepare for the upcoming battle for our great. The elected sewer rates are going to try and complete the dismantling of our precious constitution! Stay alert and informed.

  5. Trump should start a third party and ditch the GOP, they didn’t support him and the Democrats hated him……


    1. Here here, “American” Patriot Party sounds as if we have currently a party that isn’t “American” in our system of government? Is it that those un-American parties refuse to assimilate to our laws & U.S. Constitution? If so then they ca not legally be citizens of the U.S.A.! They do not have the privilege’s to vote! Every political parties in America must be citizens or lose their rights to vote and/or hold a license to conduct business in America. I personally would accept a party labeled “Constitutional Conservative Party”, by which all American political parties should be withholding too by defending our U.S. Constitution. Democrats & Republican’s had allowed slavery that violated our U.S. Constitution, both allowed whisky that violated our U.S. Constitution until an amendment was made, both allowed abortions that violates our 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. And their list of favored violation is long, we need a “Political Party” that strengthens our U.S. Constitution. Amen.

  6. Our elected officials need to stand up and stand out against election fraud. A person has to be deaf, dumb and blind to not know that it happened. All you young people out there . . .wake up. You will not get a “do over” once socialism sets in. Once in, it leads to communism. Niki Haley said it best “Socialism Showed Up In American in 2020. How is unfolding? Violent repression against the people (Antifa burning businesses and cities and attacking our Capitol). Putting and keeping society in poverty. Think about the government officials that use the pandemic to drive folks out of business. They levy fines and we have seen imprisonment . . . and what is the crime?? the crime is a small business owner simply trying to feed his family and keep his employees so they can feed theirs. Young people in Venezuela said We are a great country, we are a rich country and nobody impose socialism on us . . . and then they voted for Chavez. Take heed. You will not get a “Do Over”.

  7. VP Pence took the smooth way out, back stabbing our U.S. Constitution, giving the left-democrats the reigns of congress. What VP Pence should of done was to send the lawful dispute of those states who knowingly violated our U.S. Constitution, have those states to come into compliance with our U.S. Constitution or lose their electoral college votes. But instead of doing the lawful act VP Pence allowed both houses of congress to debate for 2 hours then vote to either accept or reject those states electoral college votes! Every elected congress personnel violated their oath to defend our U.S. Constitution when they rejected a lawful dispute of those states electoral college votes that were in violation of our U.S. Constitution. Judges, governors & mayors do not elect our electoral college nor do they have a legal right to change how a state conducts their electoral college, it’s the states legislators that are given the legal right to chose their electoral college & any changes to the elections that changes our U.S. Constitution must have 2/3rds of states congressional votes.

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