Another Big Reason the Georgia Runoffs Matter

We’ve heard that if Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler don’t win, there is nothing stopping a swift move to socialism. That is likely true, given the SCOTUS ability to skirt any case that pertains to the survival of our republic.

If Joe Biden takes office and the Democrats take control of the Senate, while they’ve retained control of the House, they will surely implement many of the measures they’ve threatened America with. From mandatory national mask mandates, to national lockdowns, to gun bans, to reparations, to signing the US back up for the Paris Agreement and stealing even more of citizens tax dollars to fund liberal elites – they’ll have plenty of power to make patriots pay for fighting the establishment.

And not many would question whether they will actually implement those things. After what they’ve shown us over the last few years, they’re commitment to fundamentally altering this country is unwavering.

Many question the will of Republicans to fight the Democrats on those reforms even if Loeffler and Perdue win. A valid argument could be made for that.

However, there is another very important reason for Loeffler and Perdue to win today.

If Trump retains the Presidency.

If President Trump gets enough legislators to review the evidence of election fraud and ends up retaining the Presidency, he will need a GOP Senate.

If he doesn't have the Senate, Democrats will surely try to impeach him again. In a Nancy Pelosi run House, it probably won't be hard. But the Senate could convict.

Sure, the Senate needs a two thirds vote to convict, and one could argue that losing two Senate seats won't make that change. However, we must remember the Republicans do have folks like Mitt Romney in the Senate who are not fans of President Trump. It will be possible, in a Democrat controlled Senate, to find just enough of those folks on the right to vote to convict.

The crime? Who cares? There wasn't one the first time. This is politics and the only loyalty is power.

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5 thoughts on “Another Big Reason the Georgia Runoffs Matter”

    1. I agree. Today was the start of it… I do NOT condone violence whatsoever but I understand why some feel it’s necessary. It’s sad our democracy is gone. We won’t be a great nation anymore and I don’t see us having another “fair” election again.

  1. Adam,

    You got that right. Looks like Loeffler and Perdue lost, regrettably.

    Dear Lord God Almighty, please help us.

  2. Yep we all are (SCREWED). Our grand babies great grand babies are even more domed to communism. I have one thing to say to Pelosi and her bunch of scum (KISS MY ASS) U have done your best to destroy this country and a how it was built by the hands ,backs and hearts of US the people of these United States not U bunch of evil scum. Hope your happy (P.O.S)

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