What Really Happened on Trump’s Phone Call With GA Sec. of State?

Just like the Ukraine phone call that led to a House impeachment of President Trump, the media and Democrats say one thing while the transcript says another.

The Washington Post released an article and edited clips of a ‘leaked’ phone call that the President, his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and several lawyers held with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. He was joined by his office’s general counsel, Ryan Germany, and Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs.

The link above is to the full audio and transcript, not the initial edited clips they released.

The leftwing media ran with a narrative that President Trump pressured Raffensperger to find 11,780 votes out of nowhere so that he would win the election.

But that’s not what happened.

President Trump and lawyers said they have many, many times that number of votes that they can prove are fraudulent, or illegal.

Trump: No, we do have a way, but I don’t want to get into it. We found a way . . . excuse me, but we don’t need it because we’re only down 11,000 votes, so we don’t even need it. I personally think they’re corrupt as hell. But we don’t need that. All we have to do, Cleta, is find 11,000-plus votes. So we don’t need that. I’m not looking to shake up the whole world. We won Georgia easily. We won it by hundreds of thousands of votes. But if you go by basic, simple numbers, we won it easily, easily. So we’re not giving Dominion a pass on the record. We don’t need Dominion because we have so many other votes that we don’t need to prove it any more than we already have.

They cite, during the call, the minimum of 18,000 votes that they watched get pushed through the voting machines, three times, after the phony water main break was announced and everyone left. The video shows it.

Raffensperger and his attorney said that was investigated and it turned out not to be true.

In other words, just like the last 4 years of Russian collusion and the Ukraine phone call, "don't believe your lying eyes, believe what we tell you".

They cite the number of dead voters, voters who moved out of the state of Georgia and even registered to vote in another state but voted in Georgia, and a big batch of military ballots that went 100% for Joe Biden.

The President and his lawyers asked Raffensperger, multiple times, why they wouldn't just share the internal numbers with the Trump team if they're accurate. Raffensperger and his attorney dodged it many times, saying there is some information they can't share by law. However, the Trump team wasn't asking for names.

President Trump then called out Raffensperger for the signature verification process in Cobb County, a place they didn't ask for. They asked for Fulton County. The verification process ran under the same opaque procedures as the votes in question.

Okay. So you sent us into Cobb County for signature verification, right? You sent us into Cobb County, which we didn’t want to go into. And you said it would be open to the public. So we had our experts there, they weren’t allowed into the room. But we didn’t want Cobb County. We wanted Fulton County. And you wouldn’t give it to us. Now, why aren’t we doing signature — and why can’t it be open to the public?

Trump asks them if they've been shredding ballots and if Dominion was moving parts of the machines out of Fulton County. They say "no".

"Are you sure, Ryan?", President Trump asks.

One thing I've learned over the last 4 years is that President Trump rarely, if ever, asks a question to an enemy if he doesn't already know the answer. During this conversation, President asserts many times that they know and they have proof but he'd rather settle it quickly and out of court.

It doesn't look like that is going to happen, at this point.



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50 thoughts on “What Really Happened on Trump’s Phone Call With GA Sec. of State?”

  1. I sit here just shaking my head and ready to scream. This whole election has gotten so far out of hand it is pathetic. All surrounding a few hundred criminal government people that are taking sides with China and the unlawful crimes against America. It used to be that maybe once a year someone would do something illegal. Then it was monthly. From there it became weekly then daily. Now it is hourly. It never ends and gets worse and worse. I am so afraid for our future and for our very lives. If we all do not stick together and help stop all the crime, we are cooked. Done, Dead. I had to get this off my chest and I still don’t feel any better. I really am frightened.

    1. Totally agree with you! We have to become active and not sit and think someone else will do it!! Unless we do, this country is done as we know it and as the Patriots who died for it, left us!!

    2. Biden really won in GA—as he also won in MI and MN and WI and AZ and PA. All of those votes have been certified by their states, and the claims of vote stuffing and suitcases under the tables and trucks driving up with ballots and voting machines switching ballots are all simply LIES.

      1. How incompetent are you to think this, when, it’s all be shown in video’s & multiple witnesses took pictures of the fraud. Never, never make a statement you can’t back up with proof. You weren’t there, so, you can make any decision regarding any of this. You don’t have a clue, because, you are a follower & listen to the lying media.

        If Biden gets into office, you will regret voting for him. He is in bed with China for the money, but, is a fool & will not protect you in any regard. What have you seen him do in the 47 years he has been in politics?????? Nothing!!

      2. @SMRSTRAUSS, if it’s all lies, then there should be hundreds of people going to jail for filing false affidavits. Wanna bet that doesn’t happen?

      3. You’re trying to humor us, aren’t you? Well, it’s not working. Biden is the most corrupt politician ever who made himself and his family multimillionaires in his forty-seven years in office. How did that happen? I’ll tell you how, by licking Xi Jinping’s stinking shoes.

  2. Lies, Lies, and more lies…that is all you hear from the democrats…Trump never does any of the ridiculous things the Dems say he does….we are use to the All the bull crap…It is time all Americans stand up for what is right and just….we have had No justice for the democrats like Hillary, Biden…Pelosi, ect….committing treason against our country and its citizens…This is the last straw…We cannot let them and their sick cohorts get away with stealing the Presidency…or any other election…We must fight for our freedoms or there will be nothing left for us ….we will be saluting to a China flag….it won’t take long , if Crooked Joe gets the White House…

    1. Fiona, so true! Why are we letting pedophiles run our government? Why, just yesterday, I saw a woman who looked like Hillary going into a pizzeria with a few toddlers. It was horrifying!
      Poor Mr Trump never did anything wrong in his life! He was sent by good to ride of us this petulance!

    2. lots of luck in getting the American people to realize the Democrats are lying they have been brainwashed, that they will get free stuff like rent food money free college Trump is greatest President in the history of this country. The democrats will sell us out to China

  3. Again I’m sitting here shaking my head. I’m an independent because I didn’t want to associate democrat or republican. Both sides are back stabbing liars and life time politicians. I voted for Trump because he was not a politician. WhatI have seen is at every turn Trump has to battle his own party as well as the democrats. Trump may be arrogant and egotistical but he done what he said he was going to do. He brought jobs back our economy was growing and the covid-19 happened. Trump was blamed because he acted then he didn’t act soon enough now we have governors taking our freedoms. Why because they are power hungry fucktards and we are dumbasses for letting them. I am a chronic severe asthmatic and I have had to be careful every year before covid-19 because all flu and virus can kill me. Now we have the mask police saying we are all going to die if we don’t wear masks. The freaking health officials can’t even agree weather the vaccine is going to stop this virus. Well of course it’s not why because the dam virus is mutating. It has been obvious that there has been voter fraud and still we have people saying nope just a bunch of sore losers. What the hell are you freaking blind??? We seen the videos we seen the numbers from cnn when the computer transferred votes to Biden. Look I don’t give a crap we all should be up in arms about the fact that the machines were hacked during one of the hearings. The machines were not supposed to have been on line. We already done the phone call bullshit where Nancy pelosi and get minions went after Trump over another phone call and now here we are again. It is time to get all the life time politicians out of our house and not ever let this crap happen again. We need term limits so that we can hopefully stop corruption. As it stand now unless you have money to run for office everyday people don’t stand a chance at getting a seat. Wake the hell up people

  4. I’m betting, when the dust and smoke settles and President Trump takes his Presidential Oath of Office on Jan 20, 2021, the US Marshals Office and SELECTED GROUPS OF US MILITARY BRANCHES will begin the arrests and transportation to Holding Facilities of a lot of people that will be charged with everything from SPYING for a Foreign, to WORKING WITH A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT to outright TREASON.

    And the list will reach from the TOP TO THE BOTTOM of local through federal governments.


      1. Amen! Biden and his son have made millions from China and so I would question any deal that he made with them. Is it for his benefit or the country? Does China own him? Has he disclosed past lucrative deals with China for either him or his son or both? Too many questions and gray areas to be president of our great country.

  5. So my question is this is anyone surprised by this revelation and yet the news media wonders why Trump calls them fake news they essentially whore themselves out for a juicy story especially if it goes against Trump!

  6. We are wasting time. A Civil war is inevitable and the only way to rid the nation of this cancer of corruption.

  7. You probsably won’t publish this…. but what a load of garbage. If you listen to the recording you can hear explicitly that Trump is asking to turn over the elction because he ‘thinks’ the election was rigged.

    He lost the election fair and square just like the many before him and should just grow up. He’s so patheic it beggars belief.

    As to what good he’s done…well it goes nowhere near being offset by the damage he’s caused to the US and the world for that matter. Not the least of which is the failure of his actions on the Corona virus. That’s a tragegy of epic proportions and one for which he says he bears no repsonsibilty. He spends his time blaming everyone but himself. What a loser he is! Thank God he’ll be gone come 20 January….

    1. Sorry, nice try Greg. Too bad your stale tuna doesn’t pass the smell test. You believe what you WANT and the rest of us will believe the facts and subsequent truth. We realize nobody can change your “made up” mind because it’s what you want to believe and no amount of evidence will make a difference. But hopefully, you will somehow allow just a bit of clarity enter your mind and some discernment might occur. I seriously doubt this will happen. At any rate, good luck if you get your wish….you’re gonna need it….as well as we Trump supporters who oppose China Joe’s fraudulent election.

    2. You are a traitor
      Gitmo for you with your dem buddies. Chinese propaganda. Hock line and sinker. You fell for the lies.l the dems have been selling. You bought every word. I feel sorry for you. Traitor!!!!

    3. The crowd here wants THEIR NARRATIVES reinforced. No matter how false they are.
      They started attacking FOX as soon as FOX let a few FACTS into their broadcasts.
      They now go to OAN and Newsmax and Breitbart for right wing propaganda.

    4. What is the specific damage you speak of Scarf? You are a typical low life democrat living in a dream world

    5. Biden won fair and square”

      You’re so full of it. You don’t even need evidence of election fraud to see that this contest was rigged from the start. Every governor, judge, and election official who changed their state or county election process, violated Article II, Section I of the Constitution, which clearly gives state legislatures the exclusive power to manage their elections.

      When these changes are made without accounting for uniformity or standardized processing across county lines and precincts, you have further violations of the 14 Amendments, Equal Protection Clause, which they violated by dispensing, collecting, processing and counting ballots differently in each region.

      The problem with democrats is they thought they had this election in the bag because of Covid and their mail-in ballot scheme. They really thought that Biden would win in a landslide, which is why some media-sponsored polls continued to show double-digit leads for Biden, which in no way represented reality. They planned on using these polls to corroborate Biden’s big win, which sadly, didn’t come!

      Instead of a predicted exodus of Trump voters, Trump received more votes than any previous presidential candidate in history—including 11 million more than his previous election. This anomaly made Trump the first candidate to loose an election despite a record increase in votes. It’s discrepancies like this that make the 2020 election an unprecedented and unmitigated fraud.

      How does Biden receive a record number of votes, while losing a record number of counties throughout the country. How does he receive more votes than Obama’s record numbers in 2008, when black participation around the country is down—while participation rates in select cities controlled by democrats in battleground states are from 90% to well over 100%. This is another statistical anomaly that doesn’t add up when you consider that Trump received more support from the black community than any other Republican in over 60 years.

      At any other time, a 2% loss of support for Democrats from the black community spells disaster—but according to the liberal NY Magazine, democrats received less support from Blacks across the boards. This is why many democrats lost on the undercard or down-ballot, yet we’re suppose to believe that Biden not only won, but won by record numbers.

      Trump held significant leads in all the battleground states by the end of election night, especially his over 600,000 vote lead in Pennsylvania. Yet, after a coordinated pause around midnight among several battleground states, Trumps large advantages immediately disappeared following resumption of counting early the next day. In Detroit, vote-counters sat around for hours without a ballot to count until a van dropped off 38,000 around 4:00am the next day. In Pennsylvania, more than 600,000 ballots would appear, completely erasing Trumps huge advantage.

      It isn’t that Trumps lead began to diminish; it’s the margins and ratio in which he lost the lead that exposes the fraud. The ratio of Biden to Trump votes after resumption of counting, was at an unprecedented level, never seen before. Not 10-1 or 50-1, but in some cases over a 100 and 1000-1. This isn’t only unprecedented, it in no way reflects a country that is basically split almost 50-50. This is why when 600,000 ballots showed up in Pennsylvania with over a 99.2% margin in favor of Biden, something is significantly wrong.

      Whether it’s the record low number of rejection rates of around 0.3%, compared to 1.3-4% in every other election, including the recent primaries—or the number of over-votes and full-participation rates in select battleground states, there is more than enough evidence to suggest voter fraud.

      The bottom line is, Democrats never expected the Red Wave that came out in support of Trump, which sent them back to the drawing board in the middle of the night to find enough ballots to overcome their disadvantage. This is why we have signed affidavits attesting to numerous vehicles dropping of hundreds and thousands of ballots early into the next morning. This is why we saw, on video, Georgia poll workers sending people home as they pulled out boxes of ballots from beneath covered tables, and began counting without any observers present. The fact that democrats and the media have no interest in investigating these facts, is evidence enough.

    6. You didn’t hear the real recording, but, heard the edited recording by the media. I’ve read & already heard the REAL valid phone conversation. What was shown on TV last night was totally edited. You are a total fool if you think there is anything to the Covid-19 mess. It has all been a PLANDEMIC to try & get Trump out of office, to take away our constitutional rights, to force us into taking vaccines that are not real, but, harmful to us. These vaccines are being refused by 70% of front line workers & even doctors, because, they know this vaccine will give the government control over your mind & you will become a walking robot for the government.

      You have spent your time in the basement, along, with Biden if you can’t see the good that Trump has done for America. If your Biden buddy gets into office, you will regret voting for him, as he has already stated what he is going to do. He has 47 years of statements, that he has never completed. I guess you didn’t see the real conversation Biden had in Ukraine when he made sure the prosecutor was fired, prior to freeing up the millions.

      People of your kind with extremely low IQ’s always follow without any knowledge of why they are making any decision. Lots of sympathy goes to you & your dumbness.

  8. the one thing usa had going for itself was a free election without intimidation……..honest we held it dear to our hearts. now all that is dashed and noone is willing to lift a fingure to prove the situation is correct and real. yet there is proff of dead people voting , more people voting than are regu=istered in certain areas or counties, illegals casting ballots, rhems of ballots received all conincedental all for biden thousands of votes (mail ins) all for biden now how can that be unless they have someone tied up in a room writting ballots and putting them in abox for delivery. lets get real if there is nothing wrong lets do a recount with auditors preset and go over the machine which we know were connected to the internet and get the right answer. if the democratsc did nothing wrong they should be amiable for that to be done. they would have nothing to fear but fear itself.

  9. everybody knows what’s going on in Georgia,just ask the people.Trump was way ahead then come a water problem and they send the people home,then Trump is behind. come on, voter fraud all over. this is not fair to us the American people,what the hell good is it to vote.the Republicans have to fight for are rights whatever it takes

    1. I agree don, we shouldn’t bother voting. It’s fake anyway.
      We should take power like our beloved leader does: cry, whine, complain, fire people who don’t think we are great, basically act like a little b#tch!

      1. This has nothing to do with thinking he is great, you fool. He is doing this for America’s right to a fair vote during election time.

        If this goes unattended, we will never have another fair voting process in America. Our beingness won’t even matter…

        The one thing we can all count on with Trump, is he puts it all out there to fight for we American’s & does it with confidence.

  10. Dems Always LIE & use same tactic before pre virus in March Jan last year.
    Tired of these stupid Games.,
    Blowback coming
    Karma coming X100
    Love seeing Biden deny media questions to him
    They Hate Trump so much they Miss everything else
    Election rigged day 1 with HR 1

  11. Why are you still trying to convince thinking people that the president did not pressure election officials when he clearly did?

    1. True. Another pointless spin. Right wing media continually INSULTS their followers.

  12. Dominion – Check out their contracts with the 4 states that changed things for Trump – something is up
    Dominion – Did you know Nancy Pelosi has something to do with them – not sure how much of them she owns-
    Dominion – Trucks being brought in with deliveries after hours?
    Dominion – Changing their bid in Philadelphia? Reducing it after they lost the contract to another? How many other places did this happen?
    If ballots were delivered that were manufactured – it is to difficult to prove – Of course they can recount as much as they want – the count isn’t going to change –
    So many ways to cheat – it’s just something else to consider

  13. Trump and his clown car of attorneys NEVER PRESENT EVIDENCE when given the chance.
    And they’ve had over 50! Way past time to fold up this tent.

  14. If Joe was not cheated, stolen…why he didn’t ask the investigation ? Why they were very quiets ? Why the medias didn’t allowed to public the scandal of the Joe’s family ???

    That means the fraud voting, steal existed.

    The American people can’t accept a cheater, thief and corrupt future president of USA, this bad example cannot show for the world too.

  15. Show us the evidence, the video, for example. Hearsay and quotations of biased parties are not evidence. We don’t believe something is true just because someone said something.

    None of you is a “patriot”. Nationalism isn’t patriotism. Claiming patriotism isn’t patriotism. Taking risks to create a new republic or to defend (all of) the founding principles of a republic is patriotism. Patriot means “founding father”. None of you is a “patriot”.

    Stop using the word to refer to yourself.

    1. Tons of evidence has already been shown, but, I guess you were in the basement with Biden….

  16. So, here’s my thought: the piles of evidence gathered by the Republicans against Democrats in the Russian collusion affair was damming. The right-wing media said several times that prosecution would begin soon and people will go to jail. So, nane one American that was inducted and charged with any kind of crime concerning the Russia collusion investigation.
    Clinton is a crook and needs to be put in jail. Again, piles of evidence against her for using her cell phone to transmit top secret stuff. Piles of evidence against her for covering up her crime by illegally destroying evidence in the investigation, while the right-wing media cried out “…she’s going down, she going to jail!”. So, name one person who was charged or convicted in this cell phone incident. And you wander why people don’t believe this election fraud stuff?

  17. This is a COUP, plain but not simple. Whoever masterminded and/or orchestrated it is known to a small exclusive cadre of people. On the fringe of that circle is a larger number of people who know something was up but cannot connect the dots. The courts are a waste of time and part of the problem. I say offer a big lottery-sized REWARD for information that leads to the Holy Grail. $100 million tax free and witness protection would be awfully tempting. Peanuts in the grand scheme of things. The villains have had a 5 year start and you can be sure it is complex and evil and above all, dead secret. No amount of wailing is going to uncover it, certainly not in a couple of months. Money is the root of all evil and an effective antidote in most cases involving evil.

  18. Newsmax had a written transcript of the conversation. What the Washington Post did was defame the President with a false story. He made reference to what it would take to win Georgia, he didn’t allude to making up false ballots where someone could find them like the Democrats. More to the point, the Trump haters will make up as many false stories and allegations to destroy Trump and this country, just like the Ukraine telephone conversation that cost the taxpayers millions for the fake impeachment hearings that didn’t prove squat. Time for the people to stand their ground and call out the liars. Marine Nam vet and former cop.

  19. This Republican Secretary of State appears to be trying to hide something and my gut tells me he’s very dirty. Leaked the phone call to deflect from himself, the hell with the country if he can save his own skin. He says that he only found 2 dead people who voted. Does anybody really believe that only 2 dead people voted in the state of Georgia?

  20. You are not going to convince me that the 100% of the military votes were for Biden, Biden was part of the Obama Administration that was trying to destroy the military whereas President Trump strengthen the military!


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