Are Democrats Skipping Socialism and Going Straight for Communism?


Democrats are skipping socialism and going straight for communism, and we should have seen it coming. Politicians, especially Democrat politicians, rarely tell you what they’re actually going to do. They tell you a watered-down version that is missing some key components.

Fulton County, Georgia officials cancelled a hearing in the last minute, on Monday, that was set to audit ballots in the county that same day.

Remember when the left and the media were decrying that President Trump would become a ‘dictator’ and call in the National Guard to help stop the violent and destructive riots in DC?

Well, the DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has called in the National Guard for the MAGA March on Wednesday, January 6. There hasn’t been any sign of violence or destruction yet.

Reports broke Monday afternoon of the founder of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, being arrested after landing at the airport in Washington, D.C. to attend the MAGA March on Wednesday.

Democrat Mayors and Governors across the country are demanding their citizens stay home and keep their businesses closed while they go out to fine dining and on vacations with their friends.

Democrats are also restricting churches from meeting and saying the word "Amen" must be changed to "Awomen". It's lunacy, yes, but it's also the exact way communists act. They're always exempted from their own rules.

Nancy Pelosi had a Covid positive Congresswoman fly in to take part in the vote to keep her spot as Speaker of the House, but it was too dangerous for you to vote in person, open your business, go to work, go to church, or go to the park with your kids.

Lawyers for President Donald Trump are getting death threats, with one being placed in protective custody. A team member of Jovan Pulitzer, the man tasked with the forensic audit of ballots in Georgia just had his home shot up.

Tell me. Does this sound like the future Joe Biden and Democrats promised or one that would be seen in a country like Venezuela or China? Socialism just sounded better.

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42 thoughts on “Are Democrats Skipping Socialism and Going Straight for Communism?”

  1. Technically, these are not “communist” measures, but they are authoritarian measures, with a nasty fillip of RHIP thrown in for good measure. But I do not doubt that they intend to government-ize all factories, seize all homes, and hold all things in common. That comes from the World Economic Forum, under the heading of “Great Reset.”

  2. Well yeah! Why waste time pretending to be socialist when communism is so strongly supported everywhere. The democrats are already applying the practice with COVID-19 as their excuse. Don’t fooled communism is here in broad daylight. And we’re screwed if conservatives loose the senate and the White House.

    1. Oh, they aren’t forgetting it at all. They haven’t forgotten, for example, that it was armed citizens, rebelling against the so-called ‘legitimate government authorities’, that made us the United States of America in the first place. THAT, and not bank robbers or violent lunatics, is the REAL reason the leftists are so keen on gun control, starting with banning ‘scary black guns’. Because it isn’s about the guns at all – gun control is ALL about CONTROL.

      1. Nor did Dale loose his freedom of speech. Yet but if the democruds keep it up we will be in a war to keep our freedoms. INSULT YOU SAY. Well ADE when they tell you when to get up, when to go to work, who to go to work for and anything else they feel like telling you to do, you just remember that you told Dale that he obviously hadn’t lost his freedom to insult. Because if you keep backing the democrat party you will eventually be backing COMMUNISM. Everything they want to do to this country will destroy our CONSTITUTION. You loose that and you loose it all. Your only Rights will be the Rights that they let you have, Not Rights that are given to us by way of our Constitution.

  3. Not sure what the left thinks will happen if they continue down the path they are on. Americans have always been free. Do people remember the cry “no taxation without representation “? How do you think America can follow the Democrats and not be taxed heavily. People are already losing freedoms. How can people elect a person that says “you can not serve God and the military”. Does that person even know how many people died so that he is free to say the things that he is saying? Are Americans going to stand still and let these things happen. The rich and the politicians will continue to live as they do. Who will suffer are the American people. All these young people that are all for socialism,, have only lived in an America that is a democracy. I personally believe that when the dust settles, Americans are going to stand up. I worry for my children and grandchildren. This country is 27 trillion dollars in debt, how can this continue? Of course, the middle class American is going to be taxed to start paying some of that debt. I believe there should be term limits. I believe the salaries of ALL politicians should be cut in half. I believe our country should have a government by the people for the people. I do not think 13 percent segment of the population should dictate the direction of our country. Much of this is because of what the left does and gives to them for their vote. People, wake up, look what you are destroying, the 13 percent that believe the democrats are “giving” to them, need to take a look at the last fifty years and ask themselves what they have truly received.

      1. There is a small minority; with the support os Academia,Deep State politicians, Fake news, the Courts, Hollywood and professional sports as their mouthpiece and puppets, who are running the show from behind the curtain. They have been actively, piece by piece, dismantling and destroying the “Greatest Nation on Earth The United States of America) in the name of “Progressivism” with their chaos, lies and propaganda. Socialism is merely a precursor for their intended Communist Dictatorship.The 50/50 you are talking about are you and those like you who have had your heads buried in the sand or much darker and nastier places/ and those of us who love God and this nation which was founded by and has been blessed by the God of Nature and Nature’s God, the Creator ans Sustainer of all. The end is near and yours will a sad and sorry one indeed. Thank you or your following comment. It proves in itself all I said is true.

    1. The congresswoman who has COVID but flew in to vote for Nancy Pelosi is Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI). And if you haven’t heard about the Dems changing Amen to Awomen you are obviously only getting your news from CNN or another “News” station that tells you only what they want you to know. This person also is probably unaware that the Dems have changed words such as father, mother, brother, sister, etc., to parents, siblings, etc., so as not to offend anyone who doesn’t “identify” with those terms, which have been in use since the beginning of time.
      Many Dems are truly unaware of problematic issues because they do not get the information; I realized this some time ago when I asked different Dems at separate times how they felt about issues such as “Fast and Furious” and they didn’t even know what I was referring to, because of a lack of reporting on liberal news stations.
      Conservatives are at fault, though, for allowing our education system to be taken over by people who hate America, and taught our kids their terrible ideas, which resulted in the 1619 Project winning the Pulitzer Prize.
      A dangerous time in America, when the high tech companies have the power to affect a presidential election by suppressing information being presented to Americans, such as details of the election fraud or the information on Hunter Biden’s computer (which the FBI hid for nearly a year) that shows the corruption in the Biden family.
      Pray for America and it’s freedoms.

      1. Occasionally, Lady Liberty requires bloodshed in support of this great country and unless Trump inacts the Insurgence Act to thwart the Globalist take over (see judical failure all accross the great country), there will be civil war (if and when the gun grabbers fail). The democraps have sold America out – Lock-n-Load.

    2. ‘Reverend’ Warnock: …”I am a pro-choice pastor”.
      Please let that sink in!
      This despicable facilitator of the American Holocaust will eventually be tried in a Court not of this world, and face a Judge that will mete out to him perfect justice.

  4. This is a foolish notice, because there is no substantiation of the statements. NO one can believe this.Where’s the proof about Pelosi flying in an infected person? I’m a church-going person and haven’t heard one word about “Awomen.” That sounds like a joke. Calling in the national guard is a privilege to prevent violence. The title of this article is inflammatory. What socialism is talked about? Awomen? Talking with an infected person? Who cancelled a meeting and for what reason? A Georgia official talking for a long hour on the telephone to say that votes were accurately counted doesn’t sounds like socialism. What is the “misdemeanor” of Tarrio? This notice sounds as tho it was written by someone who didn’t go to school. It is full of innuendo and hyperbole, and scarce on demonstrations of proof. As for death threats, that is most worrisome–whoever makes theml and for whatever reason. Differences of opinion are to be discussed. That the writer could have learned in school also.

    1. This gal has definitely been watching to much ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS over the last year or so as they have produced an extremely biased news source with their omissions and one-sided reporting. The “awoman” prayer ending is on to many sources not to have been seen .

    2. Wow! You are so in the dark hole. Multiple videos and audios of eldridge cleaver fiving the prayer in the new 117th congress with his amen awoman ending. Multiple reports and pictures of the congresswoman in her plexiglass on upper chamber of house just so nanacy gets her votes…very narrowly. Shame on you for being so ….

    3. Desperate Pelosi has COVID-19 infected Democrats in House because she’s desperate for Speaker votes

      If you pull your head out, you can find verification for every question or statement, if you use a search engine other than google.

      Death threats are common currency on the left. Those of a conservative bent don’t warn their targets.

    4. What did they do. Send you over here to see how much shit you could stir up? Yeah you’re a dumbocrat for sure. Get lost Commie.

    5. Have you not seen the pastor giving the prayer at the opening of the new Congress? Look it up. There is a video of the whole thing. He doesn’t even mention our Lord and Savior. He mentions “many gods”. At the end, he says amen and awomen . Nancy Pelosi has made new rules that you cannot say brother, sister, mother, father, etc. You must look these things up! It is all true. She DID fly in this woman to vote. The woman had Covid and should have been quarantined. I too am a Christian and I abhor all these things. So should you

  5. This is exactly what i said. What happened to socialism? Why are they going straight to communism?

    1. Socialism has never succeeded in the history of the world (see Venzuala’s economics that tresure ‘stray dogs’ for dinner). In order for Socialism to satisfy the Professional, Career, ‘ruling-elite’, ‘Let them eat cake’ democrap politicians, there must be elements of the Economic Command Authority (see Obama’s quanitative easing where he picked lossers and winners with his $878 billion stimulas package).

  6. Why would any of this surprise anyone, Biden is “owned” by the ChiComs, and Harris is “owned” by George Soros.
    Why any person in their right mind would support Communism, or Socialism or Fascism is the basic fault of what has become of American “education”, while there are many good teachers, there are too many who preach their ideas instead of teaching their subject matter, thanks to poor college “instructors” who have become liberal propaganda machines, this is supported by administrators? who have no business being administrators. I saw this happening when I attended college and watched it starting in High Schools while I was teaching.

  7. Parents must take the time to find out if their child is being taught by a socialist liberal teacher . These socialist liberal teachers must be sought out and barred from teaching socialism to our kids in all grades K-12 and really sought out in colleges across the US and around the World . Parents must take on the task and the burdens because our politicians don’t seem to be up to doing what is needed to stop communism in schools . Politicians are good at promising us the moon and the stars but they don’t appear to have the knowledge or the backbone to do what it will take to root out the communist evils in our kids education system .

  8. When are we going to stand up as God Fearing American Citizens and take our Country back from these Fascist Communist people. what is truly sad is they were elected and swore an oath on a bible to defend the Constitution. In my opinion anyone who took the oath of office and does not do what they promised or break that oath should be thrown out of office physically and thrown in Federal Prison. If found guilty of treason and I firmly believe Hillary and Obama committed Treason along with a multitude of other elected officials. I took an oath when I enlisted, it never, ever expires.

  9. This comment will probably be removed because they can not face the truth as this is a battle for our souls, God (good) against Satan (evil).
    When the Democrat Party was founded, Satan in his plan thought that this is the party group I will use to destroy the United States of America. If you noticed everything that has been voted into law that is designed to destroy your freedoms has been by the Democrat Party. In the 2012 Democrat Convention they voted to take God out of their platform, so when God left the Democrat Party, Satan was there to fill the void that was left when God departed. Satan has control of the Democrat Party and the Main Stream Media and all that follow their leading. God has turned the Democrat Party, Main Stream Media, and all that follow them, over to a strong delusion that they should believe a lie and be damned because they receive not the knowledge of the truth.

    1. James, the thought with which you concluded your comment is very well taken ! Second Thessalonians 2:9-12 : “The coming of the lawless one is according to the work of Satan, with all power, signs, and LYING wonders, and with all UNRIGHTEOUS DECEPTION among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should BELIEVE THE LIE, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but HAD PLEASURE IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS.” (NKJV) The “inconvenient truth” is offensive to people whose goals are against what is for good purposes !!! They try to reverse labels, and then believe the falsehoods. There is the warning told in Isaiah 5:20 : “Woe to them who call evil good, and good evil ; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness ; who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter !” (NASB) Jesus told some hypocrites in John 8:44 that the devil “…is a liar and the father of lies.” People who refuse to receive and believe the truth are left with lies as what they believe.Then they call truth “lies” and call lies “truth ;” reversing labels to be exact opposites of what factually fit. They choose to follow false sources of information. They make the infamous claim that Donald Trump “… has told a verified minimum of 20,000 lies !” Their FRAUD has been rampant !!! You are right that their removal of God from public acknowledgement in much of America left a vacuum which Satan (the devil) quite happily filled !!! As we read in Romans 1:22, “Professing to be wise, they became fools…” and in Verse 25, “…they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator…” and in Verse 28, “…God gave them over to a depraved mind…” How corrupt things have become, by people opposing Almighty God, and opposing those who attempt to live rightly !!!

  10. Communism has been the ultimate goal of the Democratic party for decades. As a group they have moved farther and farther to the left and what some are calling socialism has already been bypassed. Anyone who actually observes what goes on in Washington and in state capitals has seen this coming for a long time and has tried to alert the people to what is going on in our country. But, far too many people, young and old, are more interested in what is being said on social media than what our politicians stand for and plan to do to us. Unless these people wake up soon they are going to find they have lost the very freedoms we have enjoyed simply because they refused to stand up for the values that has made our country great.

  11. I’ve been saying it for years. And Karl Marx used the terms “Socialism” and “Communism” interchangeably. “Communism” is another word for “collectivism” — thaqt ideology in which the individual has no worth beyond what he can provide to the collective, or “community” — that’s the scam, because the community as a whole is in the same dire situation as the individual. It is the tyrant running the show who reaps the rewards, and distributes them among his jackboots according to how efficiently they extract wealth from the people.

  12. Many of US did see that Progressives were pushing Socialism in order to have the U.S. become Communist, and we were called conspiracy theorist nutcases. It really did not take a lot of effort to look at the history of how Progressives have been infecting the U.S. with Socialism over the past century to be able to see that they have been aiming toward Communism. Today’s Progressives in the U.S. began as a name change for American Communists. Progressives didn’t even try very hard to hide that they were Communist leaning.

  13. Article above opens with: “Democrats are skipping socialism and going straight for communism, and we should have seen it coming.” Well, what a shock! This “coming” has been being seen for many years now to anyone who was paying attention! We’re doing this to ourselves…with more than a little help from the left. Sad to say, but we deserve what we allow to happen!

    1. Not SO John Busch !! I suppose we encouraged them to STEAL THIS ELECTION! They Steal everything and anything that they can steal to destroy our Constitution of These United States of America. The commies bastards are very good at hiding the Truth and Telling you/us a lie to take another slice of our Freedoms. Most people in this country listen to the bullshit being told to them on that wonderful thing called a tv set that the commies us to spread their propaganda to everyone. They use half/truths and out right lies until they turn it all around. However I do understand where you are coming from. We didn’t pay enough attention to who we voted into office and we didn’t pay attention to what they were doing after they got in office. They never upheld the oath that they took after they got into office and we didn’t make them. Now we are paying the price. FREEDOM ISN’T FREE. We have to get off our asses and start doing something now or we are going to be OWNED, SLAVES of the COMMUNIST . Join the fight now and get your butt to DC FOR DONALD J. TRUMP And show the world that we do not want the Communist demodogs.

  14. Ade, I guess you have not been listing to the correct news stations. Pelosi did fly in a Covid infected person to vote for her. Get your head out of the sand, I can’t believe you are a Christian with some of your comments.

  15. 1) If the wiki leaks guy can into an American territory he would be immediately arrested. So what would you expect DC do?

    2) The Mayors and Governors are doing the same thing that other government around the world are doing trying to take control of the Covid virus.

    3) That is pretty dumb. They are go against of writes to worship as per our religion.

    4) Pelosi is doing her job. That is if the house is in session she is suppose to be there to moderate it. The didn’t tell you that you could do the other things. Only suggestion to keep it from being a huge group. People are still traveling and collecting together at political rallies.

    4) Mitch McConnel and several other have had their home vandalized with statement that would come from Trump supporters.

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