Our Hopes for 2021 Won’t Be Fulfilled By a Politician, But By Us

COOK FOREST, Pennsylvania – It has just finished snowing here, and the forest looks magical, draped in white. It takes on a silvery blue shine under the blue sky that emerged after the storm finished leaving its mark. The silence is soon broken by the crunching of snowshoes off in the distance.

Southwest of here, a handful of anglers fishing the drift of the Slippery Rock Creek breaks the silence of the surrounding forest. At Laurel Hill, it is the rustling of the leftover fall leaves, softened by age and weather, under the weight of hikers’ boots.

Along the High Bridge, the snow that is piled on the towering old Western Maryland Railroad tracks that span the gorge over the Youghiogheny River fails to deter cross-country skiers along the Great Allegheny Passage trail as the swooshes of their skis are the only sounds for miles.

Sometimes, it is the small things that make the loudest sounds. Sometimes, it is the loudest things that make insignificant impacts. It is in the former where we can find peace, meaning and purpose. It is in the latter that we find confusion and distrust.

This old year is wearing down, and the new year beckons. In that span of time, all of us have lost something. Some of us have lost everything. None of us will ever be the same. That is the cut that hurts the most.

Americans, whether their families have been here for several generations or they just gained their citizenship, are fiercely aspirational. We thrive on being part of something bigger than ourselves, even if the "big" isn't that big. Americans are fiercely tied to traditions, community, faith, family and service, all of which are slivers of the defining moments of our lives and all of which have fallen in the wake of the pandemic.

As they have fallen, many have gone from fearing they might never come back to losing hope they ever will. It is a note we don't just end the year with, but it is a reality we begin the new year with.

The things we don't want to come back in 2021 that most assuredly will are the combative public rhetoric in our politics and the politics of the coronavirus. The other thing that will most assuredly and unfortunately come back will be the constant drum of fear and gloom.

President-elect Joe Biden set the tone of his approach to leadership last week when he said the "darkest days" in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic "are ahead of us, not behind us," and he urged people to prepare themselves for the dark struggle.

His words hang out there, and many wonder what more do they want people to give up. How much more loss of treasure, community, family, liberty and livelihood are we supposed to give up? And how is it that we've allowed the government to continue to pick who the winners and losers are in these restrictions?

We've adapted all the ways we've been told to: wearing masks in public, avoiding crowds, social distancing, frequent hand-washing, testing and quarantine rules. And you tell us the darkness we are in now is nothing compared with what we are about to face?

Americans need something to aspire to - a purpose or someone who will take us to a better place. If 2020 taught us anything, then it taught us that that journey upward will not come from a politician, nor will it come from the loudest voices, which means it will likely come from within us as a people. That might be the best news for 2021.

Salena Zito is a CNN political analyst, and a staff reporter and columnist for the Washington Examiner. She reaches the Everyman and Everywoman through shoe-leather journalism, traveling from Main Street to the beltway and all places in between.

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4 thoughts on “Our Hopes for 2021 Won’t Be Fulfilled By a Politician, But By Us”

  1. Enough dictates from condescending and ignorant politicians. I’ve only got a Bachelor of Science in Biology but it is enough that I can see the fallacy and ulterior methods of these elitist people and their false shutdown practices and their false claims of “It’s the Science”. What didn’t work for the Spanish Flu epidemic doesn’t work here either. My father survived by catching the flu and surviving it. My aunt that I never met died of anaphylactic shock in 1918 from the horse serum that the “quacks” forwarded as a “cure”. So beware of rushed “cures” and arbitrary defensive measures that make us their guinea pigs. Wait for proven defensive measures ( Isolation was the method used in the Nineteen Hundreds and I think is proven but many other methods are just theories and not based in fact. These methods must be proven by many trials and what they do is practice and try until they come up with effective treatment). Again beware.

  2. America and it’s comeback from democrats and their chinese brothers !!
    You can’t go into a war with treasonous killers like the democrats with good intentions, forgiveness and a hand shake!!!
    Make no mistake democrats want to own you !
    Kill you
    And take away your freedoms and families!!
    Make no mistake America is at war from within and our enemies are communist chinese bought and owned demwhores!
    If you think anything less than the extermination of every last treasonous democrat in this country !!!
    You are and will always be nothing more than a MORON!
    Democrats have cheated lied and killed to steal from you!
    They are guilty of treason, if they don’t win they will be indicted and killed for their crimes!!!!
    Democrats have their lives to loose !
    They will kill your grandmothers and your babies to survive!
    Then say Trump did it as they wash the blood from their hands in front of you and smirk!!!!
    Until America brings guns grenades and rockets to the fight we will loose!!
    It’s no longer immoral to protect America with violence democrats started the violence and stop being morons with good hearts !!
    Kill them or they Will Kill you and America!
    This is War!
    Start fighting or die !!!

    1. As much as I hate this idea, I know you are correct. Politicians killed Kennedy. they killed all those poor people in the 9/11 fiasco, they killed Seal Team 6. I could go on forever, unfortunately. People need to realize they have been killing us for decades! The guilt lies in both parties but now is almost completely Democrat. It would not surprise me if a couple of Jumbo jets landed in DC and Chinese dignitaries and soldiers were welcomed to the Whitehouse for a thank you from Biden for their help in corrupting our voting, schools, free speech rights, help big tech censoring and taking over all our news outlets and oh yes sending a pandemic to ruin our economy. Biden’s Dark Winter is for the complete take over of our country by China. They will have to kill a bunch more of us to free up all the land China wants to use to raise food for their country. Ready to pick up a gun yet? I know I am.

  3. Biden will be the reason for the “darkest days” His riches and beliefs are not right. When the American people, that go beyond BLMs destruction of business and homes, are struggling to survive, feed the family, and survive the winter months, he hides in his home, eats well and plans on how to sell our country out for more personal riches. Everything that Martin Luther King did for his fellow BLACK brothers, has now been stomped on and really destroyed in 2020. Did he help make and assist in the planning of spreading COVID to America.??? I wonder.
    I pray America still stands for EQUALITY, FREEDOM, and Justice for all.
    I for one will stand to keep America great!
    For all colors, white, brown, yellow, red and BLACK.
    FUND the police. Get rid of the “Can’t touch me” movement
    GOD Bless America

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