Cover Blown: Georgia Election Hacked On Live TV During Hearing

Virtually every election ‘expert’ that you’ve heard from on mainstream media has told you that Dominion voting machines are not able to be connected to the internet. They’ve mocked anyone saying the obvious vote switches that occurred on live TV were evidence of something sketchy. They’ve laughed and said, “it’s not even possible to hack a voting system”.

Well, they lied.

And, again, they got caught.

And they got caught on live TV during a Georgia Senate hearing on election fraud when the man giving testimony dropped a bombshell on them.

“At this very moment at a polling location in the county, not only do we now have access to the devices through the poll pad — the system — but we are in.”

Jovan Pulitzer, American inventor most known for creating and patenting CRQ, shocked everyone when he said his team had hacked one of the polling stations and was communicating in real time with the machines and documenting the traffic. It was receiving data and sending data to the machines conducting the Senate runoff election. At that very moment.

This poses quite a problem for the Dominion folks as well as Governor Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and any other election officials who have testified that there could be no connection to the machines because they are not online.

The Dominion exec who testified said they were unable to connect, despite witness testimony that they were connected to the internet during the November 3rd election.

Following this day of devastating testimony, the Georgia Senate Subcommittee voted to audit the absentee ballots of Fulton County, GA.

The Senate committee voted to allow Pulitzer to inspect all absentee ballots. He said it would only take him a couple of hours to look at 500,000 ballots.

So, why wasn't this done along time ago? It's becoming obvious why it wasn't done. They lied. And they got caught, again.



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145 thoughts on “Cover Blown: Georgia Election Hacked On Live TV During Hearing”

      1. O.K. Mr. glass houses, he without sin, etc….. I will, you clown…… and maybe i’ll start with YOU!
        I have NEVER commited voter fraud you pile of human debri, and Most people have not, and will not!
        So why don’t you go sc*** yourself, and your way of thinking! (probably the most action you’d get in a looooong time anyway…)

      1. Hanging or firing squad…either one..this is an extremely seriuos crime against our nation..our govt,our way of life,and our people…and the death sentence would be very appropiate here in this will certainly make people think twice about selling our country out for power or money

    1. There goes most of Congress, the judiciary, all the alphabet letter dept’s. in our gov’t. FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc., Wall St., K St., NWO globalists, establishment elites, the lame stream media, et al. Not a bad idea!

    2. The problem are the dem judges. You may find these people guilty, but there will be NO consequences because the judicial system is corrupt.

    1. I would have liked to post a comment but all I can do is respond to others comments. Seems a big ‘amazon’ ad covers the entire area to sign in and I can’t get rid of it. But as we already knew, this election was and is RIGGED!! I hope righteousness prevails over the elitists agenda.

  1. Finally the exposed cogent information needed for Vice President Pence to lead the overturning of the election that was not only media interference but the subversion of the election by the democrats over the last 4 years of lying to the public will be in the spotlight for all to see.

  2. President Trump asked for 2 things beside the $2000 stimulus and would have walked away quietly if he got them but now this means that the fight to the end will not stop. Democrats have sealed their own fate. January will be their last time to lie to the American public.

    1. So has chinless, spineless dinosaur Senators, Thune, Cornyn, Grassley, McConnell and few more old farts.

    2. What were the two things?
      I know one: “Let me win! Waaaa! I always win! My daddy hated losers! I can’t be one!”

  3. So many guilty of TREASON. All across our nation. Pray to God to restore our standing in HIS eyes.
    They were asked by the President to do the right thing, but they were already all in for TREASON.
    Remember the word, “KNOWINGLY”! Investigate where the American Citizen “stimulus” money was really headed… Follow the money, find the ties…..

    1. Yeah, God needs the standing of America restored in His eyes. I have a feeling he’s got better things to work about. But I guess you don’t. Solipsist…

  4. This scenario just keeps repeating itself and STILL no court will touch the issue. What kind of ‘oversight’ are we PAYING for IF the “supposed” judges are AFRAID to make a call ??? This situation is atrocious :^(

  5. The communists are coming, the communists are coming….no really, they really are coming and in a lot of places, they’re already here.

  6. 🗣WTF is it going to take for “We The People” to have this and all other REAL FACTUAL EVIDENCE heard in a Court Of Law or are the Courts Co-Consparitors in this Election Fraud COUP Attempt in which case the List of Traitors and Treasonous Individuals will only grow longer, in fact when can we expect to SEE (👁👁) some one’s ASS HELD ACCOUNTABLE for this BULLSHIT?🤔💭🏴‍☠️

  7. I beg all Americans to watch the Georgia hearings. Mr. Pulitzer’s testimony was devastating. Essentially, he said that the ballots were intentionally designed to cause the machines to malfunction and send ballots to Adjudication where the results could be tampered with, as was found in Antrim County Michigan where 68 percent of the Ballots went to Adjudication. In Adjudication, the machine operator can put into the machine whoever she/he feels like voting for and there is no audit trail!

    Pulitzer also showed that the ballots were marked to distinguish between Democratic and Republican areas and that such ballots could also be manipulated through Adjudication. He explained how his AI can distinguish between authentic and fake ballots and whether ballots had been mailed or dumped into the system and whether ballots had been hand marked or machine marked.

    1. This man and his associates are Heroes for their work and ability to uncover such things and this TREASON! The American people cannot let this continue? The thinking of the liberals and those who oppose these findings are simple and sadly proven!, An it is that the typical citizen has a short memory span and given a short period of time and other distractions they will simply grow weary and give in and move on to the next so called crisis! They look at the average citizen as a child having a tantrum and say just ignore them, they will run out of energy and will conform to our desires. The question is will you grow tired will you conform? Will you march on Washington not to protest but to peacefully occupy and not leave until this Treason has been righted! IN IT TO WIN IT! Hope to see many Patriots there! Our descendants future are in our hands! What kind of America shall we leave them?

      1. Senile Joe will NEVER be my president. He is not capable of cleaning out the local dog kennels.

  8. Leftists have NO Integrity & No Morality….THEY ARE Pure EVIL! they must be Defeated …. “We The People”
    want our Country back…Thank you Lord that we have a leader that will not GIVE UP,….. Will not Give in & Will NOT LET them DEFEAT Him! He Loves AMERICA & Her Citizens……Charlene A Patriot

  9. I believe Sidney Powell to be a lawyer with integrity above challenge. She accurately diagnosed “Dominion” as the culprit in a fraud riddled election. Trump soundly defeated Joe Biden and only a fool could believe otherwise.

  10. Why do I get the impression that next year is going to be a boom year for making up guns , rifles , ammunition and explosives on the side.

  11. This alone should be enough for the Supreme Court to throw out the entire 2020 election.

    There is one way only to save the election system in the USA. ID systems, made the responsibility of the states, one day voting with exceptions only through a process of absentee voting reviewed on several levels but the state system and reviewable by multiple courts and legislatures, and voting venues limited to a small enough voting population so that local officials could easily verify identities in disputed cases. It would be expensive and difficult; anything less will guarantee the demise of what democracy there is left.

  12. Please do something to protect our freedoms. Young men and women did not die in vain to let these jerks steal what all of us have fought for all these many years. How can they sleep at night?? I know I couldn’t. BUT oh yes I have a SOUL!😡

    1. Jean, you hit the nail on the head, these people have no heart or soul. They are doomed to eternal hell.

  13. It is my hope and that of millions of Americans that these traitors are tried and convicted of treason in the highest and either shot before a firing squad or hung by the neck till dead.

  14. Let’s ALL support and pray for President Trump – finish draining the swamp and cleansing our clergy. Streamline our government and bring us back to One Nation Under God – Priorities in order of God, Family & Country. Individual Responsibility.

  15. Major national issue if have way to hack to Internet & other alone.
    Very scary, bodes bad for 2022 race ahead.

    Use 2 step verification for system
    Make harder to acess Internet.
    Bot tracks Dom Systems within Web
    ID end users.
    Reward for abuse online OKd.

    Something has to be done

    I say tap a media persons device to Prove Dominion can get into polling.
    Make public take some CNN NPR ABC CBS reporters device

      1. Why should we house them in some joke of a prison when the only mercy they need is a new rope?
        The most money I agree to spent on these slimly worms $5 for a hanging rope or 20 cents for a bullet— which ever the least cost.
        While we are at it we need to clean house with these communist bastards and every other fool that feels America is worse than the shithole they crawled out of.

        1. Term Limits for all elected officials.
        2. No lobbyist allowed to associate with government officials….
        3. Heavy prison time for any government official, postal workers and above
        4. Get off your ass to vote, no mail in ballets, no on line voting.
        5. Pole workers to be certified through training (if they collect payment for their services (see #3 above))
        6. Any forgone monies found in government hands or bank accounts will be seized and the perpetrators
        prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
        7. Balanced budgets mandatory by a certain date, subject to severe fines if not ratified by that date (for both
        houses and any one else involved)

        I could go on but I need to get my blood pressure back down, ENOUGH OF THIS B,S. DO YOUR JOB OR YOU ARE FIRED, as I would be.

  16. It will be interesting to see just how these criminals cover this up and what kind of lies they try to use to discredit this proof !!! Anybody that would EVER trust a Democrat again is a FOOL !!!

  17. Finally!!! Now take the judges that have been blocking this information and put them in jail TOO. I watched live on OAN and all the politicians that have been blocking them to speak should step down. Their all guilty 😡

  18. So, what is going to be done about it? We have seen numerous testimony about “irregularities” from several different states and legislatures. (PA legislature concluded also that they had found “irregularities.”) But we’ve seen nothing being done about it. Maybe correcting these “irregularities” won’t change the election result. But they need to be eliminated so there are NONE!

    Georgia’s run-off election seems vulnerable to al the same things that occurred during the November election! They aren’t taking any action! Neither did PA or WI with the testimonies that were presented there. So is this the “new normal?”

  19. On 1/20/21 when Biden reaches to put his thiefing hand on the GOOD BOOK a handcuff should find his wriest.

  20. Is Raffensperger a mole or do they have something on him? Did he visit pedophile island with Epstein?

  21. so when do we line all these thieving bastards in front of a wall for execution ?? Now, do we understand how all these misfits came to power ? What do “we the people” intend to do about it to save the country many of us fought and bled for ?

    1. I posted the above at 0830 this AM……where does the time of 2:32 PM come from?? Oh, it’s a computer glitch !?!?

  22. That’s great! He is the inventor of the Cue cat. Then changed his name after that debacle. I would definitely believe someone like him along with Melissa Carone, she is the one who cleaned the windows on the voting machine so she would definitely know how they work. If people don’t believe them we always have the My Pillow Guy. They fit right in with the STAR WARS bar scene along with Sidney Powell and Rudy the Warrior. So let’s keep waving our flags and show the world what morons we are!

  23. Happy New Year America! Like Polyanna, I’m hopeful 2021 will bring a refreshing return to media transparency, but maybe it’s a little to early on Jan 1 to expect to see any of this game changing election INFORMATION on ANY mainstream (I mean honest, legitimate) media outlet.

    1. guns sales are way up. What did you buy to protect or restore the republic to it’s once great place in history? This country was not founded by playing patty cake with tyrants, nor will it be restored in like fashion. Wise up!

  24. we have wasted enough time with these parasites , dig the trench bring in the quick lime give them their trial and then execute them.

  25. 01/01/2021
    There MUST be stiff penalties to fit the crime; as already stated treason is met with hanging until dead. Enforcing our Constitutional laws bring order into our society.

    There “MUST” be removal of “all” Obama Constitutional laws such as same sex marriage returning back to marriage is between one man and one woman. And abortion. We must once again value life from conception to the grave.
    Life and death has been set before us and we must choose life for us and our children.
    This making everything legal without consequences such as drugs to whosoever is destroying our nation.
    We need to return back to what our Founding European Fathers established: A Constitution based on the Bible .
    There is no other way to survive as the nation we once were!

    1. Does anyone believe that anyone will be held responsible for this? Will anything be done about it? If experience is a teacher, all we will get is a lot of hot air from our so-called government.

  26. I watched the entire hearing, the witnesses were so compelling that every elected official in this nation should be made to watch it! The evidence is overwhelming of fraud the guy from Chicago stated Abrams and Secretary of State both need to be under arrest now! Get these crooked people out of politics and in jail where they belong, we are seeing third world country behavior , every legal vote matters throw all these illegal votes and these hacked machines in the ocean, put all involved away in prison for a nice long time!

  27. They lied in Michigan and were backed by the Gov. AG and SOS! Americans need to be informed as to what this really means, it’s a coup people!

  28. Until the Gov. start prosecuting and fine and the people that are commuting all the unjust going on it will only get worse. All political person and judges found commuting crime’s and prudery against the people of the USA should loose there position, all there Gov. retirement, any benefits that they thing they are owed and not able to run of any other office in their life just like any other Gov. lower employee. The people can’t let this continue, no one has the privilege of not being convicted of what’s going on in the past and today. I fell if not corrected the people will up rise and revolt against the Gov. of today.

  29. As far as I care any one with a (D) in back of their name is a 100% liar, they have been caught in a great many lies and it is a wonder that anyone would willingly vote for them?

  30. So…with this new evidence, doesn’t that mean that any lawsuit that has been so far denied (without the knowledge of Dominion fouls play now exposed), can be appealed??

  31. Why do you stop short of showing it actually being hacked. Show how and what information was retrieved and altered and sent to the voting machine. How many ballots were tampered with? How were they altered? Did the only votes altered change the Presidential elections or were the down ballot votes altered too? Why did the democrats only change enough ballots to make it look so close? If they did have access why didn’t they make it a blow out election?

    1. Good point John! But you picked the wrong place for having logic and good sense. This site is for babbling idiots who want to hang everyone. They think half of the country conspired to get rid of our crotch grabbing president. The Lt. Gov. of Texas offered 1 million dollars for evidence of voter fraud. Still hasn’t paid off yet

  32. Yes. . .well, what is all of the powers that be gonna do about this?!
    This is a serious crime, TREASON against the POTUS & America!

  33. Many people are asleep to what is actually happening. They think this is about whether Trump wins or Biden wins. This is just a diversion tactic created by the main stream media to create enough hostility to cover up what is actually happening. The power to choose by voting is being robbed from us. If someone other than the people can manipulate the election then we are basically slaves to our new boss. Whoever controls the election is the boss. Will it be, “We the People” or “I the Dictator”?

  34. With all this information, why has something not been done? I believe our elections were riddled by fraudulent votes. It seems like the evil done to our country is being let happen. Time for some real action to right the wrongs. Jan. 20th is coming! I don’t want to have Biden and his demons in our white house. No more talking more doing!

  35. Allow Pulitzer to inspect all absentee ballots in all of the states that used Dominion Voting Machines.

  36. Sounds like a LOT of FEDERAL PRISON sentences to be HANDED OUT for SEDITION and TREASON, NOT INCLUDING for DERELICTION of DUTY. DO we need to be BUILDING more FEDERAL PRISON SPACE? It LOOKS like GITMO and LEAVENWORTH may be FULL. One Enlightened And HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 (yes, 2020 – the ELECTION is not OVER yet, the FAT LADY hasn’t SUNG!).

  37. I trust that EVERYONE involved in voter fraud, regardless of political status or economic background, gets prosecuted to the full extend of the law for treason.

  38. Biden only takes questions from fake media, he has yet to answer why he got away with his quid pro quo to Ukraine, for personal reasons, using our tax dollars as hostage….yet Trump was impeached over a phone call nobody witnessed…Biden refuses to answer ANY question about Hunter, and he will not take questions from MSM…NOT 1!!!..and HE won the “Hate Trump” election ?? No campaigns, no policies or he says now that he wont do what little he promised America….and he has to be immediately impeached for HIS quid pro quo to Ukraine, bragging ON VIDEO….I have a copy I post often, to show the blatant hypocrisy…..Trump was impeached…Joey committed Treason right before our eyes, yet he was allowed to run for the highest position in America!! This is worth that civil war. “WE The People” deserve better than lying, hiding Biden….no way this was a fair, honest, election…A dominion machine was proved to he online on Nov 3rd. even tho Dominion says that’s not possible….well it is, and it was online Nov 3rd. The machine can be remotely accessed and controlled to adjust votes Biden needed to beat Trump, who was ahead by a landslide until those polls were closed do to a bogus water main break. Everyone was made to leave the polling place and yet people were feeding thousands of ballots from bins they pulled out from under tables, into the machine and that is on video also…
    .Pence has something big planned for Jan 6th….and it will be televised….if you cant be in D.C, that day, then tune in…..

  39. Has the idiot Chief Justice Roberts been told about this. If any case is a needs to be adjudicated by the Supreme this is the one. Justice Roberts is in the pockets of the Democrats, this was evident when he ruled on Affordable Care Act.

  40. they all need to be locked up. corruption of the highest kind. more like treason. clean house!!!!

  41. Will “Governor Kemp” be held responsible for his part in not looking into the hacking? Where is the FBI? We want the perpetrators brought to justice and are fed up with the FBI letting these crimes going unpunished. It is affecting the liberties of our whole country.Step up FBI and look into the Nov. 3rd election and give us a JUST answer to our election hacking and no matter who it affects bring them to justice. Step up your manhood.

  42. This entire election smells like three day old fish. We have voting machines that can’t be hacked, so we are told, at the very time they are reportedly communicating with hackers computers. Of course, we are constantly being reassured that these machines can’t automatically change votes from one candidate to another, but some machines reportedly did change votes. Damned lies if you ask me. We have a state, Pennsylvania, that counted more than 200K votes than voters. I suppose dead voters and those who voted multiple times aren’t counted in the voter totals. Seems mighty strange to me. We have mysterious middle-of-the-night vote dumps that tally just enough votes for Biden to overcome an earlier several hundred thousand vote total for Donald Trump and win that state. Something magic must have been in the air. And, we have states where election officials changed the rules even though that is illegal. Only the state legislature has that power. However, the state Supreme Court allowed this clearly illegal change to stand. Fair election? HELL NO! We need to throw out the results of the presidential election and have a new, fair, supervised election for president.

  43. Can they download the stored data from the Presidential elections and the senate elections? If they could, they might find they didn’t need to have the current Senate election.

  44. What a shame that America has come to this. There is corruption from the supreme court all the way down through the senate and house of representatives. I am 81 years old and thank God that I shall soon leave this corrupt country. I have never seen anything that comes close to the corruption in the US government.

  45. This is brilliant, State of the Art reporting. The fact that a ” live – on air TV ” session can prove beyond any shadow of doubt, that the Dominion Voting machines . . . a): can be connected to the internet. b): Were actively connected to the internet on Nov 3rd’s Election Night. c): As demonstrated, were so easily hacked – live on air & immediately by an inventor known for creating & patenting CRQ.

    All the above points to Dominion making hideous amounts of profit in America on Election night, & rigging the outcome in glaringly obvious fashion; using the very same software system purposely & deliberately programmed to ensure the ” re-election ” of ‘now dead – thank God ” abhorred Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez.

    It’s so great that the Georgian Senate Subcommittee have voted to allow Jonovan H Pulitzer to evaluate all absentee ballots & as he remarked, it’ll only take a couple of hrs duration to do half a million. Such a dedicated, detailed, honest evaluation could well turn everything on its head; & the Democrat die hards will be sobbing uncontrollably in their collective, communistic soup!

    Go MAGA.

  46. void the election, give Trump 2 years more and redo the election then after voter IDs are created and used fr the 2022 election. Results of the 2020 election stand if not contested before Jan 1 2021

  47. Knew the election was rigged! Glad some of the truth is finally coming out. All involved in this terrible injustice should be sent to prison. President Trump showed us the dirty swamp. I hope something is finally done about this or our elections will be a scam forever. PRISON, PRISON, PRISON, for all the crooks involved!

  48. This will not post to my fb page !!!!! – Post about hacking GA. computer during Ga. hearing !!!

  49. Why are they looking at Absentee ballots?? Because they know there is no big issue with them. Makes it look like no fraud. LOOK at the MAIL IN BALLOTS!!! That is what was loaded up with fraudulent Biden ballots. But they won’t do that….they know it will blow up!!!

    1. You’re so RIGHT! I wondered the same… Is it because there are MILLIONS MORE ‘mail-in ballots’ than just the common few ‘Absentee ballots’ we usually see? And Absentee ballots are pre-ID’d, so no problem THERE! But my guess is that even with this obvious excuse, they will STILL find errors – because we know the Military uses Absentee ballots, and the Military is LARGELY Republican and Conservative!

  50. Thank you for this article. I hadn’t understood this comment until I read it here. So Thanks!

    Can I suggest a ‘correction’ to it though? I constantly am finding ‘little problems’ in wrong word usages today. In your very last paragraph, 1st sentence, you have “… ‘along’ time ago…”. It should be the words ‘a long’.

    I’m an unemployed editor. Thanks!

  51. Every one new Biden could not have won this election without cheating, including the Democrats. I figure that’s why he didn’t have to campaign. I don’t know of any candidate that ever won an election while being locked in a basement. Will we ever have faith in election results again?

  52. At 10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, 12 Central and 1pm Eastern go to your respective capitols. We want to send a clear message as ONE NATION to STOP THE STEAL. Join the coordinated protest!!!

    1. Kathy, if you’d like to know more, I suggest you go down to the watering hole and talk to some drunks.

  53. the way to solve this massive voting fraud is the same way blm admitted communist and there fellow travlers and there are many meet them in the street they bully and assualt people to silence them let there be no doubt there is a communist revolution going on and we need to use what ever power it takes to stop it talk meens nothing its past that point communisim is entrenched in all the facets of our life the democrat party is controled by marxist stooges selling out to communist china they must be removed by force if necessary its time for leaders to step forward from the ranks of the brainwashed and start networking with like minded patriots……while we still have time

  54. The people involved in the OBVIOUS TREASONOUS voting scandal need to go to prison! Clinton should be in prison, Comey, Brennan, McCaeb, Stzrok, Paige, Pelosi, Biden, Stacey Abrams, Schiff, every single person who knew (accessory) or aided in this should be locked up without bail!!! Traitors, all of them!

  55. In several years, we’re going to find out how the democrat politicians, (a long with Zuckerberg Soros and the rest of these rich elite), colluded with China to spread this germ warfare virus to allow them to flood the country with mail in ballots!!!

    1. A significant segment of those that displayed Trump materials at the “riot” at the White House on January 6th were not Trumpers at all. They wanted to present themselves as such so that true Trumpers would be condemned for the barbaric actions that took place. Hopefully, a worthwhile investigation will prove this to be true.

  56. That should be enough evidence to check any states using these machines, and maybe more. So, what is going to be done or will this just be hidden like everything else

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