You’ve Got to be Kidding – Guess Who The Judge is?

A federal judge in Georgia reversed a decision to remove 4,000 voters from the voter rolls in two Georgia counties just before the January runoff elections for the US Senate.

The judge, Leslie Abrams Gardner — the sister of former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, a prominent ally of President-elect Joe Biden who has led voter registration efforts across the state — concluded that the counties appeared to have improperly relied on unverified change-of-address data to invalidate registrations in the two counties.

Our judicial system is chock-full of nepotism and incestual breeding within the highest ranks of US Government.

We often wonder how these crooked lawyers and agents at the FBI, DOJ, CIA, get away with their blatantly corrupt activity.

It's now obvious. Their friends, lovers, and sometimes siblings, are the ones ruling on their cases.

It's everywhere (look at Rod Rosenstein and his wife Lisa Barsoomian).

The lawsuit in Georgia was brought by Democracy Forward (hard left legal activists) and complained that just because a person's voter registration address matches the change of address recorded at the United States Postal Service doesn't mean that's their address. (A.k.a. All records point to the fact that they don't live in the county or even state they voted in, but they should be allowed to vote there anyway.)

The judge obliged.

And why wouldn't she? Her sister, Stacey Abrams, is the founder of an organization that is under investigation for voter fraud in the state of Georgia and a prominent member of the Democrat Party in Georgia.


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39 thoughts on “You’ve Got to be Kidding – Guess Who The Judge is?”

  1. This WHOLE voting system stinks to high heaven! What a wonderful DEMOCRACY! The whole world is laughing at US! Come to think we DESERVE IT since we have crooks,liars representing “WE THE PEOPLE” in government. This is the last time I have voted except when in 2024 Donald Trump will run again! To hell with democrats and republicans, he should form his own party and find out how many of both parties are left!

    1. Please don’t!!! Last attempt by that was Theodore Roosevelt and he split the republican ticket and we got the father of the progressive movement as president Woodrow Wilson. Another time Ross Perot and we thus got Billy Bob Clinton for two terms as well. Sorry but our founding fathers created the primary system per party affiliate for this very reason. If you don’t like the candiate that wins your parties primary election then don’t vote in that specific election but complete your vote for everything else

    2. Don’t bother voting in 2024 if you accept that Trump must leave office on Jan 20. There will NEVER be another fair election and your vote will be totally Dominionized by the corrupt Democrat Party. Your only hope is to fight for justice and having the corrupted vote in ALL swing states replaced by electors who represent the true Trump election victory.

    3. Don’t be delusional. If Biden walks into the White House there will never be another election that’s worth a damn in 2022, 2024 or any other time!

  2. Is it any surprise that according to the just released Voter Integrity Survey, the US is ranked # 37 between Vanuatu and Albania! If this Judge had any integrity whatsoever, she would have recused herself and it should be appealed based on her conflict of interest.

  3. This article failed to mention the most important point: This travesty of a Judge was appointed by Obama!

    What’s worse is why this decision wasn’t immediately appealed and this person should be impeached for her bias, prejudice and incompetence.

      IT’S COMING.

    2. If a judge can’t remain neutral when it comes to the case at hand,whether it be a friend , a relative,even someone who might have the same beliefs he/she should not be on that case,

  4. This type of blatant political crime should carry a conviction of the ultimate penalty. Yet, nothing will be done.

  5. When the U. S. Supreme Court refuses to uphold and defend our Constitution and allows an Unconstitutional election, then our U. S . Senators and Representatives have to refuse to accept the Unconstitutional Electors!!!

  6. The Dems never want anyone removed from the voter rolls because thats what makes it easy for them to cheat. Then they always cry “racism” in a bid to shut up those who object. Its not racism to want a fair election.

  7. Call me ‘racist’, I couldn’t care less. For ten years in South Africa I publicly spoke out against racist policies and for that ‘crime’ lived under the surveillance the state security police. But that doesn’t blind me to the fact that in America you have millions of utterly rubbish black people like this low-life judge who wears her contemptible garbage existence and depravity like a badge of honour. Like the rest of her kind she hasn’t the slightest idea about honesty and decency. They haven’t the conscience of rat. Murder, rob, rape, brutalize, lie, steal and behave like general crap, blame it all on someone else, particularly whites, and then insist that Black Lives Matter, which is an utterly brain-dead and racist claim. This is the depth of stupidity and both the black dominated NBA and NFL have got it down to art form.

  8. To Rob Porter. You speak truth. The darker the hue the deeper the corruption. The great problem of evolution is that in our minds what is corruption, in their minds is perfectly normal activity. The herd mentality transcends all morality, empathy, and decorum. It, in their estimation, is the essence of their existence, and no matter the hardship experienced by them, it always is someone else’s fault. Self sufficiency and improvement is an incomprehensible concept to them, but whining and conniving, and skillful lying is among their fortės. This be two humanoid sub species vying for the same niche, using polar opposite methods. Want to win? Only force will do it.

  9. This is proven fact why we do not have JUSTICE in our country. Law and order have gone out with the DEMOCRATS. Their main goal is to destroy our country MS. Leslie ABRAMS Gardner should have recused herself If she followed the Oath she took but, she proved she’s just another ROGUE JUDGE.

  10. She needs to be REMOVED from the bench ASAP, CONVICTED of TREASON and SEDENTION, then sent to FEDERAL PRISON . . . PERMANENTLY. GITMO and LEAVENWORTH will do FINE. One Enlightened And DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

    1. Democrats are above the law and can do whatever they want and no one will do anything about it I will never ever vote in an election ever again for anything don’t leeway to straighten everything out is to have a Civil War

  11. So, let’s be clear on this. If this had been a Republican judge ruling on a case brought by supporters of the judge’s sibling, and they had ruled on the sibling’s side, that judge would probably be frog marched out of the courthouse and executed on live TV on the courthouse steps. Hypocrisy knows no bounds when it comes to libtard Democraps.

  12. what a way to screw over the people of GA!!!!!!!! this judge should have not ruled on this. SHE SHOULD BE DISBARED.

  13. Corruption again by the Democrats who can’t do anything fair. Cheat, Cheat, Cheat is all they know and should not be allowed or tollerated to do this. There has to be someone who can put The Secretary of State and this judge in there place in the name of the Election process and what is not allowed. Voter Fraud has to dealt with before a election not after.

  14. I’m looking forward to the day that these sick sacks of crap get frontier justice with a bullet in the face.

  15. MOre candidates for permanent residence at the Guantanamo Bay resort, hope the influx of residents begins very soon.

  16. The Pigly-Wigly sisters symbolize the corruption that is rampant in our country ! The U.S. needs an enema ! Flush Marxist Black Lives (don’t) Matter, ANTIFA, Democratic Socialists of America, Communist Party of America, KKK, LaRaza, Anti-Constitution groups, Anti-2nd Amendment groups, the Cancel Culture, The Teacher’s Unions (NEA & AFT), Planned Parenthood (baby killers and baby parts vendors), the ACLU and last but not least, George Soros !!!

    1. Mr. Edmunds: There is a “short form” of the disease that the enema must flush away: the Communist Party. (There, I’ve said it! How dare I, really! There are no such things as Communists according to the “moderate” and “educated” class of American citizens!

  17. The DOJ must hold these criminals accountable. If we don’t have a fair election, we don’t have a Country!
    Every single person involved with all this voter fraud must be questioned under oath…from the County workers all the way up to the DNC. My vote has been diluted with dead people, illegal aliens, non residents and multiple ballots from the same person. Hopefully Mike Pence will throw out all the States that committed fraud so their electoral won’t count.

  18. Talk about your conflict of interest. Then again she’s a nigger so it won’t be seen that way. The evil Democrat’s will seem her a hero. More like a POS. Like another person posted here, if this judge was credible? She’d recuse herself. Like I said. If.

  19. To my recollection, I believe it has been a primary principle of legal ethics that if a judge has a sister who has a publicly proclaimed position on the issue before the bench, that judge is obliged to declare a conflict of interest on the matter and refer it to another judge. Apparently even elementary principles have been thrown out in the State of Georgia now that Stacy Abrams has been “elected” Governor (because she refused to concede that she had lost the Election in 2018, and because she is “Chief” of the State of Georgia and has a right to force binding compliance of all officials of the State of Georgia ) and, in short, “what she says goes.” Anyone who questions this interpretation of Georgia Law must remain mute because if they do not agree with Stacy Abrams then they are “racist” and their opinion is considered “null and void”.

  20. The Democracy Forward group (or maybe the Georgia Republican Party) should hire an investigator(s) to confirm if any of the named 4,000 voters used different mailing addresses in order to vote multiple times in either the November 2020 election or the January 2021 runoff Senator election. Those identified persons that voted multiple times that used their multiple addresses should be prosecuted for Federal voter fraud.

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