Watch: Trump Lays Out the Evidence of a Rigged Election

The media has people thinking that the election is over but not President Trump, and not his legal team. The reason people think it’s over is because the media says so and doesn’t cover any of his legal contests unless it’s one that failed.

Trump explains the mountains of evidence they have and why he’s still fighting.

“We’ve shown officials in virtually every key swing state brazenly violated their own state laws in order to change election procedures, eliminate safeguards, promote fraud, and illegally benefit Joe Biden.”

“We’ve put forth an abundance of evidence”, contrary to what the mainstream media says.

“Michigan Secretary of State, a democrat, illegally flooded the state with absentee ballot applications even though MI law strictly limits the distribution of absentee ballots.”

Trump calls out Georgia Secretary of State for "illegally processing ballots weeks before election day and destroyed the signature verification systems in violation of the law."

He says there is more than enough to change the results of the election.

Watch the video for yourself.

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76 thoughts on “Watch: Trump Lays Out the Evidence of a Rigged Election”

  1. The Democrats are completely out of their minds. They know that President Trump actually won this election by thousands of votes and once they go into office they will have thousands of those voters to fear. However, from what evidence I’ve seen I don’t really believe they are going to going make it to the White house.



    1. I think that President Trump right now has to invoke “MARSHALL LAW’ so to eradicate the thieves.charlatans.and robbers of election 2020 and thrown them behind bars immediately and rerun the election again thereby so be it the ongoing of a greater nation ever to be

  3. I think the most telling stat is that Obama won 689 counties in 2012 and 875 counties in 2008. Biden won just 477 counties yet he managed to garner a record 81 million votes; far outperforming Obama. This despite the fact that Trump won a huge number of minority votes; far more than during the 2016 election.

  4. The big tech media has not learned that they are not the boss , someone needs to tech them that obviously the English language is not clear to them maybe their general managers need to tell them TV does not make them the boss of all Americans nor do they dictate to Americans what they need to do or how to run their lives. Their lies nobody wants to see them. Nobody wants beans , bull crap or bologna !!! Trump won the election he is the president elect , not Joe Biden in 47 years he has not done anything for the USA or the American people I know that one . he needs to go down with Obama’s deep state group of thieves.

        1. Nice chatting with everyone here. Keep up the good fight. I will be on the golf course like our crotch grabbing, bone spur general. Hope nobody is waiting for those checks.

      1. Hey, How long will lefties be driven by Hate? Yes George. Hate that chooses to “misunderstand, misinterpret and just ignore the truth that is staring them in the face. OK.. This is America and if you want to be like the monkeys that put their hands over his ears and over their eyes but continue to speak “EVIL” of us, then go ahead. Trumpeteers, as you call us, will never take that right away from you. BUT watch out for your fellow beloved leftists. Step out of line, violate one important Lefty rule and mercifully, it will be only your keister you will be thrown out on.

  5. Rigged elections checklist:
    o Stop counting midway in count
    o Late arriving ballots 4A after Count
    o Deny GOP Observers to Count room
    o Block Count rooms
    o Big Tech blocks information on election.
    o More votes than people in some states.
    o dead people voting
    o Planned
    o ballots tossed or trashed prior Nov 3.
    o Military ballots tossed.
    oNow judges denying to hear cases out on fraud
    o Dems play Stupid & expect US to accept results
    o Joe never did really campaign for votes
    o Media lied & cover for Joe.

    Seen Video links & photos of trashed ballots etc On LinkedIn before I was cast off
    OR expelled for my values
    Revoke Section 230 OR Big Tech will do same for 2022 races ahead aside 1-5 race

  6. Stop the steel. No matter what it takes Mr. President. Do not concede. We are behind you 100%. You cannot let these corrupt people steal our election. God bless you

  7. My question isn’t who won or didn’t win but the integrity of the whole election. There has been shown that there is proof of some fraud involved. Then why is Congress, the DOJ, FBI, and CIA, sitting on there hands and not at least looking into the allegations? Even if Biden was the winner wouldn’t he and the Democratic party want to show proof that the fraud committed was not enough to change the results, that they have nothing to hide. It would put many questions to rest. Audit the Machines , check the signatures, remove the Dead voters ( And prosecute whomever submitted their votes ) Unless the Government do this we will always have questions, and as was claimed for the last 4 years about Trump, really have a illegitimate President ( and maybe even Congress itself )

    1. Well said, Farout! Your comments describe exactly what our country’s real concerns are about regarding this fraudulent infested election. This fraudulent election is about the future of our country and, especially, about future corruption in our elections and leadership. The apparent lack of concern by our “so called” watchdog agencies and most of our congress members is appalling and sad.

        1. Right on!!!! Never stop fighting for the Great America that you have been striving so hard for, as many of us have been helping YOU!!! WE ARE WITH YOU, NOT JUST BEHIND YOU, PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! AND NEVER FORGET THAT GOD IS IN CONTROL, LEADING YOU ON!!!!! WE WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! Joy says you can do it, NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT FOR OUR LIBERTY & FREEDOM!!! GOD IS BLESSING YOU & YOURS.

  8. Thank you Mr President we want you to win to get that Biden family are corrupt and we need to stop them from taking over Our country they need to be put in jail for such corruption

  9. the evidence is clear that the liberal democrats stold the election, including the federal judges that trumph elected.
    they turned liberal and has a mindset to do anything to destort truth ,even to the extent of stealing the right of peoples’s vote
    rt to vote and make it count as the way they intended for it to. judgement day is coming. what will god say about you when you stand before him? if he says you lied you are doomed for hell.

  10. It surely is disputed by the CCP controlled Democrats who bow down to Satan and Soros. But Patriotic Americans understand Democrat, MSM, Deep Staters, BLM, Antifa and other bed wetting whiners. If you America-haters succeed, it might just be the last time you succeed in anything.

  11. Again under the Video ” This claim about election fraud is disputed ” ! How more evidence does one need to know that there was MASSIVE ELECTION AND VOTER FRAUD ? Liberal media COMPLICIT in MASSIVE election fraud on the American People !

  12. These Red Badges of “Discredidation ” of anything anti Biden will be the Downfall of Twitter…. It, In Bold Red Print, tells the world “We Tell You What to Think & Believe, We are your new God…. now shut up and get back to working & spending”

    1. They simply show that Twitter has chosen to be a party to the fraud, so they SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN FOR THEIR CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA AS WELL

    2. Red …..signs = China! China plans to take over our country! They are comprehensively doing so. This election was one example. President Donald J. Trump is bad for their agenda as he believes in God and America first. Biden is in China’s back pocket it’s clear as day.

      1. Clear as the space between your ears Pam. That’s why they sent us the virus! Thank goodness that Trump took the hydroxy chloroquine and shoved a light up his ass

  13. The election was rigged, that’s clear to see. I can’t comprehend why the supreme court, whose very job it is to protect our constitution, won’t even hear the case. Is there no way to fire chief justice for refusing to do his job or even being a traitor? Communism/socialism is NOT freedom and is NOT what our founding fathers fought so hard to achieve. Perhaps if we would teach truth and reality in our schools instead of rewriting false history into our entire education system, we would have better informed younger voters. Perhaps if we didn’t allow the media to censor truth and propagate socialistic lies, we could remain a free nation, under God with liberty and JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!

  14. Again under the Video ” This claim about election fraud is disputed ” ! How more evidence does one need to know that there was MASSIVE ELECTION AND VOTER FRAUD in the 2020 presidential election ? Liberal media COMPLICIT in MASSIVE election fraud on the American People ! Meed I remind fellow Patriots the Liberal/Socialist/democrat Mantra ” The Ends Justify the Means ” ! Hence a RIGGED ELECTION in Joe Biden favor !

  15. MY PRESIDENT, you are TOTALLY RIGHT in this, thge electoral process MUST BE TRUSTWORTHY, and it is nothing but a FRAUD at this time,


    1. It really paid off when he developed those bone spurs. At least he can still make pretend he’s driving a tank as he drives his golf cart.

  17. It is all in the last book of the bible “TRUBULATIONS” it is all happening and if we don’t clean up, are country will be destroyed and we will be no more. PRESIDENT TRUMP is a last chance to fix are nation end the corruption in are states/government, take a moment and REALLY THINK ABOUT IT !


    1. Nah, but he very well could be the restrainer which, when taken out of the way, allows for the rise of global government and the anti-Christ.

  19. If Joe Biden thinks he won the election fairly, then he should have been the first to insist that the courts examine each of the lawsuits. It will be next to impossible to govern the country when more than half the voters, yes, more than half – the Republicans that voted for President Trump and the Democrats that know the ballots were stuffed – believe the election results were fraudulent. The evidence of cheating is overwhelming. The Supreme Court, with all their wisdom, missed the opportunity to do what’s right. If the results show that the ineligible ballots were not enough to overturn the election, then the nation would accept the new President as legitimate. It looks like Joe Biden may occupy the office of President* with an asterisk.

  20. Trump just gave the true statistics. Is there another honest judge among us who will rule righteously? So far our judges are weak whimps, afraid of the left, traitors, scumbags who should never ascend a judge’s bench in America. God help us!

  21. The REALLY sad part about all this election mess is the COMPLETE failure of our legal (?) system. With a single “test” case, the entire thing could be cleared up — take “one” contentious State and rerun the election under COURT CONTROLLED conditions — signatures verified, all counting witnessed etc and see just what the outcome is. If it REMAINS the same, that’s it. If, however, the results are a complete reversal, the election has PROVEN to be fraudulent and should be rerun — under HONEST conditions. This ‘could be accomplished’ with little effort IF the Supreme Court wasn’t afraid to get involved. With so much to gain (the integrity of our election system) and so little to lose, I’m astonished this has not been done.

  22. President Trump thousands of us are with you. Do whatever it takes to stay in the White House. Riots will happen whatever you do. Please don’t let them win! We need you. We have been praying for you

  23. Trump is correct about election fraud but the Supreme Court does not care about the US Constitution or the rule of law. The judiciary system refuses to look at the evidence but I am supposed to believe in the rule of law. How corrupt. The spineless Republicans in the legislatures will not support President Trump or election integrity so no reason for me to be a Republican. The USvsenate republicans will not support President Trump because they like the rule of special interests and their own power and priviledge.

  24. President Trump is correct and the proof is present even though the Courts and governors and Statesmen and Democrats, along with RINOS, wish to ignore nor even give the Case of Election Fraud a chance to be presented.
    The American people and that goes for honest Democrats too, know this Election was a Fraud; their realize their votes have disappeared, have been wiped out. Those who do not wish the Truth say Trump is false but This Fraud is not about Trump but about Votes disappearing and or being transferred from one candidate to another. If this Mess, if this Corruption is not looked into, is accepted, then all Elections forward will be Fraud.

  25. Anyone who watches Fox news gets the whole story about the election fraud. All the other network only badmouth Trump. The reason the Supreme Court rejected the fraud case is because John Roberts is a closet never -Trumper. It’s their way to get rid of Trump for good. It’s a tragedy. Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to this country. I could never figure out why they hate him so. Some day they’ll all regret it and wish he were still in the White House

    1. Keep watching FOX News, great source for your information. Still waiting for Rudy the Warrior to show Hannity this evidence. I am sure Hillary was behind this

  26. It says “This claim about election fraud is disputed!” Yes, disputed by fucking lying democrats!

  27. The election was rigged. I don’t understand why every republican politician does not vote to set the election aside. Every republican that does not support Trump must be replaced.

    1. Good idea Art. Let’s vote to have only people with a brain post here. I really don’t think these posts are from real people. At least not living on earth

  28. Dear Donald John Trump, two-term president of the United States of America,

    Stand your ground… do have standing! Obama is not a natural born Citizen.

    Kamala Harris is not a natural born Citizen. Article II, Section I, Clause 5.

    The wrong shall fail…….the right prevail!

    Peace on Earth……..Good Will to Man!

    God Bless You, Donald!

    Benjamin C. Freeman
    Natural Born Citizen

  29. Now it’s being said that a mob boss is willing to come forward and spill the beans on the Democrats tell how he was paid $10.00 a ballot for fraudulent ballots he was paid over $1,000,000,000. Not at all surprising. But of course he wants to be pardoned for all crimes past present and future and pardoned for anything he illegally participated in this criminally fraudulent election and then he will tell all. The guy is definitely a demo took.

    1. That’s 100 million votes mblonde! I guess math wasn’t your thing. Then again our crotch grabbing general can give him a pardon like the other deranged criminals

  30. I think that President Trump right now has to invoke “MARSHALL LAW’ so to eradicate the thieves.charlatans.and robbers of election 2020 and thrown them behind bars immediately and rerun the election again thereby so be it the ongoing of a greater nation ever to be

  31. Donald J Trump President of the United States of America one of the greatest president of all times has done more for this country in four years than any other past president in history he has been ridiculed disrespected and Miss treated his entire presidency. 75 million people on this election that voted for him and love him for what he has done for us and our country are not going to except this election for what it is a fraud and I do believe one nation under GOD President Trump will still prevail, American people will not except anything less! He is the People’s President!!!

  32. you guys haven’t come up with anything into which the courts have been able to bite. so until you do, go pound sand.

  33. whatever you thought you came up with, the courts didn’t buy. altho i’m sure that they are all part of the deep state which means the agent orange appointed judges who turned out to be rinos. nice call donnie.

  34. President Trump is 100% correct on every word he said. The biggest disgrace is the absolute failure of every court to acknowledge the corruption of the democrat party and the blatant breaking of state laws in every swing state in question. I do mean the supreme of the United States. I will never believe the framers of our country ever intended for our highest court to sit un-affected and uncaring. I wish I could pick and choose only the problems that I choose to to be involved in. President Trump has been carrying this fight almost alone. I am quite ashamed of the Republican party and their lack of support, I feel no further attachment to the party and as of Jan. 20, 2021 I will no longer have a president. For years I have watched the Democrats take control of our education system and I always knew it would eventually be a major problem and now it is. The NEA has successfully brainwashed two generations of our children and now we have idiots running our country and our Media. Its now time for real Americans to grab their Guns and Bibles and head for Washington D.C.

    1. Grab their guns and bible, that says it all Michael! You are a true Trumpeteer! Can think of a better example of who this crotch grabbing, draft dodging, wife cheating lunatic appeals to. Thanks for making my point

  35. All Patriots, we need to march on the Supreme court and demand they look at this election ASAP. Everyone that lives in or near Washington DC, is part of the swamp. They don’t care about justice or the American people, they just want to protect themselves.

  36. With all of the evidence of illegal votes, as in the infamous Georgia security camera record of votes coming out of ordinary suitcases instead of the secure blue tubs with lockable lids, keeping Republican monitors at 20, and more feet the ease of corrupting the Dominion Voting Machine and much more, Mr. Trump has a good case to execute and it appears that he will continue to prosecute his case. It will help if a good group of honest Republicans will join him in the effort and rid us of “The big guy.”

  37. Regardless of the outcome, what will be done about securing the voting integrity in two years? If this fraudulent election is allowed to be upheld, how will Americans EVER feel their vote will be counted? We need to be ASSURED that voting is honest and legitimate for ALL candidates, and ALL political parties.

  38. Not one shred of evidence to support any of the absurd statements made here that suggest that fraud has played into
    Joe Biden being the next president. 40 different legal challenges have been launched across the country and the supreme court as well and ALL have been thrown out because of zero evidence to support these claims.if you all believe the odds of what it would take to to get all these polling stations across the country to AGREE to somehow rig this election to make sure Trump loses……….. You need to go to Vegas and win big . He’s lost the vote, lost the electorate, lost in court around the country. and at this point on Christmas weekend in the middle of all this ,
    he’s gone golfing and obviously LOST HIS MIND !

  39. Keep fighting. We are for you!!! Veto the covid bill! All that foreign aid ends up in a Democrat’s pocket. Just like it did for Joe Biden.

  40. The POTUS needs to stop talking and act.
    Declare martial law until a second vote can be
    done (without mail-in balloting)(in person only at the polls).

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