Let Them Eat Cake: Congress Is Ripping Americans Off With New ‘Stimulus’ Deal

Instead of passing legislation that helps the millions of people who have been out of work since the government took their jobs, Congress and the Senate have apparently come to an agreement to give Americans some bailout crumbs as part of a new Covid stimulus deal.

The stimulus bill comes with a $900 billion price tag.

Americans will get just $600 each.

You get a total of $1,800 (including the first stimulus maximum payment) for being out of work for 9 months due to the government shutting down your businesses. That’s $200 a month and we’re not done yet. Democrat governors are still shutting down more businesses.


As long as you made less than $75,000, on paper, in 2019 you will get the direct payment from the IRS.

How does that help people who have lost their jobs in 2020 due to the government overreach?

From CNBC:

The relief plan includes direct payments of $600 to most adults and $600 per child, Pelosi and Schumer said in a statement.

The Democrats said it would put $284 billion into Paycheck Protection Program small business loans, and include funds for loans from small and minority-owned lenders. It would direct another $20 billion to small business grants and $15 billion to live event venues.

It would also add a $300 federal unemployment supplement and temporarily keep in place pandemic-era programs that expanded unemployment insurance eligibility. It was not immediately clear how long each of those measures would last.

They even managed to bring race into the stimulus deal.

Congress isn't helping the people. They're bailing out big business while keeping their foot on the throat of small business owners. They're bailing out local governments that Democrats have destroyed and bankrupted with their tyrannical policies.

Rep. Andy Biggs exposes Nancy Pelosi's lies about the supposed stimulus.

Congress has taken money out of your pocket and enriched their big donors. They've shut down your business to steer all the profit toward large corporations. They've allowed you to be restricted from travel and basic rights while they travel freely across the country and around the world.

They created this problem by stealing money from you and now they're telling you they're helping you out by sending you a fraction of the stimulus money - money that was already yours in the beginning.

Meanwhile, Congress hasn't missed a single paycheck. It's awfully considerate of them to let you have a little bit of your own money back but don't get too excited. They'll tax you for it.

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20 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake: Congress Is Ripping Americans Off With New ‘Stimulus’ Deal”

  1. Queen Pelosi’s annual salary is $223k and her networth is $120M so she won’t have to suffer like the common people!

    1. And how do you think she accumulated all this wealth (120 Million) being paid only 223k a year..?? Not by saving her money… but selling Influence, Granting Favors to Wealthy Businessman..?? ya Bet Ya…

  2. Queen Mary Antoinette who suggested that people who have difficulties to buy and eat Bread, they should eat CAKE… “SHE WAS PUNISHED BY DECAPITATION WITH THE FRENCH GUILLOTINE So, what do you suggest Queen Pelosi could be punished with.. Let’s hear some good suggestions? My expectations are: IF, Unfortunately, the U.S.A. may be presided by a group of SOCIALISTS, then I expect Socialism may affect her. All wealth will be distributed and shared with those needy poor. Furthermore, the Social Group will limit the maximum monthly income of each U.S. National to no more than, say $150.00 per week, Queen Pelosi’s income will be reduced to the maximum allowed. Also, under the Social Regime all private businesses will be Nationalized and managed by untrained Government Employees. Large apartment will be divided to accommodate two or three families and all rental amounts will be decided by the Social Government, thus, owner will give up and neglect their properties because they will, no longer, afford to provide the renters’ need. Most importantly, any U. S. Citizen who wants to travel overseas, will have to submit an application to the Social Committee which will examine and either approve or deny the application. If the application is approved, a maximum amount of foreign currency will be allowed and no more than a small pocket money is allowed. An Exchange Control Government Agency will be created and no U.S. National will be allowed to buy of sell Foreign Currency without the approval of the Foreign Exchange control Agency. Remittances Overseas in settlement of Imported goods must be approved by the Foreign Exchange Control Agency. Family Ration Books will be given to all U. S. Residents who can, only, buy the food products listed in the Ration Books at a reduced price listed, which is subsidized by the Social Government. No one will be allowed to criticize the Social Government. Because, I am an expert of Socialism, I have a lot to tell, but I don’t want to bother you. If you want to know more about Socialism, please ask an Immigrant from Cuba or any Eastern European Country. By the way, I wonder if you have read how VENEZUELLA became after being converted into Socialism from being a beautiful and a charming Tourist place to visit.

    1. You can bet the Queen has covered her butt so her wealth will not be distributed ..as with the others. What a shame we do not have a country to flee to like earlier settler had America!!!

  3. NANCY, CHUCK and most of the other demorats are disgusting. They do not deserve to be even called Americans. While $600 is better than nothing they still managed to get in some pork, NOT as much as they wanted in earlier bill but still enough!!! I would say SHAME ON THEM but they have no shame. Now with Biden it will only get worse!!!! GOD HELP AMERICA !!!!

  4. These so-called “helpers of the PEOPLE” have really got nerve! This meager crumb that we are supposed to be SO THANKFUL for is just exactly why all the demonrats and around half of the republicans will loose their government jobs in the next election!!It took them 9 months to come up with this crap? You know why these crooks are SO reluctant to spend our money on US? It is so the pot will remain larger for them to scam more out of it, you know, so they can buy that third or fourth home or buy that new MERCEDES for their kid to attend a high class college! Things are going to change real SOON I promise you!!!!!!!

  5. Americans need to wake up. They have all been bought. And if not threatened.
    We. Need to fight for truth. Trump seems to be the only true way. Biden is the worst Dirty American politician in our times. Blatant disregard for law and order.

  6. Mitch mcconnel turkey neck has sold us out and needs to resign, his wife also, DOT secretary. In one year his value raised from 3million to $30 million???? He needs to go to jail. We are tired of this fraud, take away his assets!

    1. Take away his assets?! What are you, a communist? In America, we have the god-given right to fleece the public to enrich ourselves. God bless America!

  7. Amen….I’ve been saying it for years! We, the people, are doomed unless we are within the 1%!
    There has always been a rhyme and reason for the government’s ultimate actions; to subvert her citizens into complete slavery to the “machine”!
    I fear the time to reject these policies has perhaps, passed…..it is now time to UNITE and DECRY these outrageous atrocities to our people.
    For years we have been told about the “New World Order” and the Bilderberg Group, where the “elite” of the world make plans for those other than the “rich and famous”. Take a look at the register of members.
    I see Communism on the horizon; forget Socialism….she is already a thing of the past!!!

  8. We desperately need to reduce the size and control of the Federal Government. We are paying, through taxation, wealthy elites to control US. That is a form of slavery, or akin to our being taken care of as if we were dumb animals.

    1. I’ve never heard of slaves or animals paying someone to control them. I thought we were paying for things like roads, clean air, a military to protect us, etc…

  9. The congress has set their work days next year to 106. 106 days, yet they get full pay. It is time to demand term limits for congress.

    And by the way…They’re not giving anything away. They’re borrowing a trillion dollars that we have to pay back–or rather our children will have to pay back. Right now, the U.S. treasury owes Social Security $3 Trillion dollars, and the Dems in congress say we need Social Security cuts to keep the plan solvent. How about if they stop stealing SS contributions. A corporate exec who did that with employee 401(k) money would go to prison.

  10. The Holiday season has been devastating to the country and yet we allow the politicians alias thieves and morons live the high life. Take away their paychecks, their benefits and put them back on the street. Freeze their assets, lock out the special interest groups wining and dining them, the lobbyists. Term limits two terms. Let’s see how many of the parasites stick around.

  11. Convention of States!! Check it out on their website!! Form groups!! Force your state to join. Two thirds of the states are needed to kick congress out and take over. Overhaul federal government. It’s out of control!!

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