Revenge of the Lapdogs

For four years, we heard that President Donald Trump is a threat to freedom of the press. The Washington Post signaled its own faux bravery by adopting the slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness” at the top of its masthead. CNN began running commercials about facts being facts, and apples being apples rather than bananas (unless, presumably, those apples identify as bananas). The New York Times championed its own supposed stunning intrepidity in covering the Trump administration.

Those four years followed eight years during which the sitting president of the United States, Barack Obama, treated the press as lapdogs. He fed them occasional treats; they licked his hand. He occasionally disciplined them; they learned silence. He asked them to bark on cue; they did. During the Obama era, scandals went underreported; egregious seizures of power were portrayed as inevitable byproducts of Republican intransigence; and Obama’s political opponents were treated as deplorable remnants of historic American bigotry.

With the elevation of Joe Biden as president-elect, prepare for some hard-hitting deja vu.

To be fair, the extent of the media’s lapdogging for Biden became clear throughout the election cycle. President Donald Trump was presented as the single-greatest factor in the rise of COVID around the nation. Barrels of ink were spilled over his supposed support for white supremacy. Reams of paper were wasted claiming that Trump presented a threat to the integrity of the election itself.

Biden, meanwhile, answered few, if any, difficult questions during the entirety of his campaign. In fact, when the New York Post reported on the contents of a laptop purportedly owned by Hunter Biden -- emails and texts that spell out the possibility that Joe Biden knew about Hunter's nefarious global business activities trading on the Biden name -- the media immediately worked to shut down the story. NPR announced it wouldn't cover the story, with managing editor Terence Samuel stating, "We don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don't want to waste our listeners' and readers' time on stories that are just pure distraction." Social media quickly came to heel, with Twitter banning the Post's account for weeks and Facebook announcing it would suppress distribution of the story.

Just a few weeks after the election, news broke that Hunter Biden had been under some form of federal investigation since 2018. Now the media see fit to cover Hunter's business activities -- but only from the angle that his activities may provide some sort of challenge for his father's administration.

Meanwhile, the establishment media rush to defend Jill Biden from the supposedly cruel predations of a Wall Street Journal op-ed columnist who noted -- correctly -- that she should stop using the title "doctor," since she has an Ed.D., a doctorate in education, from the University of Delaware. That rather uncontroversial notion was met with a paroxysm of rage from the usual media suspects, many of whom deemed it misogynist.

It's no wonder that after Joe Biden's Electoral College victory speech, the man himself sneered at Fox News reporter Peter Doocy for asking him about Hunter. "Thanks for the congratulations," said the supposedly avuncular Biden sarcastically. "Appreciate it."

It wasn't Doocy's job to congratulate Biden. It was his job to ask Biden tough questions. But Biden could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. After all, the media have spent years demonstrating that they represent the public relations wing of the Democratic Party, rather than acting as the staunch guardians of objective truth they purport to be.

Ben Shapiro, 36, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers "How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps," "The Right Side of History" and "Bullies."

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10 thoughts on “Revenge of the Lapdogs”

  1. The fake Biden Administration and the fake Main Stream Media will go hand-in-hand. Lies, fabrications, but no real truth or news. Election fraud has been proven but the courts, the Senate Republicans, and the main stream media are ignoring it. Biden won, so he, his Democratic/liberal minions, and his lapdog media lied, misled, and cheated – what-the-heck – no biggy. The American people are just pawns to be used the way the Democrats, the liberals, and the fake news media see fit. The Republicans and the Supreme Court don’t have the guts to challenge the all powerful Democrats and their liberal elite. Just threaten unrest and riots on American soil, they will fold like cheap paper. The Republicans and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court never really liked the businessman turned politician, he was too uppity for them. They would rather have a lying, socialist, pro-abortion, anti-christian administration than an honest Trump one. January 6th, the gutless Republican Senators (under the excuse the their gutless leader, Mitch, told them to heal) will not challenge the fake Electoral College votes even though there is sufficient evidence, and reasonable doubt, to support election fraud. One January 20th the “Cheater” Administration will be inaugurated and the gutless Senate Republicans and cowardly Supreme Court Justices will just look on. So what if you have allowed hell-on-earth for the American people over the next four years – you did your job, or did you?

  2. Remember, the “media” is comprised of your fellow “Americans,” made up entirely of baby boomers
    spawned by baby boomers!!!
    You have no one to blame for their dishonesty, bias, self-righteousness, investigative laziness and incompetence but yourselves!!!!!!!!!

    1. Unfortunately you are correct, there is no real news.Whatever happened to reality it’s got to be out there somewhere?

  3. The war in America is between Evil and The Good!
    Even a 1st grade child has developed the ability to see the difference, just not the ability to choose wisely!!
    Democrats , their politicians the press big tech Hollywood and their dark money Soro’s devils have proven themselves nothing but LIARS, CROOKS And the devils advocates!

    Should anyone believe America should be run by cheaters and communists they are unfit to be called Americans!

    Supporting the destruction of America spits on the lives given by our military whom have given their lives and health to make America possible

    The notion white supremacy is vial is vial in its accusation!
    America was built by white hard working men for all humans whom believe and support this Great Republic! Sure they used labor of all races to develop this country some race had to start it! But look around America is all races now and without the white race seeking religious freedom their would not be an America for all races to now enjoy!
    I was playing golf with a friend of mine whom happens to be of the black race, let me make it clear at this point I only believe in one race the human race but clearly the world has defined races identified by the color of their skin but in reality defined by the perceived actions of a race as a whole by its bad actors by a all other races , so back to the golf game , we were drinking beer playing golf and of all things discussing politics and racism when my friend whom some classify as of the black race said! He was grateful for slavery, my response was WHAT!
    Pleeeeeaaase explain!!!
    He said if it had not been for slavery his ass would still be in Africa living in a mud hut trying to earn his first goat
    My response was how have you succeeded in America with all this prejudice there is out there!
    His response was I went to work and worked for it!
    Now I’m white and was born poor and my response was yes me too! For we were both playing golf on a Thursday and both still working in our 50’s
    For our schools and democrats to promote socialism in America is treason and beyond vial it’s the narratives of morons! To try and destroy the very thing that is the origin of your freedom to succeed is by definition moronic and an act demonstrating no moral value!

    Moral values are what America is!
    The act of cheating to run or destroy America’s election Integrety disqualifies any who seek to do so for America is integrity morality and freedom by definition,
    No one or no entity whom defiles those principles America is based on has any purpose to be in America let alone have a voice in its operation!
    You say well that’s denying those cheaters freedom!
    No it’s not those cheaters are denying freedom to all of America and violating the very principle of freedom itself!
    It is treason and not to be confused with freedom at all!
    Democrats say we need socialism to level the playing field so all can compete which is a narcissistic rationalization of their lazy and uneducated selves!
    For in America we all have the ability to succeed but few are willing to work for their success! Our education system is run by democrats and look what they have done to our children and look what their trying to do to our history!
    There are only three things that level the playing field for all, America’s freedom , an education and hard work!
    Democrats have defined themselves as socialist cheaters, liars and thieves with a motto of give us free stuff!
    None of which has anything to do with America or being an American! Democrats are everything to do with evil the very antithesis of America!!
    Currently the evil supporters in America are the democrats forcing change without wisdom or morals, bullies without morals are nothing more than the sweat that drips from the devils balls!
    God has revealed to Christians the evil doers here in America so all can see their treason to God!
    America is a Christian republic founded on freedoms of many faces, of all races and built upon those willing to serve God and work hard to succeed in all endeavors!
    It is necessary for democrats to erase history and control the narratives through media just as Hitler did to destroy the freedoms in the world! It’s not taught in schools any longer but history is the most important discipline in our education system for it teaches that history repeats itself there are no new ideas just cleaver inventions based on past ideas!
    It’s time for Americans to take back our country, jail the cheaters and re-elect Our Great Leader whom has revealed to us the underbelly of America and its deep state corrupt politicians! We must reject the democrats stolen election!
    Your going to have to fight once again like Our ancestors to save America from the devil!
    Christians must unite and go to war for God! For America is God’s Country!!!!!!
    God is whom I will proudly fight for and give my life!!

    1. I agree. Evil and Good are at war. Principalities of darkness hope to overcome good.
      Until we listen only to God and follow Him, we are poor foot soldiers.

  4. Socialistic bureaucracy has decided that they know better than the people they are supposed to serve but lately dictate to what is best for us and they have deeply divided this nation as they have done in many other nations. It is a sick, sad and tyrannical rule that will lead us to much strife. It is rooted in the Marxist Communist principle of domination and I fear will lead to another civil war. Good luck with your dictats Mr. Josef Biden!

  5. I feel your pain but remember Bill Barr never gave us the straight scoop on the Mueller Report which would have shown more investigation should have taken place. I’m an Independent because both parties spend much of their time wearing rose colored glasses. It is time for both parties to work together for the common good – we have a great deal of folks out there who are desperate for jobs and food for the table – let’s help them get what they need – NOW! Then spend a little more time on what democracy really means because it’s precious!

    1. Agreed! We must work together to rebuild the character and integrity of the United States of America. Patriotism should not take the place of loyalty to God. Is loyalty not a virtue to nurture? Our leaders must be expected, and live up to the moral code that God gave Moses nearly 5000 years ago. One of those laws is: “Thou shall not kill.” We have broken that law as individuals and as a country. War are those time when it is necessary to fight evil with the weapons of world. In the present climate, we need to live up to our reputation as a God fearing country, a country who believes in love and freedom for all people. We are a generous country. However, we must defend ourselves from those who use devious means to obtain our charity. Love must correct a disobedient child, so that child will grow up to be a happy, contributing citizen.

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