Axios Report: Pentagon Halts Cooperation With Biden Transition Briefings

Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller ordered a Pentagon-wide halt to cooperation with the transition team of Joe Biden, according to an Axios report, so keep that in mind.

Top Biden officials say they were stunned by the surprise action and say they aren’t sure what caused the halt or whether President Trump had approved it.

Given the volume of recent evidence of the Biden family China business dealings, money transfers, and relationships with key China spy officials, I wouldn’t be surprised.

China has publicly stated that they want to take over the United States and have infiltrated top Congressmen, Senators, and many institutions within the United States, according to recent leaks.

The report says the Pentagon has downplayed the significance of the move but anyone with open eyes should have seen this coming, given the details on Hunter Biden's laptop that reveals close relationships with key Chinese Communist Party officials and spies, as well as the recently leaked statements from Chinese officials.

If true, one also has to wonder if this anything to do with the hack of top-level national security departments and recent report that DNI John Ratcliffe has confirmed that China, and others, did interfere in the November elections.

According to Axios:

Pentagon official response: A senior Defense Department official sought to downplay the move, calling it "a simple delay of the last few scheduled meetings until after the new year."

  • "We had fewer than two dozen remaining meetings on the schedule today and next week," the official said, adding that "the DoD staff working the meetings were overwhelmed by the number of meetings."
  • "These same senior leaders needed to do their day jobs and were being consumed by transition activities. ... With the holidays we are taking a knee for two weeks. We are still committed to a productive transition."
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75 thoughts on “Axios Report: Pentagon Halts Cooperation With Biden Transition Briefings”

  1. No transition until the fraud and corruption is put to bed. We know that the democrats cheated big time. Biden has been counting the win before all the fraud has been settled. Why doesn’t he say to the courts, states, etc., to ensure that he really won without fraud. Quiet as the grave.

    1. Him, the media do not want to admit it, if there was no fraud involved then I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to have it investigated. With hunter and himself being involved with dealings with China, if there is is an investigation towards them then Biden cannot be inaugurated as President, under the constitution. With courts being corrupt that investigation probably won’t happen. Hopefully Trump will stay in office to finish drawing the swamp, it is deeper than we think.

      1. I most certainly agree. Trying to leak classified info to Biden is like giving secrets to SATAN.

    OR DIE !

    1. Where do we meet up to defend our country.
      Last time this happen they call it :
      The Shot that was Heard Around the World…

        1. Hurry! Let’s all put on our camouflage fatigues and play soldier. Don’t forget your AR -15. Meanwhile Donny’s good friend Vladimir has just directed the biggest computer hack our country has ever seen. While you’re looking at China Russia has crawled up your asshole and you don’t even know it. Great job OAN and Newmax

          1. Meanwhile Uncle Joe and Kamala are as pure as the wind-driven snow and it is all Donny’s fault. I say everyone needs to clam down and look before they post.

  3. It’s time somebody woke up to smell the coffe and conect the dots, Biden works for the other sides!

  4. It’s certainly not a good idea to American politicians who have been infiltrated by a hostile foreign government to be privy to our nations top military secrets. With so much evidence that so many top players in the Democrat Party have been manipulated for so many years by hostile foreign agents, it is simply not safe to trust information with those who have already been infiltrated. Even the up front dealings with foreign nations by top Democrats should give us cause to be careful just how much those Democrats should be trusted with sensitive information.

  5. I am hoping the Defense Department is one government agency that is beginning to see the light. Communist China wants to control the US and Joe Biden plus his VP, Kamala Harris, are the primary tools to do that. The media covered up the Hunter Biden Laptop evidence, and in doing so opened a door for China (through the Democrats) to influence our elections and help Biden and his Democratic minions to steal a victory from President Trump. These Democratic “allies” (the media) committed treason by doing so. The Biden family (including Mr. Joe, himself) is owned by Communist China. The Biden family has received millions of dollars from China (not a good thing for someone who wants to be POTUS). If you are a member of the Democratic party, please realize, and recognize, that over one third of your membership have openly acknowledged there was voter/election fraud during the 2020 elections. Are you a part of it or does it make you feel “sick” to see how low your party leadership (i.e., Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, etc.) has sunk to win an election and remove a good President from office. Many, many Democrats have chosen to leave your party, why? They do not want to be part of a socialist bent, pro-abortion party that is willing to “cheat”, on a massive scale, to gain political power over and control of the United States. Walk away, I did so years ago during the Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick cover up, it made me sick and I walked away. What about you, what will it take for you to make the decision to “walk away”. Is violating our election integrity enough or do you need more. Look at what Abrams, and other Democratic political “hacks”, are doing in Georgia in an attempt to steal the Senate majority from the GOP. There is “too” much real evidence to deny what your party is doing, and has condoned, to cheat their way to power. I walked years ago for far lesser reasons than you have today, it is your choice and yours alone. Walk away, it is the right choice and your best choice.

    1. I am with you larry; but I actually walked away back in the late 60’s.
      It was the time of the V.N. war; I had just graduated from HS and a friend of mine went to a major university. I was invited up one weekend and we went to a “coffee house” where some anti-war protestors were speaking. I too was anti-war and thought I could learn what the war was all about. All I learned was that there was a push to destroy true liberty. The speaker was talking about taking down the American government and giving the “power to the people” but the people he was talking about were anarchists who wanted to destroy capitalism (the very thing that has made America a super power) and push everything toward a socialist/communal system, where supposedly; no one owned anything, and everything was shared by all. While such a Pollyanna dream sounds good to those who want others to provide for their needs the realization is that those who will not work would be living at the expense of those who will.
      I still feel the V.N. war was a mistake, but history shows that it was more about protecting the poppy fields and rubber plantations then about whether a nation was controlled by communists.
      Our forefathers never intended for America to get involved in the internal struggles of other nations; and they surely would never have condoned trying to bring democracy to other nations. Our forefathers studied world history and they understood one basic fact; every democracy eventually implodes and turns into either anarchy or a dictatorship, it is the nature of the beast. When a few people can convince others to give up their liberties “for the sake of the state” and/or to allow the state to provide for their needs, more and more people will stop being productive and eventually the whole system collapses. And those who had gained power before that collapse will then be the dictators. EXACTLY WHAT A BIDEN/HARRIS ADMIN. WOULD BECOME; except they have sold themselves out to the Chinese and will eventually turn their power over to such.

      1. I was there. The poppy fields were Chinese military along the North borders of Vietnam, Laos and Burma. Your history was written by that same loudmouthed propaganda peddler you watched as a kid.

  6. Comrade Biden is a risk and aren’t,WE THE PEOPLE,ready to hear the Truth..the real truth and not MSM interpretation?Let it all out and flush that nasty criminal toilet.I live in Texas and I wish (for xmas) to close all Texas borders to any Blue State refugees because you did it to yourself and now you going to bring that crap here to the Lone Star,oh hell no,we like it the way it is 🇺🇸

    1. I feel the same. I wish we could all succeed, I think that’s the word, join up, build a wall and keep the crud who ,by the way, will be begging for food in 6 months. Most are non workers who refuse to get up off the sofa anyway…

    2. Monica,
      I currently live in Orange County, CA. If I was to want to move to Texas, would I be welcomed, even if I was moving there from one of the Bluest states in the Union?

      1. Monica, You would be welcome in Texas if you leave any democrat tendencies in California. If you are a democrat and vote that way, you sre NOT welcome in Texas!!!!

  7. As a former U.S. Marine Officer stationed at the pentagon level responsible for contingency plans i would not share anything with the transition team until the depth of the penetration of the obvious Communist Chinese into the Biden family & the members of the Democratic Party has been determined

  8. Why should we give any information until we know WHO IS PRESIDENT. The Biden Family or any of their staff should be allowed any of this information.


  9. With the deals with his son’s ties with China which includes Biden himself. Those briefings for Biden to stop for national security reasons. No more until Biden and his son prove their innocents.

    1. These two will be never able to prove their innocence in this matter as they are far too deep in the entire mess.

    2. This corruption Socialism, Dictatorship and Marxism has trickled down to the Chief’s of Police in our cities! They are political puppets. Look at Little Mike Moore from LA. These are Bun Boys for the Mayors and Governors in their cities! Look at the San Francisco DA they brought in? Another Kamala Harris! And no not all people from blue states are blue! You can see by the corruption we have been fighting it for years!

  10. Yes since Bidens tend to aid China BIG Time.
    See Hunter in Chinese energy Co issue alone Wise move

  11. This nation is in for a very big change and the people, all people, had better get used to the changes coming and be ready to take drastic steps in order to survive.

    1. Please President Trump enact Marshal Law and suspend Habeas Corpus. Our country is in grave danger.
      All our institutions have failed to overturn this fraudulent election!!!
      These criminals must face a Military Court!!!
      All other courts are corrupt!!!

      1. You’re are so right!!! Every ones opinions here are all right!!! How come the judges and courts are on theBiden side knowing the Biden gang are wrong?? Also New York is having one part of Biden Gang and his name is De Blasio who transform Manhattan in a unsafe place to be and everyone is moving out even before the COVID-19. We must do something about what’s going on, this cannot be continued like this.

  12. It certainly appears that The Government of our “Once Great Nation”, excluding leadership of the strongest, best equipped and lead Military in World History, is naïve, incompetent, politically infected, even dangerous.

    Politics and certain selfish elected public officials (including those in our National and State governments) are motivate by self-interest, ignorance, and commitment to individuals and organizations having no relationship to our National and State Governments.

    World History documents, well, what has happened to governments with this similar “virus.”

    Unless our Once Great Nation is able to eliminate and replace its current leadership with effective non-self-interest governance at both State and National levels, it cannot survive. Our History will then follow that of others, both Ancient and within our lifetime.

  13. Stealing is not the same as winning. Biden did not win the election, it was clear in real time on Nov. 3rd, a day that will live in infamy to quote FDR. Now, many Dums declare they would not have voted for O’Biden had they know of any of several scandals. O.K. then, they need to stand up louder with the rest of us. The Hunter story is straight up the China Joe scandal. Hunter was just the tool. Chinese all over us now, we must continue to get them out.

  14. First the scotus should hear the case of voter fraud and if not they should be impeached. The senate makes and can unseat them. The deep state should be removed and put in jail. Bidens family should be tried for treason along with everyone who helped. The working class of citizens should now take the government back and rule itself. Pray to God to give us the strength to do so and turn back to God before it is to late.

  15. Please Dear God reveal the truth about the takeover of our country. Joe Biden is fragile and weak and soon to be consumed by dementia. It is all part of the grand plan.

    God save our country.

  16. Andrew Cuomo and Bill De Blasio need to be investigated for China ties. They way they are destroying the Economy of New York, America’s greatest city, makes one wonder.

  17. “It starts at the Top!!!!”

    And, permeates throughout the organization!

    Malaise “permeates our once great Nation!” Probably, throughout many of our National and State Governments, and most of our population.

    I have never forgotten the words of my first Navy Flight Instructor, Joe R, almost 60 years ago: “Become fat dumb and happy and you will not survive; and, you may take others with you!”

    These words have remained ingrained in my mind almost sixty years later. I recall them every time that a “hairy” situation arises.

    It appears that this admonition could not be more pertinent, today, especially in Washington.

  18. It is good we are protecting US from any more takeover. We need to save and rebuild our country.

  19. BEJING Biden will never be my president. He is a maggot turd who sold his honor for millions of Chinese dollars. He enriched himself and his family. He is a traitor to our country.

  20. I sure hope some one is thinking about the USA’s National Security & border Security because the Democratic party sure isn’t many of them & the big tech have committed treason for decades by placing every American at great Security risks & allowing many spies into the USA in every City & State this is why china has stated they will take over the USA by 2024 , the Sequoia , Dominion & Smartmatic voting Systems have Foreign interference why are they being used at all in American elections? are those spies involved in American election fraud? all over the USA? meanwhile are American elected officials guilty of treason for decades placing all Americans, Senior , disabled , the military , law enforcement , our infrastructures & American elected officials who are not spies , in great danger ? Because big tech making big money are as well guilty of treason trying to brain wash Americans using national TV. those elected officials using /cyber hacking to interfere with American elections know it is against the law. many unconstitutional acts, unethical acts committed, accountability & liability needs to take place as soon as possible !!!!

    1. Does anyone remember senator Joe McCarthy’s claim of communists infiltrating our government positions? Such infiltration has been going on since the time of the Wilson administration and been taking over our government and replacing it with subversive stooges at an increasing rate with each administration since. McCarthy was not wrong and Kruschev iterated how it would happen. America poo-pooed this for over a hundred years. Now is past the time to correct this takeover that is becoming increasingly blatant with each passing administration.

  21. So this is real people, wake up! Who financed the Wuhan Institute of virology? Our federal government, Obamas administration, meaning Biden. Who has been providing research grants to them? All of our liberal Universities! How is it that China and big Pharmacy companies in the U.S. have come up with vaccines at the same time? They have been working together, they helped create it and now they are providing a vaccine to cure it! Are they though? Funny all first responders are getting vaccinated first. This should scare the hell out of us all! These are the people that protect us and take care of us. If something happens to them then what? China has been caught spying in this country. They have been in bed with several congressmen and senators in the democratic party, and have now branched out to a few in the republican party. I can’t believe no one could see what is going on. We are being overthrown by our own government. Our own government is more of a threat to our freedom than any other country. People tread lightly, pay attention don’t be a victim. Do not believe everything you are being told, ask questions, and demand answers!

    1. There are many “silent/unheard” Americans who know and recognize effective Leadership, and yearn for our Great Nation to, again, acquire it.

      Americans who are able to effective lead our “Once” Great Nation back on course, do exist.

      These Leaders need to be identified, to “Step Forward,” and inform American Voters who they are, and what their course shall be.

    2. You Are So Right. The Only Correction To The Problem Is A All Out Tea Party By Force. But That Will Never Happen Americans Have No Cajones Anymore.

  22. Thank goodness, finally there will be some much needed draining of the Washington swamp! Seize all assets of all participates in treasonous acts against our Republic; big tech giants, elected politicians compromised by foreign governments, news media, governors, mayors, and all terrorist groups who riot, loot, and burn our cities.

  23. Kudos for the Pentagon’s Leadership!!!!!!!!

    These leaders who have earned their titles and positions are far more capable to direct and defend our Great Nation than the political “hacks” elected by voters.

    The “crap” that we Americans have to hear and navigate does not occur in all Nations/Countries.

    As American voters, we have allowed the chaos and inept “Special Interest and Political Leadership that will eventually destroy The Once Great Nation for whom so many have died.

    Time may now be of “The Essence” for Americans to wake-up and return our ship on its correct course.

  24. Some One Needs To Nail There Butts. It Is BS That People At The Top Get Away With All Kinds Of Illegal Activity That Would Put The Average Citizen In Prison For A Very Long Time.

  25. Any person that did not see this coming has their head in the sand. It was proven Biden’s had long time business with China. Why do you think they released the Cova 19 through out the world, and now we belong to China and the if not get ready for the next release of something as bad if not worse if Biden doesn ‘t follow through with any thing promised ! We are in for 4 bad years!

  26. “Joe-Joe had a home in Tucson Arizona, but he knew it wouldn’t last” ( China was coming around the bend ) Yep he needs to just get back and let the Black Lives Matter girl be the president. AOC may well end up as the national dogcatcher (never voted for her?? ). May all the fleas on the camels come to rest in the groins and armpits, of ALL democRATS for stealing this election.

  27. Where exactly IS this site posting from ?? It has a 6 9six0 hour difference in time from the CST zone.

  28. NEVER should’ve beganthose briefings anyway! He’s NOT the President-Elect yet!!! Let’s wait tilll 6 JAN 2021!!

  29. As I have been saying republicans in Washington must trade their suits for a uniform to become the soldiers who are the ones to save our constitution and even our soverinty . We cannot allow the communist party to gain access to our government which they have already been trying to do it seems . We cannot allow a weak corrupt politician like Biden to become the leader of the great country only to hand it over to China . I hope and pray that our republican leaders will put on what ever uniform is needed to save the United States of America from tyranny of the communist party . I say do anything it takes to save our freedom and constitution .

  30. That Chief Justice Roberts name appears (many times) as a Jeffrey Epstein aircraft passenger goes a long way to explain why the SCOTUS has not stepped up to the plate. He has been directly heard, and it was reported, by those aides that we was absolutely screaming “I don’t want to hear from you” at the other justices. Of course, only the three liberal justices. (even though all are “suppose” to be bi-partisan), had something to say about SCOTUS not taking on the situation.

  31. I always felt i was a peaceful thinking person , but as of late i have been so full of thoughts that are anything but . We the people can not leave this to be handled by our government any longer ! The past resent history is indicating we cant rely on the Republican party to get their hand dirty. Trump is out there fighting basically by himself. With no help from most of the party. We even have a yellow bellied Supreme Court!! We the people are going to have to take this problem on direct. We need to let the Left know we are not going to allow this crime to continue. If the legal system fails us as it is ,the only alternative is physical action . We need to get organized now! We can’t rely on our News media any longer,as they are part of the problem these days. There are examples that need to be made to get the leftist socialists attention ! As i said organize ! This situation is exactly why our founding fathers installed the second amendment!

  32. Since Kamala is not a natural born citizen and ineligible VP, that would be one more reason to stop briefings.

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