McConnell Calls the Election, Trump Team Says No Way

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell congratulated Joe Biden as President-Elect as well as Kamala Harris as Vice President-Elect and the first woman Vice President in history, on Tuesday morning.

“President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence deserve our thanks and our gratitude for their tireless work and their essential roles in all these victories and in many more,” McConnell said. “Six weeks ago, Americans voted in this year’s general election. The legal and constitutional processes have continued to play out since then. Yesterday, electors met in all 50 states. So, as of this morning, our country has officially a president-elect and a vice president-elect.”

He said millions of Americans had hoped the election would go a different way but our government has a process and that process chose a different path.


A separate report says that McConnell, on a conference call Tuesday morning, urged republican Senators to accept the results as they are and move forward.

“I think that there was encouragement on the phone for us to accept the result, as much as it’s not what we, you know, would have envisioned for the next four years, and to try to do what’s best for American people, which is to look forward,” Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) said, according to the Hill.

However, the Trump legal team says we're still far from being done with what they say is massive election fraud. President Trump, himself, said we haven't seen this level of fraud before.

This comes just days after a Michigan judge released the forensic audit of Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, MI that showed a 68% error rate in processing votes. The acceptable rate for error in machines used is .0008%.

Quite a difference.

With the DNI report on election interference due this Friday, the current DNI John Ratcliffe is about to become a very important man in this process.

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79 thoughts on “McConnell Calls the Election, Trump Team Says No Way”

  1. Shame on Mitch for giving up on his commander in chief. WE did not give up on him when he keeps asking for hundreds of dollars, oh that is right he already won his re appointment for Kentucky. SHAME ON YOU MR. MCCONNEL! You once again are showing your true colors!!

    1. Right on Vicki.
      No Donation from me, i am bombarded with his request……
      I couldn’t believe it…….

    2. That’s correct Vicki, he like other Republicans are nothing but turn coats and need to be tarred and feathered and ran out of politics.

    3. It is not only the Mitch
      It is the underlings that are biting the worm
      Money may never get there
      This is for sure:
      The next election for the DC seaters to represent We the People will research and remember the actions of the last reps
      Maybe the next 4 years, we the TAXPAYERS should stop talking and do the walking for our Freedom, Liberty, to worship without being oppressed/suppressed

  2. Mitch McConnell is a swamp creature. Almost all politicians who have been in DC for 15 yrs or more are. These people will torture their own mothers to stay in that swamp. What other line of work do people only retire when they die??
    That said we ALL know EXACTLY what happened, Americans should be willing to put their lives on the line to fight for whats right. “ enemies both foreign AND domestic”. Our enemies have shown themselves and their intent. Biden himself said they have assembled the biggest fraud in history! The only truth the man has ever uttered!
    I say we let the process run its course and if it is corrupt and spineless at all levels we take care of it as our duty dictates!

    1. So sick of how Republicans never stick together like the dems. I’ve voted Republican my whole life and im 78 but when the Bush’s said they would not vote for Trump that did it for me and many others. Trump needs to run in 2024 but not as a Republican. Why can’t Republicans stick together?

      1. Trump needs to run as Trump, our second founder of strengthening the foundations of our Constitution
        Not socialism, communism, Marxist, etc
        This is for the humanity survival needs
        People cannot and do not live well under oppression
        This is our fork in the road, our time, our choice..
        I am nearing 70 but willing to fight of our children’s future of survival under freedom, liberty and free to worship without being oppressed!
        That takes real guts!

      2. Trump needs to RUN now not in 2024
        We may all be wiped out by the Prez Karmara
        Or we can be like the snowflakes OR we can fight back

    2. This time the enemy is DOMESTIC.
      We should not follow people like McConnell and the other traitors within the Republican Party
      Yes, he is part of the SWAMP.

      1. You are correct and those electors for Trump from the swing states should step forward and fight against this fraud. Thank God Mo Brooks has stepped up for Jsn 6.

  3. Mitch is a Rhino. He is glad that corruption has been voted back in. There will be lobbyists everywhere again in Washington and lots more under the table deals. The American people should protest the life time politicians and the media. Those 2 groups control the Coup against President Trump. Biden is the so called President elect and not one question about the Hunter scandal from the media or a lifetime politician. That’s because they are all in on it. The war should be against the media and Washington DC

  4. The more I see it, or I should say I read the News regarding this travesty of elections, I get this feeling that the Republicans Party of America, never accepted President Trump as their leader … mostly all of them!! Except for a few of the Republican Congress l, that gave him the respect that he is owed…. they treated him as. ‘Step Child’!!!! I have never seen in all my 52 years as an adult immigrant to USA, a President who had been treated as an outsider…. it’s sad that his own party never supported him on so many issues…. the Russia Conspiracy for 4 years without a peep out of anyone except a lot of bragging by Graham on how wonderful they all are and how hard they worked to get justice!!!! Nothing happened!!! Justices Alito and Thomas have been the President‘s staunch supporters all along…. besides them no other…. that is sad indeed …. the results won’t be certified by Congress till January 6, 2021, therefore, couldn’t Mitch McConnell have waited till then? What is the big rush…. what can they do in congress for the Americans if they don’t win Georgia…. this is why people are so disenchanted in GA…. and are thinking of not voting in the runoff…. the way I see it, I wonder if Americans will ever want to vote again, … we don’t count and our votes don’t count …. we have been let down by our leaders in the GOP… who are against their own President!!!! That’s a real shame…. most of the members of the GOP are or maybe a part of the swamp and want STATUS QUO…. the party has betrayed President Donald J Trump…. and the world a watching…but there is God’s justice and it prevails as He is still on His throne…. we were betrayed by the GOP!!

    1. Only WE the PEOPLE have to stand up like our founding fathers did
      That was their gift to us
      We the taxpayers have been fighting this dual since people fled from England to escape the terrors
      All leads to the top elites sitting and playing with our lives thinking they are immune
      God’s Hand is bigger to knock them off their thrones
      His people and His army
      Stand up for courage, freedom to worship without being oppressed, bless our LIBERTY which no other country in this world, this earth and beyond can hold up to this light

      1. I think every Trump voter needs to get proactive & jam the phones in DC to all their reps, including the supreme Court. The justices did not want to take this Trump fraud case & used a flimsy excuse not to do their job.

  5. The turtle is a career politician that is part of the Republican D.C. swamp circle. Because turtles live in swamps. Now that he sees that the numbers are in favor of Biden, he flips just like the reptile he is and throws our President under the bus. He’s just like all the rest of the back stabbers only playing politics to further his own interests.

  6. If these machines are at fault. Then these machines should be thron out. The election should be done over only in these states with an voter I D. Only the safe way to vote. This is the only way to have a true safe election

    1. With the military and patriots in the tow!
      Their own people cannot be trusted either, their elected ones
      Watch and see

  7. Get rid of Mitch & Pelosi anyway TOO dated.
    DC Estd types
    & I read where Lindsay Grahm will repeal Section 230 for Jan 2023.
    Why WAIT DO IT Now

  8. traitor

    Mitch McConnell has family ties to Bank of China, top Chinese shipping firm…

    External link


    McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, is the daughter of shipping magnates James and Ruth Chao…

    External link


    His sister-in-law is on the board of the Bank of China

  9. Flip flop
    Prediction: Biden crime family will steal everything we had called rights
    Watchmen fell asleep at the wheel!?
    Taxpayers will be paying a very high penalty and no representation will be allowed

  10. Donald J. Trump had the most people voting for him in history. He will be elected for 4 more years, despite all the election fraud!!!!!! We love Trump!

    1. We still can put him back there again!!!
      We all have to work hard as a United country to really make sure that the elected leaders of house, senate, congress hear us very loudly
      After all our taxes line their pockets

  11. Of course the Turtle would say this, in his eyes, Presidents come and go, as long as he gets to keep his power he does not care if it is a Republican or Democrat President. How many backroom deals in the middle of the night has him and Biden made throughout the years? As long as they both can make some extra money and maintain a power status they will go along to get along! No principles what so ever! He was letting fellow Senators know that if you do not want to get on the bad side of his bad side, you had better not sign on to any Objections to the Electoral College Vote! Hopefully a few of our Senators will have the gumption to tell him to go pound sand! Like Sen. Rand Paul or Sen. Ted Cruz.

  12. Sorry folks we are not done with the election yet as so much fraud has been detected in many states. Enough so that the final tally of electoral college votes may change considerably. Enough that President Trump and Vice President Pence will be our leaders for the next four years. Please support President Trump and Vice President Pence. I would think Mitch McConnell would do as he has done! We just hope MItch is noton bed with the socialist communists. If so we are in serious trouble. So Mitch please support our President and Vice President. And you have enough money for oll of the projects for the future for our country and Kentuckiana.

  13. We just hope Mitch is not in bed with the socialist communists and hope that he has enough moeny
    for all of the projects for Kentuckiana. Please support President Trump and Vice President Pence.
    Keep America First, Keep America Great, In God We Trust.

  14. Why McConnell, why the need to do that? Just shut your RINO face and let it play out. Or can’t you wait to get your swamp buddies back in power?

  15. When the going gets rough, McConnell never misses an opportunity to “knife” President Trump in the back.

  16. Mc Connell is a piece of swamp shit that made millions of dollars via his job that the American Republic gave him. Now that low life turd is throwing us to the wolves. It’s a good thing that we have a REAL PRESIDENT that loves the American People and His Country. God Bless Donald J. Trump and let none of us forget to pray to God every single waking hour that God sees to it that Donald stays right where he is as President of these United States of America.
    Praise God Almighty and Love our President Donald J. Trump.

  17. Let me say this much. McConnell Has alway been wishy washy about certain things. His wife who’s family lives in China and owns a big shipping company and you better believe that the Communist party owns it make me think McConnell and wife have raked in bunches of money from their contacts
    and makes me suspects they themselves are beholding to the Chinese government. Just my opinion. I think we all should consider that there are many more politicians involved with China also.

  18. mcconnell is a traitor and disgrace to the country. He and ryan are totally responsible for Trump’s failures! He needs to join his buddies mccain and ginsberg.

  19. NEVER GIVE UP // I see a “Come To Jesus” revelation for the democommies, administered by the millions of Trump voters, if china-joe-bidumb-snifferman is somehow allowed to plunk his sleazy carcass down in the People’s House. No Justice – No Peace

    1. Post of link PLEASE of where that information can be found.
      McConnell received BIG BUCKS from Dominion. LOOK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. McConnell takes this position, because he too cheated in his previous re-election.
    It is obvious now that Term Limits are necessary, as simply “voting them out”
    is obviously not that simple.
    The corruption in our election process, and the government in general, is like
    a predictable script from a bad, old western movie! Except that currently, the
    Bad Guys are winning.

  21. I don’t understand. There are many videos of fraud and ballot slicing I have seen for myself. Many election observers have sworn affidavits of fraud. Why are they not being looked into? Why are they being ignored?

  22. Is the Republican Party REALLY conservative? They talk the talk but do not walk the walk. It is time for a real Conservative party to emerge. The dems do what they say they are going to do, but not the reps.

  23. To my way of thinking, McConnell is part of the swamp and should not be the Senate Leader, With all the evidence that has come to light, How dare he declare Biden and Harris Pres & VP. He is a GOP Traitor and should be held accountable for his actions and resign as Leader of the Senate


  25. Typical crap we have seen out of these idiots for years, Remember when the Jack Holes start to riot if they don’t get their way AIM SMALL

  26. do not give in to the democrats that committed fraud they stole the peoples vote no one is stupid enough to vote for Biden except democrats people voted that was not legal to vote dead people voted how much more proof do you need Biden is not my president never will be

  27. Senator McConnell,
    My email to Mitch McConnell:
    I am DEEPLY concerned that yesterday you congratulated Joe Biden as President Elect and told the R senators not to object on Jan. 6th. WHAT THE HELL???? There are NUMEROUS legal challenges still pending, not to mention the MASSIVE EVIDENCE OF ELECTION FRAUD! How dare you not stand with Pres. Trump right now. You should be denouncing the fraud from the rooftops and defending our Republic! Our country is OVER if this election fraud is not stopped and dealt with NOW! PRESIDENT TRUMP CLEARLY WON THE ELECTION!!! Please reconsider your lame position and FIGHT!
    Dianne Belsom

  28. Another Washington Swamp critter betraying the President. I won’t be surprise the day I read a report telling Melania also backstab Trump. It is an almost impossible goal, but Term Limit is the only measure to save the Republic.

  29. McConnell is a sellout WE THE PEOPLE. He has not afforded President Trump the opportunity to prove the fraud in this election. There is enough evidence coming out that will back the claims of voter fraud. I wonder how much money he is putting in his pocket!

  30. A RINO as head of the Senate? Mr McConnell, it’s time for you to retire. We need TRUE Republicans in the Senate, working with the most fabulous President this country has ever had. Keep fighting Mr President, I am one of the 75,000,000 Americans supporting you.

  31. This comes just days after a Michigan judge released the forensic audit of Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, MI that showed a 68% error rate in processing votes. The acceptable rate for error in machines used is .0008%.
    I’ve never seen this before, where is the documention of this statement


  33. Mitch McConnell first you took money for your state of 300 million from Obama when many Republican leaders
    turned it down for there state but you sold out. Now president Trump is fighting for the biggest crooked scheme
    that was perpetrated on the American people and you wants again showed your colors and sided with the
    ass kissing Democrats who committed treason on or United States. What you are is a true lying Politician
    A Yes men who have no problem excepting money from the vile Satanists and walking around with a pathetic grin . So Mitch to me you are nothing but a Yes Man to anyone that benefits you . There are Patriots in our country that are not corruptible who love our President Trump and in our hearts know Bidden,Harris and the Candy Crush morons there all in for the sickness of there love of money so how can anyone trust them.
    There is a solution on the on going theft of election By Democrats it is Called Marshal Law the solution
    Us Military takes control of all voting and a total recount will be controlled by them no voting machines all
    manual ballets and complete screening of voters to stop the theft by the Democrats

  34. He is another gutless wonder. All those fraudulent votes are you afraid of an honest count with live people? Basement Biden didn`t run a campaign he ran from one. I do believe it was in his basement he ended up. he wants to raise taxes. Make sure illegals get paid a fair wage. Make sure they have health care paid for by the American people and shut down ICE? Open borders tear down our countries heritage. Take our guns this is just for starters and we were all supposed to vote for this vile piece of crap? It appears to me that our vote didn`t matter anyway.

  35. The Republicans should fight this to the finish. The Democrats stole the election and that is clear beyond doubt. They lied and cheated for 4 years, trying to remove Trump by a de facto “coup” and nearly succeeded. The DOJ, FBI and CIA are riddled with bureaucrats who hate Trump and see nothing wrong with committing crimes to try to remove Trump. Even if the effort to challenge the electors fails because not enough Republican senators vote to save the election (and the country), we are better off–the voters will “punish” those Republicans who vote against Trump in such a move and “purge” them from the party by causing them to go down to defeat in their next election. McConnell is gutless if he does not fight this. You do what is right. And stop trying to get rid of Trump so the Republican establishment can go back to playing footsie with the Democrats and the media. I don’t think McConnell will run again, but if he does I will go back to Kentucky and run against him.

  36. That’s correct Vicki, he like other Republicans are nothing but turn coats and need to be tarred and feathered and ran out of politics.

  37. McConnell, Biden is,NOT, and NEVER WILL BE our president. He didn’t win, and I’m sick of him pretending he did. President Trump won this election and you know it. Why are you congratulating an enemy to the American people? Would you congratulate a bank robber for successfully robbing a bank? The American people WILL NOT ACCEPT Biden entering our white house. Civil war is imminent if he tries. CONCEDE Biden before it gets messy.

  38. hey back stabber shut your damn mouth. its not over till trump says so and your not his mouth piece. ——YOU GOT THAT BUSTER.! FROM YRS AGO I HAVEN’T TRUSTED YOU THAT MUCH.!!!

  39. You know I thought you had changed from being a Rhino but I guessed wrong. You Mr McConnell got re-elected because if President Trump and you turn around and pull this. No more of you and your kind! The American people have had enough! We need a new party To get away from the swamp rats!

  40. Spineless GOP ! nobody is willing to get some balls to help Trump , ONLY HIS BASE ! The SPINELESS GOP WANTS TRUMP GONE SO THEY CAN BECOME LOSERS AGAIN !


  41. We, the people of the USA, have not seen this level of fraud, misinformation and outright lies coming out of the mouth of our President in years or more likely, NEVER. Trump has no right to complain about fraud when he has been the most fraudulent Pres in American history. And why don’t you right-wing conservatives ever complain about DDT (Dirty Donald Trump) keeping to himself (and Pence) the deadliness of the Corona Virus? He learned how deadly it was in late January and purposely kept it from us and the entire medical community. And to make matters worse, he then downplayed the virus and its severity all the way from January to the November election. What was his excuse when Bob Woodward asked him in their Summer televised interview why he kept it to himself? His answer was,”I didn’t want to alarm the American people” What a chicken-shit move that was. Now look at the virus, you dummies – far more than 1,000 a die dying, with most of them dying because of DDT’s total fucked-up mismanagement of the crisis. Oh, BTW, the security team that explained the peril of the virus ALSO told him this statement: “Mr. President, this virus will be the biggest, number one threat to your Presidency come November.” In my opinion, THAT is the real reason he kept it from us and I mean ALL OF US, including you Trump lovers on this page.


  43. The Election was rigged. Biden cheated. He even said he was gonna Cheat. The voter fraud needs to be investigated. Funny how the cheating only took place in the Swing States. Im very disappointed in our Supreme Court. I thought all these government and Politicians were supposed to represent us, not set out to destroy us.. Shame on the Supreme Court for their we cant be bothered to hear all the testimonials and witness to massive voter fraud. Its starting to look like China has paid too many people off. Money is more important than the lives of the American People. I hope you can explain this shitty move with your maker. Gods more forgiving than I am.

  44. I am disgusted by McConnell’s cowardly retreat. He should be ready to contest votes in the Senate and urging other Senators to do the same. Hopefully there is still a Senator that loves his country enough to call out all the corruption in this election. I hope so not just for our sake, but for the sake of anyone brave enough to fight for our country, otherwise anyone with incumbent on the ballot should be voted out of office because they care more about the CCP/DNC than they do their country and need to be replaced.

  45. With deference to truth, Mitch is married to Elaine Chao whose family is among the most powerful in Communist China, shipping magnates.

  46. Sad and terrifying at the same time. I used to be of the “throw the bums out” camp–meaning career politicians–until AOC and the “Squad” came along which turned out to be WORSE. So, what are we to do?

  47. again he is a weak chin TRAITOR, I remember after the 2018 mid terms he was beaming and smiling and talk all tuff and stuff and 3 days later he was back pedaling on his TUFF TALK, he is out for only one person, HE the mitch, he is another that needs to RESIGN for the good of the USA and schumer also. Both to old to know right from wrong, they only remember their money.

  48. It’s really hard for me to believe that Mitch McConnell would turn his back on a President like Donald J. Trump who has accomplished so much for the American people in four short years . Shame on you Mitch McConnell for betraying a president that has worked so hard to bring our great country back from the grave after the Obama administration. We need an apology Mitch and I’m not sure that will be enough. Do you have any idea of just how many patriots you have Pi**ed off ?

  49. As a Kentucky resident along with many friends and family we supported Mitch and voted for him. To our Shame…WE believed Mitch shared the same values as us Patriots! Bold, Fed up, and Demand Election Laws to be followed. WE are NOW Disenfranchised with him, as he showed how weak he really is. Mitch was on the down ticket, so it is believed People of the same party share the same support of Presidential candidates. We were shocked when He did not commit to the Texas law suite before Scotus. That was our first sign he was not what we thought him to be. The fact that he doesn’t support Trump shows us that he is a Rhino. When he made his announcement of BIDEN… we realized he has NO PLACE to be representing Kentucky residence! He is a Traitor and committed Fraud against Kentuckians. There Is a petition on the internet to have him removed. That petition was started by Democrats but I signed it anyway.

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