Attorney General Bill Barr Stepping Down

Attorney General William Barr has been the focus of a lot of criticism from the left and, more recently, from the right. In Barr’s defense, he has done a lot to stop human trafficking, sex trafficking rings, and has led a major crackdown on violent gangs like MS-13.

The left has accused him of being “Trump’s right-hand man” and they have even talked about prosecuting him once President Trump is out of office (which could still be 4 years from now). For what? Who knows, but the rabid left wants to prosecute anyone associated with Donald J. Trump regardless of actual crimes.

Some on the right have recently lost faith in Attorney General Barr after watching the Spygate scandal unravel right before our eyes, in public. Yet, there have really been no prosecutions of the major players involved for crimes that we all witnessed, such as John Brennan twice lying to Congress about spying on American citizens.

General Michael Flynn wasn’t so lucky and was charged with lying to the FBI, even though the FBI Agents performing the interview even said they didn’t think he lied. He was recently pardoned and Judge Emmett Sullivan finally dropped the charges against Flynn.

Barr's time as Attorney General will be revealed as a success of a failure largely based on the outcome of U.S. Attorney John Durham's investigation. Time will reveal what happened there but, in all fairness, it is likely too early to judge it one way or another.

We still don't know much about it and many fear nothing has actually been investigated. After all, one of the main criticisms, from the right, of Barr is that he's not a Trump loyalist but a Bush loyalist.

Nonetheless, President Trump relayed the information to the people and said Barr has done an outstanding job.



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10 thoughts on “Attorney General Bill Barr Stepping Down”

  1. Very happy for A.G. Barr to have some special time with his family for the holidays; so sad that we will lose him as Attorney General. A very honest and sincere man attempting to bring about “Rule of Law.”
    God bless him and keep him healthy and strong.

  2. Did the POS George Soros get to Bill Barr too? Soros is the root of all evil and I believe that he’s done a lot to buy off People or threaten them in some way. Barr started out with good intentions but seems to have fallen along the wayside.
    Soros and the Libs are out to change our Government into a one Party Government and that’s either Socialist Or Communist. The deep State seems to be much deeper and riddled with conspiracy than anyone has any idea.
    If the People think that our Government will be better with this new formation, they’re not going to be happy. Higher taxes, no security and no America first. How is Biden, a Man who is not capable, going to deal with World Leaders? Will he be hiding in his basement?

  3. GOOD DEAL, the fat boy was all talk and do action except for piddly diddly stuff, and then he adds in his bulldog liar durham, PHONEYS and FULL of BALONEY, now quiters and TRAITORS , he is resigning because he helped biden, and now looking for a home with him.

  4. He is part of the Deep State. Trump should have done due diligence before appointing him. If I can discover all the connections and personal friends he had, like Mueller for instance, then why couldn’t the President? He was not a failure, he was a stab in the back traitor just like Sessions before him. The last straw was him saying he couldn’t see any evidence of electoral fraud. What planet was he living on? GOOD RIDDANCE! Now Durham had better start getting results or he’s out too.

  5. These guys pick their battles to look like their strong lawmen, but when the tough stuff needs doing they reveal their cowardly inner core. Don’t let the door hit ya Billy.

  6. The deep state has so many layers of corruption to the average American seems unreal. This is what happens when appointees are carried over from one administration to another and not totally vetting each new appointee, like Barr! I doubt that barr actually did any viable investigation into anything. We have come one step closer to being “communist states of america”. Sickening to say the least. I hope the suffering we are about to live is realized by the democraps. When the Constitution is being destroyed and what we fought for is being erased. We allowed educators to indoctrinate children into socialism-communism. We did not demand to know what they where being taught. We where to involved with pro-ball to care. We raised several generations on the government dole. We allowed judges to make law; that is not their function. President Reagan warned us of the impeding dilemma that is unfolding now. Our Constitutional Republic is nearly dead at this moment. Look forward to the new world order and what little right they may grant you.

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