President Trump Delivers Another Peace Deal Amidst Election Chaos

President Trump secured another peace deal in the Middle East. This time it’s between Israel and Morocco, another Arab nation.

The Trump administration has secured peace deals between Sudan, Bahrain, Morocco, and United Arab Emirates.

“They are going reopen their liaison offices in Rabat and Tel Aviv immediately with the intention to open embassies. And they are going to promote economic cooperation between Israeli and Moroccan companies,” White House senior adviser Jared Kushner told Reuters. “Today the administration has achieved another historic milestone. President Trump has brokered a peace agreement between Morocco and Israel – the fourth such agreement between Israel and an Arab/Muslim nation in four months.”


As one can imagine, Democrats and bureaucrats aren't happy at another successful attempt at peace in the Middle East.

John Bolton says it's a mistake to abandon the Middle East policy of the last 30 years was obviously going so well?

Newt Gingrich recognizes the massive success that President Trump has had in restoring peace between the longtime war-torn countries.

It's becoming exceedingly obvious that the people across the world want peace but establishment bureaucrats would like to keep the wars going. Wars that nobody wins and just a few profit from.

President Trump has started zero new wars and has had foreign policy successes the likes of which we haven't seen in decades. Speaking of the last 30 years, is there anyone who is more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize?

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18 thoughts on “President Trump Delivers Another Peace Deal Amidst Election Chaos”

  1. I find it interesting that while career politicians seem to create wars, President Trump keeps creating peace between nations that benefits everyone involved except the radicals who thrive on war. What is it that makes President Trump different from career politicians who become president? Will a Progressive Biden administration continue to create peace between nations, or will it go back to politics as usual?

    1. Please do not refer beijing joe as a progressive !! democrats are not democratic or progressive they have become socialists , marxists , fascists, and communists .

    2. You needn’t look any further than how they’re treating their own citizens thatsimply disagree with their policies….
      It’s all about covering up the lies no matter the cost

  2. Find and read Eisenhower’s ‘Farewell to America speech’ ( delivered prior to JFK taking the presidency 1961 ). the speech

    ‘Ike” warned of the “Military Industrial Complex”. In short it says each time the military drops a bomb (meaning war) the industrial complex prospers. Look at all the wars and “interventions” since ike issued that waring. And just who were the presidents that took us to war?

    Trump makes peace, much fewer wars, and guess who loses?
    That then raises the question;” Do we have generals that itch for an opportunity to try out their “stuff”.

    Biden gets in and you can guess what happens next … democrats have some nasty habits starting with dropping bombs and getting certain segments of the society very rich.

    Any wonder why so many in the swap hate Trump.

    1. Someone has been paying attention . Two world wars , Democrat Presidents . Korea , Democrat President . Viet Nam Democrat in office (JFK) . War escalated in 1865 by LBJ another Democrat . The middle east not a war but a war like act when Iran seized our embassy and held diplomats prisoner . Carter another Democrat . 9/11 direct result of Democrat policies in middle east . Various terror attacks on US assets in Somolia and middle east region , Bill Clinton Democrat . Benghazi , Barry Obama and Hillary Clinton failed to support embassy staff resulting in death of our Ambassador there and a few of they security staff . The rise of Isis and the denial of their influence , Obama .
      While there have been Republican Presidents in office during some of these years few wars have been started by them . When a war does occur , Democrats rush to support it at outset but later cry and moan later . And after the war is over they disrespect those who went off to fight those wars by wanting benefits to those patriots cut while voting themselves raises

      1. Aurora A.
        Way too many conflicts under the stewardship of DemocRAT Presidents…too many good lives lost.
        President Trump has brokered more peace deals than any money grubbing DemocRAT President ever has.
        DemocRATs pander to the almighty Dollar, Diram, Euro, Yuan, Rouble, whateveer currency they can get
        their grubby paws on. But as I have said before, when they all die, and they will all die, they cannot take
        their grubby money with them. Satan has no use for money in the netherworld.
        Pray that there is someone in the Justice Department who has not been bought by the DemocRATS and
        who will take up the fight against the lying cheating frauds who twisted the 2020 election so that a
        DemocRAT would win and they can go back to their WARMONGERING ways.

  3. Do I not recall that when the financial director of the 9/11 atrocity was released from prison, Morocco declared that day to be a national holiday, one to be celebrated thereafter – these are people to be trusted? I THINK NOT!

  4. Seriously, Where do the Democrats get off saying that Trump was a bad President? Every President except Pres. Jimmy Carter has initiated wars around the world ! There hasn’t been one conflict/war brought on by President Trump but instead has brought Soldiers home to their families, while still building up the U.S. military but not deploying them into combat. Trump is the builder of not just buildings and towers but builds up Good relationships with foreign nations with trust and honor, a Builder of a strong economy, good work force and re introduction of big businesses to our Nation, nothing like Obama, Bush, Clinton, or GOD forbid if Biden gets to lead our country (what’s left of it after the Democrats have destroyed it) he’ll be back to sending out children into the killing zone, crush all the good that our nation advanced that we enjoyed by the good deed’s of President Trump. BTW Biden was a draft dodger who used the excuse he had asthma all of a sudden when he graduated college and was immediately summoned to file for the DRAFT!, even though he was a star athlete in H.S. and College. What a coward he was. Just like Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton. Yes Trump should get a NOBEL PRIZE, he earned it, not like Obama gave them out just to make his POS look like they did something but didn’t except take money from the American people and swindle foreign countries like Ukraine and China in money laundering schemes.

  5. This is positive proof of the success, on many fronts, (domestic and foreign policy) that President Trump has achieved. And now we get this corrupt and mentally challenged idiot for a President? Furthermore, how can you lose an election to a person who refused to campaign and was angry and disrespectful to anyone who tried to ask a serious question. Oh yeah. That was nobody in the forever corrupt media (what a joke) and social media.

    1. I seem to remember an invasion of IRAQ. I seem to remember it was a REPUBLICAN president named Bush. I seem to remember Desert Storm under a REPUBLICAN president named Bush. It’s called selective memory or lying to make your point. Know your facts before you make yourselves look like idiots . Like your crotch grabbing leader

    They much prefer everyone to be at war. Watch BIDEN/HARRIS UNDO ALL OF PRESIDENT TRUMPS
    No good will come from the Biden/Harris liaison…Pelosi and her push will be bouncing off the walls with
    glee as they get the go-ahead to destroy every American who does not BOW DOWN to the RULE OF THE

  7. President Trump please continue your work, use you incredible influence to bring peace to the America you vowed to make great again. The election is over let it go and help the people who believe in you have a peaceful holiday. Anger and hostility toward others who might have different opinions is not making America great. Americans first was your mantra since you came onto the Republican scene and now it seems that this is less important than election results and Trump for president. Please continue your work toward world peace in our great country by encouraging your supporters to stop being angry, go home to their families and help you make America great again. We are all hanging on by a thread so throw the country a rope and encourage unity for the next 4 years then you can try again.

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